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White tile - Creating a spectacular design. 300+ (photo) Interior finishes


Pure white shade popular for decades. It is well combined with various colors, textures, which makes it indispensable for the design of both simple and complex decisions. Combining white tile with other details of the design, you can create a beautiful, cozy decoration of the rooms.

Content of this article:

  • Features of color: how to avoid a boring interior?
  • The advantages of white and its disadvantages
  • Standard classic bathroom color combinations
  • Black and white solution
  • Playing on contrasts
  • A complex approach
  • Red and white solution
  • Other colors
  • Manage perception
  • Variants and approaches
  • Shades of white
  • Marble
  • Color blotches
  • Bright grout
  • Textures, shapes and textures of tiles
  • Imitation brickwork
  • Relief surface and nacre
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • For the floor
  • The comfort of your bathroom and additional accessories
  • White tiles in the kitchen: what should you worry about?
  • Is there room for black in the kitchen?
  • The relevance of the mosaic
  • Size matters
  • Accessories and furniture
  • Fireplace wall kitchen
  • White floor: how to avoid mistakes?
  • In the corridor
  • In the kitchen, bathroom and toilet
  • White tile in the toilet
  • VIDEO: How can a white tile update a design?
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 300 photos)
  • Features of color: how to avoid a boring interior?

    White is perceived as soothing, creating a feeling of freedom, spaciousness. It does not hurt the eyes, well perceived, not annoying.

    Pure white shade has been popular for decades.

    The white tile in the design is used for decades. It may seem that this color is dull, impractical and absolutely not interesting. But in many cases it is he who becomes the basis of design, allowing you to create a refined interior.

    The opinion that the snow-tiled tile is difficult to maintain is not true. And when comparing it with dark shades, the advantages will clearly outweigh.

    On a white background are not visible stains from the water and bloom, in contrast to the saturated colors. In addition, it is a universal background that allows you to change the design of a room just by replacing the decor.

    The main technique to avoid boredom is to find spectacular combinations. With light walls or floor, the main focus should be on other details and color inclusions.

    White is perceived as soothing.

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    The advantages of white and its disadvantages

    This color is a background for the manifestation of fantasy, the realization of ideas and the creation of organic interiors. The use of a pure white shade has many advantages.

    Among them:

    • creating a feeling of spaciousness and fullness of air, light;
    • visually the room expands;
    • fits almost any style;
    • smoothes uneven walls;
    • long service life;
    • practicality;
    • it is well combined with various styles, shades;
    • glossy surface adds volume to space;
    • allows you to visually adjust the proportions of the room;
    • allows you to quickly transform a room only by replacing accessories.

    Against such a background, stains from water and bloom are not visible.

    BoardSolid white, repeated in veneer, furniture, accessories can act depressingly. Therefore, it is desirable to always dilute it with other colors, as well as bright accents. But white itself can be with a light, subtle shade of blue, beige or another shade. Using white tile on the walls in combination with a white ceiling with low wall height or sloping surfaces can divert attention from architectural flaws. Return to menu

    Standard classic bathroom color combinations

    Traditionally, white combined with red and black, as well as with other shades.

    This color is a background for the manifestation of fantasy.

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    Black and white solution

    The combination of black and white is classic, strict, and exquisite. It will help to visually increase the size of the bathroom or corridor, complement the interior with bright objects.

    There are two main approaches to the design:

    • contrast;
    • with a smooth transition.

    Most often in the interiors of the bathroom and toilet uses a contrasting option. It is clearer, more graphical, more distinctively it highlights objects.

    The combination is classic, strict, exquisite.

    When using these two shades as the main one, you can choose one of the options:

    • The use of black color for the area of ​​the panels, and the snow-white - for the upper part. By the junction of colors will be appropriate frieze.
    • Both colors on the floor and on the walls. At the same time there is a different proportional relationship between them, which creates an extravagant design.
    • Black - on the floor, white - on the walls. Or vice versa. This is a strict combination, it looks best with the traditional color plumbing objects and gold decor.
    • White tiles combined with black furniture.
    • "Chess" masks the errors of planning.
    • Highlighting one of the walls with marbled tiles, you can focus on it rather than divert attention from other walls. A similar effect is created using a tiled panel.
    • Contrast stripes create a strict interior.
    • Black and white ornaments enliven the room, make originality. In combination with monochromatic surfaces, this technique is effective in the placement of accents.
    • Contrast allows you to separate the functional areas.
    • Black items look good on a white background, and vice versa.

    Will help visually increase the size of the bathroom

    Such combinations can be used in the design of various styles, including high-tech, minimalism, English classic.

