Children's chairs for schoolchildren (300+ Photos): Adjustable in height. Chairs that “grow” with your child


Sutulaya back - the satellite of many preschoolers. The main reason - the wrong body position while sitting at the table. It is important to monitor the formation of the bone skeleton from childhood. Chairs for preschoolers and tables are specially made so as not to disturb the formation of the skeleton.


Proper posture needs to be formed from childhood, because in the future it will be difficult to correct it. The children's body is constantly growing, developing, many of its systems have not yet been formed. Therefore, poor posture is a frequent diagnosis, fraught with many disorders in the work of the organs.

Many furniture items have a negative effect on the posture, but especially incorrectly chosen chairs and desks. If you choose a chair that does not match the age, the child will experience discomfort during class. The table can also cause the development of scoliosis and other diseases triggered by the curvature of the spine. When choosing, consider age, height, characteristics of the body and skeleton.

Choose only the most convenient options.

Children's room organization

It must be the correct lighting, bed height, mattress smooth, firm, but the children's desk, chair. When choosing, you need to pay attention not to beauty, but to quality, availability of necessary functions. For the student you need to buy a computer desk, which should be a couple of centimeters above the elbow. It should include the natural curves of the spine.

Manufacturers make a large number of different chairs and tables, which complicate the task of choosing parents. What models of tables and chairs are popular, reliable and do not harm the body?

Furniture manufacturers have made a separate direction and it is being worked out, improving and introducing adjustments. This area is called - orthopedic furniture, designed and manufactured specifically for children, whose body is formed.

There are many different chairs and tables.

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Children's table and chair

For a child, you need to create the right conditions for studying or working at a computer. Parents should pay particular attention to the characteristics of the furniture.

Manufacturers make many kinds. They can be divided into groups:

  • desk - school design with swivel top. There are models in which the angle of inclination is regulated. This feature allows you to set the desk so that the child is comfortable doing different things, such as lessons, drawing, playing board games. Some models are equipped with adjustable height desks;
  • stationary convenient and reliable. It is devoid of transformations, therefore it is suitable for children whose age exceeds 14 years. This design is durable and comfortable. There are many different drawers and shelves for storing textbooks and other school supplies. Manufacturers make such models in different colors, sizes;

Interior suitable for a boy

  • computer - suitable for those who already have a computer. It is not recommended to install it on a regular model, since the optimal distance from it to the eyes of the child is not created. It leaves 60 cm. The best models are those made in the shape of a letter G. This design provides the desired distance and reduces the level of the harmful effects of radiation;
  • transformer - it is made by producers with a set of functions: it can change a tilt angle, height according to growth. Such models do not take up much space;
  • angular - comfortable furniture, equipped with drawers and shelves for the location of school supplies. It has no regulatory mechanisms, but it is spacious and it is comfortable for the child to sit behind him;
  • built - it is bought complete with other furniture. It is compact, you need to buy it in accordance with age. Therefore, this model is not very convenient;

The idea of ​​design for a little princess

  • folding - the design is designed for children of preschool age. Folded takes up minimal space;
  • double room - stationary design, designed for two people. It has two seats, between them there are drawers. Shelves and coasters are installed on it.

When choosing a table for a child, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the models, age and structural features of the skeleton.

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Tables for children are made from different materials:

  • natural wood - environmentally friendly material. Designs made from it are durable. Models have a classic style and blend harmoniously into the interior;

Option for the smallest

  • Chipboard - often used to create models. In the production of material used formaldehyde. They are harmful to humans. The design for the child from such material cannot be bought.
  • MDF - environmentally friendly material. Therefore, the material can be used to create products.
  • Glass - glass constructions must not be installed in children's rooms. By production of designs the tempered glass is applied, but also it can break, damage the child.
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The size

When choosing a table, an important parameter to pay attention to is the size of the structure. After all, it should be comfortable for him to sit at the table, do his homework, draw, play.

The ability to draw with crayons - develops the imagination of kids

What should be the size:

  • the working surface must be at least 60 cm deep. Then the computer or laptop will be at the right distance from the eyes. The child will be comfortable sitting, doing homework;
  • table width not less than 100 cm. This size is optimal for one child. He can put all the necessary textbooks on the furniture, exercise books, draw, play;
  • under the table also need space to be saved. Depth 45 cm, and the height of not less than 50 cm. Sitting in a child's legs should reach the floor.

If a table is chosen for a long time, it is better that its height can be adjusted and the width be at least 60 cm.

