Interior Bedrooms in Provence style: 150+ (Photo) Ideas for creating beauty and coziness


The sophistication and romance of the south of France are fully conveyed in a design style called Provence. It gained widespread popularity in the 19th century, uniquely combining simplicity with grace. Essentially, Provence is a mixture of classic and rustic styles.


The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house, designed to relax after a hard day and a romantic pastime. Provence is great for decorating a bedroom. You will create a cozy corner of the French hinterland, add sun, flower fields to the interior, make the atmosphere dreamy and incredibly romantic.

The main characteristics of the style

The name comes from the region of the same name, located in the south of France and washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Translated the term means "province". Blooming nature, blue sea, lavender fields, vineyards, giving a range of scents under the gentle sun. All these natural beauty influenced the formation of style.

Bedroom - the most intimate room in the house

Let's move on to its main features and consider the characteristics of Provence:

1The abundance of light. First of all, due to the peculiarities of the glazing, the houses of the azure coast are filled with light. Their windows to the floor let the sun's rays into all the bins of the room, but in our country in most of the houses or apartments it is not possible to install such windows. They save decorative moldings, with which you can divide a regular window into several sections, approaching the French counterpart.2Gamma. Proper decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling will increase the illusion of light. Light tones scatter light, so choose with primary colors cream, beige, white, milky and the like. The light shades of blue, turquoise, greenish, lavender will also dilute the interior well.Wall decoration. Textured plaster is a necessary attribute of the French Provence style. An alternative are often light-colored walls and wood panels. The latter can be painted in the right tone, so leave natural. Often choose variegated options with a floral pattern.

Refinement and romance

4Floor decoration. The naturalness of the decor, simple details reflected in the design of the floors. The house should not be laminate or carpet, only natural wooden boards. They are also painted in light shades - gray, beige or white.

Terracotta tiles are often used for floors, but this is not very suitable for our climate.

5Furniture. The main color inherent in Provence, created by properly selected furniture. Chipboard, glass, chrome are not used for furniture material, preference is given to products made of wood, cane, rattan. It should be massive and at the same time very simple. Give elegance chips, cracks, abrasions of its surface. Our realities do not allow to spend big money and a lot of time to search for suitable antique furniture, then it is better to purchase it to order. In the Provencal interior there should be a lot of furniture - from the wardrobe and shelves to the coffee table and bedside tables. 6Necessary stuff. The decor is an important decision, it adds the final touches, makes the room more comfortable. Plain tulle, pillows with an interesting ornament, flowers and paintings - such attention to detail helps to achieve French harmony.

Natural decor and simple details

Thus, in the Provençal interior, you should avoid bright colors, artificial materials of decoration, add as much light as possible, work on beautiful accessories.

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Wall decoration

As mentioned above, the most important element for the design of the walls is their plastering. The plaster itself must be applied unevenly, so that various roughness and bumps remain. This will allow you to get as close as possible to the original style.

A facing board is an interesting solution for one of the bedroom walls. Her paint over white, sand, light blue or light green paint, as if transferring the premises in the southern climate.

Doors and window frames should be made of wood, painted with white paint. Often they are selected to match the furniture in the room. Be sure to decorate with flower paintings or artificially aged.

BoardChoose windows with multi-part inserts. Doors can be decorated with frosted glass inserts to get more light into the bedroom.

Light tones scatter light

  • Ceiling. Use only white color in the ceiling painting, add textures with plaster. An interesting solution - facing beams, made of light or dark varieties of trees. In addition to bright decor, they perform the carrier function in a private house. In addition, the beams look very impressive on a white background.
  • Walls. As a design, you can choose a plaster, molding and again, plaster. Stylize one of the walls under a stone or brick luggage, others paint with a pastel scale.
  • Floors. Grungy stone or terracotta ceramic tiles are the most popular flooring materials. They are easy to clean and blend with exquisite monochromatic mats. Wooden boards - another version of the classic flooring, which can be painted in a light tone or leave natural. A popular choice is white oak. Remember that carpets should not attract attention. They should be smoothly combined with the selected floor and the rest of the room decor. They are placed in places where they often go barefoot - for example, by the bed.

Use only white color to paint the ceiling.

BoardWalls and ceilings should not be smooth. Decorative plaster, stylized brick luggage, floral wallpaper are used as texture. Return to the menu


Rustic motifs of the French hinterland add using original wallpaper. To make your chosen rolls to match the style, remember their main characteristics:

  • they do not tolerate gold or silver inserts, any mother-of-pearl or glitter is in principle unacceptable for this style;
  • wallpapers should contain the colors inherent to Provence: cream, olive, white, turquoise, beige, light pink, other shades;
  • the absence of geometric shapes, any three-dimensional patterns;
  • the presence of texture, ornament.