    BoardWhen black and white tiles in the design is better to choose either white plumbing or black. Other colors will look inappropriate.

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    Playing on contrasts

    The advantages of the traditional combination of colors:

    • a classic that does not become obsolete;
    • it is fashionable;
    • fits a large number of styles;
    • the ability to introduce bright colors in the form of accents.

    Contrast option

    To refuse such registration should be in such cases:

    • these shades do not like or tire;
    • you have a changeable taste and this design is likely to get tired quickly;
    • you do not like strict interiors;
    • you are melancholic, subject to depression.

    In a spacious black and white room only towels, a soap dish or, for example, a flower can be a bright accent. At the same time, refinement will not only be lost, but also emphasized.

    Color accent can be scarlet, lemon, orange or other juicy tint. But these bright spots should not be much. One or two is enough for a room. At the same time, black decor in the design can be quite a lot.

    Lemon Accent

    Spacious bathroom allows you to use a dark color not only as a background or plumbing. It can also be furniture, towels, shower curtains, and so on.

    In a small room, emphasis should be placed on the predominance of light shades, reducing black to the necessary minimum. Otherwise, the interior will only lose, the design will look heavy, and the room itself will be uncomfortable. The requirement for a small area - a visual expansion of the room.BoardThe smaller the bathroom, the lighter the tiles should be used in the decoration.

    A bold decision could be the selection of pure-black plumbing for decorated in snow-white bathroom. At the same time the interior will not be too overloaded.

    Fits almost any style.

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    A complex approach

    This color scheme is one of the most complex and original. Applying not only contrasting shades, but also intermediate gray, you can make the decoration stylish and different from others. To do this, you must carefully select not only the tiles and sanitary ware, but also accessories.

    In this range should be all:

    • towels;
    • shower curtain;
    • soap dish;
    • container for liquid soap;
    • washcloths;
    • mirror frame;
    • bathroom furniture, etc.

    In combination with brown

    Monochrome bathroom can be decorated in various styles. But it is desirable that it is in harmony with the interior of the rest of the premises. The most spectacularly strict color scheme looks with a restrained interior with clear smooth lines and with all possible brevity.

    Everyone has their own associations with the combination of black and white, which can be very organically seen:

    • Chess board;
    • black and white old movies;
    • the style of Coco Chanel;
    • day and night.

    The embodiment of sophistication and good taste

    Black and white bathroom - the embodiment of sophistication and good taste. This respectable interior will emphasize the presence of good taste and will not go unnoticed by the guests.

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    Red and white solution

    With the dominant white color, red tile can be made not only for facing the floor, but also for the walls. In this case, the red tint is given the role of emphasis in the design.

    In addition to this color duet, there can be a golden, black or other shade. Plumbing is desirable to choose to such a design in white, and pieces of furniture - red or brown.

    Red and white duet

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    Other colors

    In addition to traditional combinations, the bathroom can also be decorated in other colors. White goes well with these companion shades:

    • blue;
    • green;
    • yellow;
    • Orange;
    • beige and other pastel colors.

    Against a light shade, bright colors look even brighter. And pastel softens and becomes more tender. Some styles, such as Egyptian, are based on such combinations.

    With elements of blue

    One of the usual combinations - white tile on the walls and color - on the floor. The role of accessories can perform plumbing unusual shade, furniture.

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    Manage perception

    In cases where the bathroom is too narrow, white tile will come to the rescue. In order for the room to look proportional, light tiles can be laid out those walls that expand. The rest is better to issue a dark tile.

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    Variants and approaches

    When choosing white as the main one, a wide range of interior design possibilities opens up. To revitalize the space can be used live flowers with bright large leaves, adding gloss or nacre to the finish.

    Art Nouveau

    Deciding to change the style of the room over time, it will not be difficult to do it with white tile. Return to the menu

    Shades of white

    When using only snow white in the design of a bathroom, a cold atmosphere can be created. In order to avoid this, it is possible to veneer tiles with a slight sand or other shade.

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    Another solution is marbled tile. Launched on the floor, such material will allow to bring dynamism and variety into the interior. Registration will cease to look hospital-sterile.


    Noble marble imitation looks not only in the decoration of the floor, but also the walls. Moreover, such a pattern can be combined with monochromatic surfaces of a dark or light color.

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    Color blotches

    The use of bright shades as accents and to highlight individual zones changes the interior for the better. There may be quite a few such secretions:

    • friezes;
    • curbs;
    • mosaic;
    • mural
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    Bright grout

    Bright grout can be an unusual design decision. And the white interior is transformed before our eyes.

    Option using green

    As a color for highlighting, you can take both classic black and bright - orange or yellow. So that the whole interior was harmonious, this shade can be repeated in other objects: the color of furniture, doors, towels.