Particleboard - often used to create models

It is better when the desk has drawers, shelves for arranging books, notebooks and other school supplies in them. Existence of additional shelves will give the chance to correctly organize a workplace. The table will be free and then the student will be comfortable behind him to sit. Return to the menu

Rules of location in the apartment

So that the child, while working at the table, does not spoil his sight, posture, he must be properly positioned in the room. There are a few rules to follow:

  • the table should be positioned so that as much sunlight as possible falls on it, better that it comes in from the side;
  • It should be installed near the window, so the child will be light and comfortable during the cold season, as the battery that is installed there will radiate heat;

MDF - environmentally friendly material

  • if the room has a small area, it is better to purchase a corner table. It will occupy a small amount of space;
  • If there are two children - a design for two children is better suited. It will occupy less space than two tables.

To make him comfortable to study, and he didn’t spoil his posture at home, it’s not enough to choose a table, you need to pay attention to the selection of a chair for a baby.

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Computer desk

Today there are many types of computer desks. All of them differ in the presence of various boxes, form and other features. Among the diversity the most popular are several models. All of them meet the requirements of the minimum width of the working surface, which should be 60 cm.

This option can be used for a computer.

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A table for working at a computer with a rectangular tabletop will fit into any room, regardless of the area, free space. Such models are complemented by a sliding stand for the keyboard and monitor. On one side there is a niche that is calculated for the computer system unit. The other is reserved for the drawers. Their availability depends on the length of the table.

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Corner table is installed in the room, if there is one free corner. Such models are functional. They are quite long in one direction from the corner, and in the other. Equipped with such models, special supports for the monitor and keyboard. On one side there is a special compartment for the system unit. The other is reserved for the drawers. Larger models can be equipped with open shelves. They conveniently accommodate both books and computer equipment.

Children's Provence style

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Models are popular because of ergonomics. The semicircular shape makes it possible to correctly position the laptop or computer. On both sides, the axles that are provided for the arms are drawn. The bottom stand for the keyboard is adjustable in height and reach.

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This model is convenient and practical, but it takes a lot of free space in the room. Therefore, it is rarely installed in apartments. This table is spacious, it conveniently accommodates a large number of necessary things and objects for work. Such models are made of natural wood or chipboard.

A small model of the table in a classic style.

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Folding models are designed for laptops and tablets. They can be used sitting in a chair, lying on the bed. They are compact and comfortable. Made of plastic or metal, are lightweight and mobile. They can be folded to carry.

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Chairs for schoolchildren

Companies produce many models. Because of this, it is difficult to choose a chair that is optimal for the child and will look harmonious in the room.

A child seat or chair should have an ergonomic structure to ensure correct posture. Scoliosis and slouching are acquired diseases that result from improperly organizing a place to study. Poor eyesight, squint, crooked writing - all this is the result of improper positioning of the table and low-quality chair.

Must have ergonomic structure

What should be the chair:

  • Children's chair should be moderately hard. Too soft sitting can cause stress on the spine. However, extra rigidity is also not needed. The seat and back should be of moderate stiffness so that it is comfortable and comfortable to sit. A hard surface may adversely affect health.
  • Comfortable fit is a guarantee of health. Chairs with functions of adjustment of height of sitting and depth, fixing of a back are suitable for children of different age. Models contribute to the proper development of the spine and prevent the formation of scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

Children's chair should be moderately hard

  • The back of the seat should repeat the natural curve of the spine. Otherwise, the back will be tired and the child will be uncomfortable to sit. It should not be below the shoulder blades.
  • The presence of additional functions: height adjustment, support for the knees, back will contribute to the proper development of the spine. The angle in a sitting position between the lower leg and thigh should be 90 degrees. Your knees should not be higher than your hips.
  • The distance between the bent knees and the edge of the chair should be at least 2 cm. It can be adjusted using the chair uplift function.
  • In a sitting position, the feet should rest against the floor and be under the knees. If the chair is large in height, the legs will not reach the floor, and it will take a wrong posture.

Armrests are not recommended in children's models, unless they are height adjustable. At that moment, when the child relies on them, there is a strain on the muscles of the back.

The back of the seat should repeat the natural curve of the spine.

Child seats, produced by manufacturers, can be divided into several categories, depending on the age of the child:

  • For children from four to eight years. At this age, they appear more assiduity. They can spend a lot of time at the table doing their favorite things. At this age, suitable light and mobile furniture, which he can move around the room, setting it in the right places. If you choose models with wheels, they should be fixed.
  • For children from eight to twelve years. They spend a long time learning lessons and other activities. The model must be chosen such that it can be transformed. Important are adjustments of a back, height;
  • For teens and adults. Models are equipped with great opportunities to change the position of the backrest, height, remove and wear armrests. At this age, the skeleton is almost formed, so the furniture should be selected appropriate: orthopedic to correct posture or normal.

Comfortable fit is a guarantee of health

Kinds of computer chairs for the student a lot. They can be equipped with various functions and additional equipment. According to these parameters, and distinguish objects that are suitable for schoolchildren, and which are not.

For younger children, models are made in bright colors. They are equipped with additional equipment. It can be removable armrests, stands under the knees. Some models are made in the form of animals, machines. Such options improve mood, make classes more fun.