Use vinyl or non-woven wallpaper, you can also look at the finished options with a texture for painting.

Rustic motifs of the French hinterland

Traditionally, the French used exclusively paper wallpaper.

Textured plain wallpaper will look great in a small bedroom with massive furniture, serving as a neutral canvas. Wallpaper with the image of flowers will add a good mood every morning when you wake up, a romantic mood every evening.

Another interesting motive is the exquisite pattern, which is reproduced in a chaotic manner on the canvas. However, remember that Provence does not involve images of geometric shapes in the decor.

An unobtrusive floral pattern is best for the bedroom. It can be combined or played with sizes. For example, on the perimeter of the room the flowers will be small, and at the head of the bed - large.

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Window decoration is an important component of the design of olive trees. Traditionally, the windows in this region overlooked a closed garden, so the need for thick curtains fell away. They were decorated with light tulle of light shades, which properly let the sun's rays into the room.

To match the original style, we advise you to choose a chintz or satin with an unobtrusive floral print, as well as creamy airy tulle. The rustic style of Provence is transmitted in full measure with the help of striped, checkered, floral fabrics, with voluminous embroidery and lace.

In the curtains should not be too much detail, several layers. The simpler and more elegant the better. Rustic design implies some antiquity, "attrition".

Do not choose too luxurious curtains made from expensive materials.

Window decoration is an important part of the design

Forget about fringe, drapery, tassels and voluminous folds. Each of these weight elements is not combined with the atmosphere of the southern hinterland.

Fabric for sewing should be slightly burnt. In this case, it will fully reflect all the simplicity and ease of the style beloved by millions. Remember that Provence is not at all synonymous with poverty. It is rooted in the provincial life of ordinary people, so it must be modest and at the same time homely, comfortable.

Wooden eaves are given tenderness with the help of decorative elements - lace or pleated fabric. Attention to details is also important. Choose only wooden brackets. They do not need to be painted, just covered with colorless varnish. Forget about plastic or chrome counterparts, they will interfere with the natural beauty of the natural bedroom.

Floral Print Curtains

The fastener method is often the grommets, ties or hinges. Hang curtains on either side of the window to maintain symmetry. By the way, the French acquire curtains not only for decorating the window. The doorway is another interesting place to place them.

So, remember the following characteristics when choosing curtains in the bedroom:

  • light natural fabrics;
  • shades of warm tones;
  • flower ornament;
  • cage of three colors (red, white, blue).

Monochrome element of the decor can be decorated with hand-made embroidery.

Beautiful, comfortable room

Material that meets the requirements will serve:

  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • oranza;
  • batiste;
  • chintz

These natural fabrics optionally complement the gentle tulle. The combination of natural shades will make the room sunny. The most popular options for curtains are shades of the sea, lavender, sunflower.

Remember that the purpose of the curtains in this case is to give the room the atmosphere, comfort, homely peace. Any decorative elements must comply with the principles - be gentle and airy.

Use natural fabrics

It is possible to achieve organicity due to the same color range - select curtains to match the walls. Return to the menu


The bed is the most important item that needs to be given the most attention. The material for manufacturing should be a tree, and only a tree. Its natural color should be preserved, covered with a layer of clear varnish. To harmonize with the finish, you can paint the tree in one white, gray or cream tone.

BoardMake a choice in favor of a simple rectangular shape. The headboard, decorated with carvings, decorative elements, is also welcome.

In addition to the wooden base, in the style of Provence you can often find forged beds covered with bronze paint. Angles and lines should be slightly curved.

The bed is the most important thing.

The finished image of the bed will add a chic canopy. It is also customary to decorate it with a large number of pillows, each may differ in color and ornament.

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Other furniture

Considerable attention is given to the rest of the furniture in the room. Two main principles when choosing interior items:

  • functionality;
  • elegance.
BoardLook for light trees such as oak, chestnut, walnut, or ash. Combine wood, forged, wicker decorative items. Modern materials may be less expensive, but they do not fit into the French interior.

Additional furniture in the bedroom can be:

  • cupboard;
  • chest of drawers;
  • carved chairs;
  • armchairs.

A prerequisite is the presence of bedside tables made of the same material as the bed itself.

When choosing furniture be guided by the rigor of forms, its elegance. Forget about modern models or mirror surfaces. Carved facades are what you were looking for.

If you are purchasing supported products, or want to reconstruct your own, give it the spirit of antiquity. To do this, create cracks, scuffs, chips. You can choose furniture from completely different wood, which will be in harmony with the forms, fit into the overall style.

Just find the paint that fits your walls, paint all the furniture in a single shade. Additional comfort can be brought with the help of a wicker chair.