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    Textures, shapes and textures of tiles

    If you like white so much that you don’t want to dilute it with other shades, you can try playing with different textures and textures.

    We are talking about these design solutions:

    • beautiful imitations;
    • unusual surfaces;
    • patterns;
    • matte and glossy surfaces;
    • mosaic.

    Flooring use

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    Imitation brickwork

    The use of brick and its imitation is a frequently used design solution. Red brick looks traditional in design, white is more elegant and interesting, especially in the form of tiles.

    Tile "under the brick" is often used for exterior cladding of buildings. No less interesting, it looks in the design of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens.

    Ceramic products can accurately simulate white brick.

    Brick Tile

    When facing such tiles, you can experiment with the color of the grout:

    • black will give rigor to the design;
    • white - adds a sense of lightness;
    • color will look unusual and bright.

    The highlight of the lining can be the selection of part of the wall textured surface. This technique can be used near the mirror in the bathroom, on one or two walls of the toilet.

    In the kitchen, such a technique can be tested in the dining area or on the apron. This form is well suited for decoration in retro styles.

    In the design of the bathroom

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    Relief surface and nacre

    Convex, having a relief structural tile can be used to highlight areas and place accents. The effect of such ceramics justifies its high cost.

    In the interiors, you can combine embossed white and tonal tiles. This technique gives a high decorative effect, allows you to apply an extraordinary approach to the design of the premises. You can use it in:

    • the corridor;
    • bathroom;
    • on the kitchen.

    In addition to square or rectangular shape, the relief tile can be polygonal or have complex outlines. This technique adds elegance to the interior, and also attracts attention. Bright mother-of-pearl tiles of unusual design can decorate a bathroom or kitchen.

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    For surface decoration, you can use tiles of various sizes, combining imitations of white brick with square or embossed patterns. Selected such tiles will not only add vividness to the design, but also highlight zones, affect the visual perception of the size of the room.

    With beige elements

    The glossy surface in the bathroom partially reflects the light, allows you to create interesting effects and adds elegance to the room. For the kitchen, the choice of material must be carried out according to other rules.

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    For the interior of the kitchen matte wall surface is often chosen instead of gloss. She is not so elegant, but helps to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. In combination with stylish neat furniture, matt snow-white surface on the apron will look elegant and stylish.

    Glossy surfaces look more attractive than matte ones. They are more elegant, the tiles in the light shines and gives comfort. In the production of tiles, the coating is applied to it such that it is not afraid of cleaning from various kinds of dirt.


    Tiles on one of the walls can be supplemented with textured plaster or wallpaper on the others. The color of the wallpaper or plaster may vary.

    Textured surfaces with a relief pattern will be more difficult to clean from kitchen dirt than smooth ones.

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    For the floor

    Separately, it must be said about the white tile on the floor. Ceramic surface is a suitable option. It is easy to clean, looks attractive and quite versatile.

    The tile is good in operation, long retains its appearance. Only one minus - it can be slippery, especially after washing. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a model with a non-slip surface, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom with a corridor.

    Ceramic surface - suitable

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    The comfort of your bathroom and additional accessories

    In the kitchen you can add comfort with textile elements, the color of furniture fronts and countertops. In the bathroom it is possible to soften the snow-white shade:

    • texture inclusions;
    • mosaic;
    • friezes;
    • stylish lamps;
    • wicker laundry baskets;
    • fluffy bright towels.

    The number of lighting devices, their brightness and the shade of the backlight matter. Color lights (pink, blue, etc.) will help to create unusual effects in which the tile will appear tint, rather than white.

    Large marble slabs in the bathroom

    For the bathroom one of the main accessories is a mirror. Its size, shape, frame and lighting allow you to visually expand the space. This accessory in combination with glossy tiles can "erase" many of the shortcomings of the room layout.

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    White tiles in the kitchen: what should you worry about?

    White tiles can be added to the already existing interior. The tile of a pure light shade will provide a cosiness to kitchen conditions and good illumination to working surfaces.You can use it not as a mono-color, but also in combination with other shades.

    Provides comfort in the kitchen and good lighting

    Approach to the design should be based on the style of the room, its size, light, the presence of already existing pieces of furniture, household appliances. Usually, tiles do not decorate all the walls, but only the apron of the work area. Ceramics here plays an important role and is almost indispensable, allowing you to easily remove the pollution without losing the appearance of the lining.

    Fat splash when cooking is easily eliminated with the help of sponges, household chemicals. The tile allows you to use brushes and abrasive powders for cleaning.

    BoardUsing only white color you can achieve an unpleasant association with the operating room.

