What color furniture to choose for the kitchen? Hurry up to learn about fresh ideas for the interior (280+ Photos)


The interior of the kitchen depends on the choice of color design of furniture, the selection of color according to the rules and bright accents. Make your kitchen even brighter and more beautiful.


Colored kitchen

Going to do the repair in the kitchen, we face the problem of choosing the design. The room should bring psychological comfort, help to relax after a hard day's work.

We make the composition:

  • We combine several colors, but no more than three. Multicolored imbalance will become an annoying factor;
  • it is impossible to paint the ceiling and the floor in the same tone, the same texture is also unacceptable;
  • bright furnishings pick up a bright upholstery, rich wallpaper and curtains with a large pattern. The same pastel palette "lost" in the room, the monotonous design does not look interesting;

Kitchen design should bring psychological comfort

  • supporters of a gentle palette need to apply one color in the interior, but with several shades;
  • begin design with the choice of the dominant color, then pick up the tint;
  • two thirds devote the dominant color, one fifth plan for additional tones, leaving no more than 5% for accents;
  • if saturated colors were used to paint the walls, then we choose furniture in a calm color scheme;
  • Contrasting should be the kitchen set with respect to the apron and countertop.
Warm tones (red, yellow, orange) are suitable for the room in the north direction, cold gamma (blue, eggplant) for the southern one.

Warm palette stimulates appetite, cold - reduces the feeling of hunger.

Classic version in white

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We combine colors

Ways of mixing colors at registration:

  • Monotony. The pastel-colored kitchen will help to relax. The color of the headset should be lighter than the floor covering, but darker than the surface of the walls. Dilute the monotony of vases, paintings or panels.
  • Contrast. The room is created in two contrasting colors, brings the feeling of celebration. Looks bright orange kitchen set, shaded cornflower blue curtains.
  • Mixed colors. For the room we use one rich tone, but with different shades. Focusing attention to bright details. Choose one of pure colors - scarlet, yellow or blue. The choice will appeal to stylish people of creative professions.
BoardWe expand the room with horizontal stripes of a contrasting color, raise the ceiling with the same vertical stripes.

An interesting combination of color kitchen and living room

If you paste over the walls with wallpaper with a large pattern, then a small area will visually increase. The use of fine details in the design gives the impression of home comfort.

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With white furniture

The shades of white will transform the room, make it more spacious, raise the ceiling. That the room does not cause feelings of sterility, we include several tones, we provide uniform illumination.

White kitchen is not so easily soiled, you don’t have to spend all your free time cleaning it. Fingerprints appear on a glossy surface, and traces of food and wine stand out on a wooden floor or laminate.

Dirt is more clearly visible on dark furniture, so even with a slight disarray, the white rooms seem more tidy.

Shades of white will transform the room

Style direction:

  • Scandinavian comfort. The kitchen is comfortable for relaxation and functional in use. It assumes natural beauty - an abundance of natural light and wooden surfaces. Inserts of glass will add furniture lightness, and candlesticks enliven the interior.
  • Modern. We expand the small kitchen with mirrors and fresh white. Choosing chrome elements, make a few accents with bright plastic.
  • Minimalism. We install strict headsets without unnecessary details, we use built-in appliances. For the ceiling, choose a frosted surface instead of glass, and hang several paintings on the walls.
  • Provence. We arrange furniture made of wood, we remove doors from the lockers to accommodate household trifles. The addition will be light curtains, giving the completeness of style.

For the decoration of the walls we use tile or decorative plaster. We paste over the walls with washable wallpapers, use stretch glossy or matte ceiling. Panels can be made, both light and dark tones, to create a feeling of a country house.

White will make the space more spacious, visually raises the ceilings

BoardWhite facades turn yellow over time. We choose furniture sets from quality materials, we use quality paint. Avoid yellowing will help thick curtains, preventing the detrimental effects of the sun's rays. Return to the menu

With sulfur

Gray color symbolizes a calm atmosphere. Although it seems bleak, but has universal significance. It is combined with a bright finish, wooden furniture, will be an alternative to pastel palette.


  • suitable for decoration not only small, but also large rooms;
  • shades bright colors, softening them in the interior;
  • a find for clean hostesses, such rooms are quickly washed away from dirt and stains. Noctilucent surfaces gain in the battle for cleanliness when compared with white or dark worktops;
  • a rich palette - silver, gray-blue, pearl, steel;
  • it is combined with a sink, household appliances and a table-top with the chromeplated or steel facades;
  • facilitates classic style and art deco;
  • If the gray color is depressing, then its shades make up the floor, walls, table top or apron.

Gray symbolizes a calm atmosphere.

A southern kitchen will freshen up and fill with air, if the colors of a gray scale are added to its design.