The Provence style wardrobe is massive and tall, it is surely decorated with carved facades. Bedside tables and dressers, usually forged or completely wooden, stand on fancy legs.

Keyholes traditionally decorated wooden chests of the French in ancient times. You can pay tribute to the history in the form of non-functioning locks on the drawer or chest of drawers.

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Room decoration

As we have already found out, good lighting is the key to your success in a future project. In addition to the ceiling lamp and natural light from the window, install wall lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps that will add a soft light to the bedroom in the evening.

Good lighting is the key to your success in a future project.

Textiles are present on virtually all surfaces. Decorative pillows, a beautiful blanket on the bed, napkins on the dressers, floor carpet. For textiles, choose dense and reliable materials:

  • burlap;
  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • satin.

What kind of ornaments to choose? French Provence - a floral pattern, polka dots, cell and stripes. Well in harmony with the interior homemade products, knitted or hand-embroidered.

The more decorative elements present in the room, the better. Complement it with things to taste.

It may be:

  • homemade wreath made from dried flowers;
  • photographs in stylized wooden frames;
  • panel;
  • the pictures.

Textiles are present on virtually all surfaces.

BoardChoosing textiles, remember that rugs, heavy carpets, massive curtains are not suitable for Provencal style. Knitted homemade carpets, pastel linen of delicate shades, a cover with a flower print, tulle in tone - these are the main highlights that will transform your home. Return to the menu

How to artificially age the furniture?

Finished products in Provence style will cost too much. So what to do if you want to decorate the bedroom, but the budget is affordable? We offer you a simple and cheap way. You only need to pick up supported furniture. Then by their efforts to bring it to perfection. You will need:

  • light colored paint;
  • sandpaper;
  • candle;
  • sponge;
  • varnish

Spread an oilcloth or other protective material around the selected furniture. It may be:

  • bed;
  • chest of drawers;
  • table;
  • cupboard.

Beautiful bedspread with flowers - bedroom decoration

We proceed to the process:

  • Remove old paint or varnish with sandpaper.
  • Rub the entire surface of paraffin candles.
  • With the chosen paint color (pastel colors) paint a wooden product. The brush can be replaced with an aerosol can that will evenly distribute the paint. Keep the cylinder at a distance of 30-50 centimeters from the surface.
  • Treat the product with a kitchen sponge, intensively performing vertical movements. Try not to overdo it, the strips should remain aesthetic.
  • Artists and craftswomen can complement the aged surface with multi-colored patterns, flowers, intricate motifs.
  • Cover the object with varnish, preferably with two layers.
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How to turn an old chair into a stylish piece of furniture?

Everyone in the country there is a pair of old chairs that stand idle, not being used. Why not make them part of the Provence style bedroom design?

Room filled with light

For this, prepare:

  • chair;
  • upholstery fabric that will be in harmony with the rest of the elements; You can choose the same material from which you sewed curtains;
  • acrylic beauty of your chosen color; it should be light - white, gray, cream;
  • gold paint;
  • brushes of different sizes;
  • matt varnish - it is advisable to find a varnish made on a water basis in order not to tolerate a pungent smell or to ventilate the room for several days;
  • paralon (as needed);
  • knife;
  • sandpaper.

French Provence is a floral pattern.

Choose a comfortable workplace, it is good if it is a yard or garage. We advise you to take a chair without a lacquer coating, since it is almost impossible to remove.

We start the finishing work:

  • Remove the old paint from the chair with a spatula, knife or any convenient tool for this business. If you only have a lacquered chair, you can not try - to remove the old paint will not work.
  • Carefully remove the old upholstered seat. Usually on older models this happens without difficulty. Evaluate whether you need to change the filler or you can leave the old one. If it doesn’t fit, get some paralon.
  • Try to apply paint on a chair whose cover has not been removed. Do it in a small area. If acrylic lays well, keep painting. If problems still occur, try to wait an hour, then apply a second layer. When the result is not pleased again, you can not try further - the paint will not fall. We'll have to buy sandpaper coarse abrasive, long rip off the old layer of varnish.
  • After you have applied two full layers of acrylic, wait for it to dry. Cover the chair with matt varnish.
  • Now go to the seat. Carefully, slowly remove the upholstery, paint over all the wooden parts with a thin brush.
  • Replace the upholstery (pre-cut to the size of the chair), nailing it with a construction stapler. Secure the updated seat to the chair.
  • It's time to age the furniture. Take a flat brush, dip it in gold paint. Cover each side of the chair with gold.
  • When it dries, take a small abrasive sandpaper. Handle it all painted over fragments. Above the chair again varnish. By the way, lacquer can only be used in the final stage. The chair will have a more ancient look.

Do you want to update your bedroom interior? Take a look at the Provencal style of the interior, which impoverishes the beauty of nature and exquisite comfort.