    Work area apron

    To prevent this from happening, we use a combination. We combine white with other shades on the walls, floor, kitchen apron.

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    Is there room for black in the kitchen?

    Black and white tiles can have the same variety of combinations in the kitchen as in the bathroom. Diluting a light shade of dark can affect not only the floor or walls, but also the ceiling of the kitchen. Such a bold decision will require an appropriate interior.

    If you choose a dark companion color for the white tile on the ceiling, it is better to choose a satin or glossy surface. Matt can visually make ceilings lower. A good solution would be to use black in the drawings of the ornament of friezes, when selecting certain zones.

    It has a variety of combinations

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    The relevance of the mosaic

    In the design of the kitchen, a modern mosaic will allow you to create an original drawing, highlight an ornament or embody a high-quality beautiful drawing with the help of a panel. Taking white as the main background color, you can decorate the kitchen by focusing on one of the walls or the apron area.

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    Size matters

    Modern production allows you to create tiles of various sizes. The most versatile is medium size, shape is square.

    It happens in different sizes

    Choose for a particular room based on simple recommendations:

    • for a small kitchen it is better not to buy large tiles;
    • in a spacious room it is advisable not to overdo it with a small mosaic;
    • rectangular tiles, hung vertically, visually increase the height of the ceilings;
    • The average tile size is universal, it can be used for cladding rooms of any size;
    • on the floor you can pick up tiles larger than on the walls;
    • in one design it is possible to combine tiles of various sizes;
    • horizontally located blocks will help to "expand" the walls.

    In the form of a pentagon

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    Accessories and furniture

    In the kitchen there are many accessories, kitchen utensils, household appliances and furniture. The versatility of the snow-white allows you to select companion colors depending on the style of the room.

    To place in the Provencal style, additional shades will be pastel, lavender. Wooden furniture and a touch of noble antiquity are underlined by tiles, as well as ceramics of the corresponding style.

    On the light background of the walls will look good:

    • kitchen towels and pot holders with prints;
    • open shelves with beautiful plates, cups, jugs;
    • bundles of dried herbs, red pepper.

    Almost any style and shade of furniture will be harmoniously combined with white. Curtains can be both translucent, and rather dense, linen. With and without print.

    Country directions allow you to combine tile with wood and natural stone or its imitation. On a universal background, paintings and objects of folk art look great - things hand-made.

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    Fireplace wall kitchen

    In the large kitchen, which has a fireplace or its imitation, you can very interestingly beat the design of the fireplace wall with white tiles. Stylization under the white brick will look appropriate and organic. Also suitable relief models to create a sense of vintage design.

    With floral print

    For the existing fireplace will require a special tile. It is necessary to consider such moments

    • Tiles on the wall should not be cluttered with other decor.
    • Elements may have sharp edges, so it is not recommended to use where there are children.
    • Unusual texture quality tiles is quite expensive.

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    White floor: how to avoid mistakes?

    The white floor adds chic to the room, makes it bigger and more interesting. Pros and cons of such use:

    • dark furniture will look less cumbersome;
    • a feeling of airiness is achieved;
    • water stains on it are less noticeable than on black, but street dirt - on the contrary;
    • distracts attention from dark or low ceilings;
    • stand out and emphasize the rest of the colors in the interior;
    • can be combined with other shades.

    White floor adds chic to the room

    For facing the floor is selected porcelain, having high strength. This tile is usually produced in large size, has a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the appropriate option. It can be used not only for facing the floor, but also for the walls:

    • dark furniture will look less cumbersome;
    • a feeling of airiness is achieved;
    • water stains on it are less noticeable than on black, but street dirt - on the contrary;
    • distracts attention from dark or low ceilings;
    • stand out and emphasize the rest of the colors in the interior;
    • can be combined with other shades.
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    In the corridor

    Such a universal shade, like white, has its drawbacks. If it is selected for facing the floor, it may be stamped, especially in the hallway. With dark walls a very bright floor will attract attention, which may not always be appropriate.

    A good solution could be the use of gray-white tiles, marbled or marble chips. Such coloring looks natural and decorative at the same time.

    In the interior of the hallway

    The gray-white shade will be moderately elegant and solemn. It looks luxurious in marble with the shape of tiled elements "subway". Such a decision is a classic version, which is now in trend. Glossy marbled tile can also be recommended for small rooms.

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    In the kitchen, bathroom and toilet

    Snow White is the best solution. On a bright clean background, traces of splashes and drips of water are almost invisible. White color on the floor creates a feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

    Grout: flour choice

    When choosing a grout, it is desirable to abandon the white color of the tile shade. In the process of using such seams will