The winning combinations in the kitchen:

  • Gray white. Such a palette is pacifying, the accents will be vases, dishes and ceiling lamps. Justified combination with light wood floors.
  • Gray green. The amount of gray in the design depends on the intensity of green. We use any tones of green - coniferous, emerald, mint, turquoise. To add use brown - put the wooden furniture, make the finish.
  • Gray-red. With proper play on contrasts, we give originality to the interior. One of the tones is chosen dominant, and the second - we make accents. We combine anthracite with wine-red or asphalt with burgundy inclusions.
  • Gray beige the room is complemented by white trim. Choose shades of beige: coffee + milk, cappuccino, chocolate ice cream. It does not need bright accents, the room will become a recreation area.

It is combined with a bright finish, wooden furniture.

Gray color for design is chosen by men, it is typical for industrial style, loft or high-tech. Steel monochrome kitchen is decorated with natural textiles and wood furniture.

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With brown

Kitchen in shades of brown - a symbol of comfort and elegance. Comparison of tones of brown allows you to embody bold plans, and manufacturers produce a lot of interior details in a chocolate range.

The combination of color shades:

  • You cannot combine brown with black or gray details. The room visually decreases, becomes gloomy and uncomfortable. If there is no other option, diluted with an abundance of white.
  • Brown furniture with chocolate curtains looks massive, so we add light accents. Sticking wallpaper white, light pink, light blue or beige. Together, the furniture, curtains, wallpaper, yellowish brown or golden ocher look good.

Brown - a symbol of comfort and elegance

  • Dark brown shades will be softer if you put the chairs with blue, lilac or pink upholstery. A curtain and tablecloth in the same bright colors will bring a touch of freshness.
  • We use the same materials to finish the apron and the tabletop - brown ceramic tiles, wood or stone. The darker the material, the more noticeable it will be a drop of fat and crumbs.
  • If one of the walls is covered with chocolate wallpaper, then we visually expand the space.
  • When making a room we combine white and brown, to complement choose three shades. If brown seems too gloomy, replace it with a soft variation - vanilla.

Texture is the secret to the designer brown kitchen.

At the planning stage it is not enough to choose furniture, solid wood floors, wallpapers, paint in chocolate shades. The combination of several textures and materials looks beautiful. We put leather chairs, wicker furniture, linen curtains, complement the ceramic parts.

Cannot combine brown with black or gray details.

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With red

The interior in red does not relax, tires, causes aggression. Therefore include other colors to add style and expressiveness.

It is impossible to make a scarlet small-sized room, so as not to visually reduce the area.

Red should be in harmony with the overall style. In high-tech and modern style we combine red with silver, red with white or black.

The classic design is red with warm shades of wood, beige and milky. Classic allows you to expose the scarlet furniture, and for the decoration of the walls and floor using a black and white gamut.

Mixing styles suggests eclecticism. There is a place for experiments with color - red is combined with turquoise or lemon.

Red should be in harmony with the overall style

Walls in red

It is a mistake to make all the walls in red colors. It is enough to paint one or two walls with a bright color, preferably a wall with a window.

White or milky-white furniture looks spectacular against the background of red walls.

You can not put furniture in dark color, so as not to give the interior heaviness.

It is enough to paint one or two walls with bright color.

Furniture in rich colors

The kitchen suite of scarlet color stands out against the white room. Among the white wallpaper scarlet furniture looks expressive, brings ease. Thanks to artificial lighting, the glossy surface will create a festive atmosphere.


No need to repaint the entire interior in scarlet to add originality. The red surface of the fridge, scarlet furniture or dishes looks winning. The room will be transformed if you skillfully arrange color accents.

BoardA red lampshade will decorate a dairy or white room, complemented by flowers in scarlet pots or red satin pillows.

Scarlet curtains

So you want to hang the curtains in black and red. The room will not benefit from such a composition, it will become gloomy. It is better to dwell on another version - red curtains with small black patterns. We soften the room with curtains of soothing shades - cream, pistachio, ash-pink or coral.

The abundance of red overloads the space, but competent application will turn the kitchen into the "heart" of the apartment. A small panel in red will energize for the whole day, give vivacity and joy. Return to the menu

With black

Black colors in the design - fashion trends. White rooms are a thing of the past, the time has come to try a cardinal solution - to paint the walls in a dark color. So that the kitchen does not become a source of bad mood, we follow the requirements:

White rooms are a thing of the past.

  • we paint one wall in black;
  • we put black furniture or paint the wall, together we do not use reception;
  • the glossy surface of the kitchen;
  • in the design you need one shade of black.
We soften the black wall with white opposite walls. Black furniture will emphasize the severity of the room in cold colors, it is combined with turquoise, blue, pale pink shades. We install furniture with a black facade, we emphasize a white apron with chrome-plated details.

Black colors in the design - fashion trends

Black set will set off gray flooring and white wallpaper. Add some bright accents - we get the original kitchen with notes of modernity.

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With orange

Orange kitchen will be a source of good mood, will charge with optimism for the whole day.

You can not combine orange furniture with the same wallpaper, so as not to turn the room into a solid spot.

The game of contrasts comes in - orange is combined with white and black, beige and gray, with all shades of gray. A bright apron looks expressively among black, cream or gray furniture, on the contrary, white - will emphasize the brightness of the orange headset. If the bright color in the interior is annoying, replace it with calm shades - salmon, pink-orange or peach.

This color will be a source of good mood.

We use orange in practice:

  • Black and orange kitchen. The combination is advantageous only for large rooms, in small ones we make accents of black color. The surface of the floor is made of light wood, the walls are pasted over with the lightest wallpaper.
  • Green-orange kitchen. The rule works - the brighter the orange shade, the richer the green should be. When using pumpkin or peach shades, reduce the brightness of the green. We paste the walls with neutral shades to not overload the composition.
  • Orange in combination with wenge. The classic option - furniture set in wenge tone with bright curtains and decor.

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Attention to finishing

Bright cabinets decorate the interior, so you can not use a similar color for the walls. We glue wallpapers and paint walls in soft colors - ivory, milk, steel or light lemon.

BoardIf the room is spacious, then you can apply for the decoration of the walls cool colors - dark gray or rich blue. It is necessary to decorate the walls with orange in a minimum quantity, it is better to hang a bright picture.

The combination of colors charge optimism for the whole day

To balance the orange color, paint the ceiling with white paint, or close to it in tone.


Orange cuisine is the epitome of lightness and grace. Playful mood has something in common with an apron from glass which we make out a photo printing. We choose expressive colors for the tabletop - white, gray or black, olive is allowed.

The room in orange tones is very bright, so we choose curtains in muted tones. White gas or lace curtains - the final element of the composition.

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Determine the main color

It is important to choose a color for your kitchen that will positively influence and not irritate. Be sure to think about exactly what will look beautiful and delight.

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Pistachio cuisine

Pistachio color in the design will bring freshness, give a summer mood. The interior combines delicate shades of pistachio with red, yellow and white. It has few shades, but the versatility and widespread use in the decor can not be overestimated.

Color will give a summer mood

The kitchen with a soft yellow-green shade retains its charm in any light, regardless of natural or artificial lighting. It is easy to put in order such a room, because there are no stains on the surface, no scratches are visible.

Pistachio tones are suitable for country style or safari, but for a modern interior we include elements from plastic, artificial stone, tiles and metal. In the classical style they observe the measure - they paste on pistachio, cream, milk or coffee wallpaper. Kitchen furniture and furniture should be in soothing colors, the floor is ceramic or wooden.

Pistachio color organically fits into the Japanese style.

Here, the emphasis is on texture, combining yellow-green with milky-white, coffee with milk, wood color. Even in a room made in cold tones, pistachio decor will fill with warmth and warm.

Pistachio color in the design will bring freshness

Rich yellow-green color in harmony with red, white, pink and apricot. We combine soft tones with caramel, cappuccino, ocher, champagne or coffee with milk.

Cannot be combined with black, small accents are allowed as a frame with the latter. It is not advisable to combine with swamp green or deep blue. It is recommended to paint the walls in pistachio, if the kitchen is dark brown or coffee-colored. We create natural transitions with the help of furniture made of natural wood. For the ceiling we will focus on neutral shades, the tension design with white or beige inserts looks good. Lay the floor light or dark walnut coarse tiles, you can use beige or gray shades.

Tones are suitable for country style or safari

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Instead of strict violet, we choose an interior in lilac tones. Gentle shades will transform the room - will give freshness and vigor. Lilac set, complemented by a table top with floral patterns.

We paste the walls with a soft-purple wallpaper with a floral motif. Light steel or white walls are also suitable for the kitchen.We select light curtains and tablecloth to match the wallpaper to create a complete composition.

For lilac furniture, all shades of beige, white, brown and gray will serve as a good tone.

Delicate shades will transform the room - will give freshness and vigor

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Kitchen in pink colors will reduce aggression, calm. Pink textiles will give comfort, and the lampshade on the table will become the center of home tea drinking.

Pink color in the decor:

  • Walls are painted or pasted wallpaper pink. Not only plain wallpaper, but also vertical stripes or floral patterns will do. The warm tones of pink will visually expand the room, and the fuchsia shade will “stretch” the ceilings.
  • For rooms in the south direction, lilac wallpapers, linoleum of mahogany color are suitable; Composition is completed with the help of burgundy or purple curtains.
  • The glossy surface of the furniture set displays the sun's rays, gives extravagance.
  • We decorate the interior in a light pink, purple or pink-apricot palette.
  • White-pink kitchen - a classic combination, you can add any other color.
  • Black and pink kitchen. Black tones emphasize the tenderness of pink, black ceramic tiles with pink wallpaper look spectacular.
  • Gray-pink kitchen. Pink set harmonizes on a background of gray linoleum, complemented by the shiny surface of accessories.

A room in pink tones will reduce aggression, calm

BoardWe create an oriental-style kitchen using a combination of rich pink hues with poisonous green, orange, carmine and turquoise colors. We decorate the floor with ceramic tiles, we hang walls with shiny accessories, we put sofas with satin pillows.

The design uses a simple color combination scheme, but you can choose the color of the materials for repair.