After the child goes to school or reaches the age of 7-8 years old, he needs a high chair that will fit the desk.

Such models should be adjustable in height and seat area, backrest. Rare models are equipped with wheels.

In pastel colors

For teens, manufacturers offer armchairs that resemble office models. They are equipped with everything necessary to make the landing at the table comfortable. Given that children at that age spend a large amount of time behind a computer desk, the chair on which they sit should be comfortable and ergonomic.


  • setting the height of the seat;
  • removable armrests;
  • backrest tilt adjustment.

Recently, manufacturers began to produce universal models. They differ from the usual extended functionality:

For the little ones

  • on the main frame of the structure there are grooves with which you can set the height of the backrest. Such models are suitable for both middle-aged children and teenagers. They are called growing;
  • adjustable seat inclination and height. Regardless of the height of the table, the chair can be raised to the desired level, creating a comfortable environment for the student. The back tilt ensures the correct position of the back;
  • lateral back support is a function that does not allow a child to sit at a table with the wrong back position. On the back on both sides are small rollers that hold the back;
  • the back is made in such a way that it repeats the natural curves of the spine.

This model is suitable for middle-aged children.

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In the production of children's and adolescent models takes into account the anatomy of adolescents. As a result, many problems with the spinal column can be avoided in the future. The comfort and coziness that a child experiences while sitting in an armchair makes him better concentrate on doing his homework. This will affect school performance. By production of orthopedic chairs the environmentally friendly material which is not causing an allergy is used. Upholstery made of textiles.

Chair models can have many useful features. There are designs that do not allow the chairs to overturn back. Chairs with rubberized wheels glide easily over the floor and do not spoil them. These chairs complement the tables that can be adjusted in height.. Such a composition will ensure the correct posture of the child.

Corner model

Children's orthopedic chairs:

  • Design. In order for the child to like the chair, he must make the choice himself. Companies produce designs of different colors. These can be models of bright colors with pictures of your favorite characters.
  • Adjustments. This feature allows you to adjust the chair to the height of the child and the table. Useful settings of orthopedic models - adjustment of the landing area, seat height, rotation.

The orthopedic effect is achieved through independent adjustment of all parameters:

  • adjustable backrest - relieves the muscles of the back and spine;
  • back support - relaxes muscles, prevents them from getting tired;
  • headrest - relaxes neck muscles;
  • lateral support of the back prevents spinal diseases from developing.

Stylish bedroom for a little lady

  • The fabric should be natural, breathable.Upholstery should be environmentally friendly, without toxic additives and with hygroscopic properties. It should not fade, be branded and wear out quickly. For younger children, you can choose a bright material with the image of animals, favorite characters. For older age fit monochrome models.

Depending on the model, the chairs are equipped with a different set of functions. These can be minimal settings or a chair with wide functionality.

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Chair without wheels for the student

Studying models of chairs for children, you need to pay attention to their ergonomic features. From their presence, quality depends on the correct development of the bone skeleton, as well as posture. Among the popular, reliable stand orthopedic chairs, dancing chairs without wheels. They can be used with any work at the table or the game. When doing homework he will not be tired, his back and neck strain.

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Dancing chair

This item got its name because of the unusual design. This chair has no back, the seat is fixed in the center of the hinge. It makes rotational movements under pressure of the body. To sit on such a chair, you do not need to adjust the back or rest your knees. To sit comfortably on it the child must learn to keep balance. This happens after a few hours of exercise.

The chair helps to maintain posture, it trains the vestibular apparatus. The child after the test will keep the balance without effort. The back will be flat, and your knees and legs will not need to be held in a certain position.

Helps to maintain posture

How is a dancing chair useful?

A wooden or metal chair, soft or hard, helps a person to stand still. With prolonged sitting on a normal model, all the back muscles numb, the child wants to relax, leaning back. Orthopedists recommend that after 30 minutes of training, sitting on a regular model, do exercises. What happens to the dancing chair without wheels?

Sitting down, the child determines the desired position in which the chair will be stable. While maintaining balance, the back muscles contract alternately. It stimulates the work of the muscles, does not allow them to go numb.

Helps a person to stay still

Why it is useful:

  • Dancing chair without wheels - prevention of violations of posture and diseases that occur during sedentary work. Every day, the child spends 7 hours at the table, and this is on condition that he stays at school and does homework at home. But if you take into account the time that the student can spend playing computer games, watching TV, it turns out that the child sits at least 9 hours a day.
  • Vestibular training. The vestibular apparatus is an organ that helps orient oneself in space and maintain balance. His receptors respond to head tilts, body movements, and transfer the received information to the central nervous system. In response, she responds with reflexes that keep the body in balance.
  • Improved posture. When a person fits on a chair, he needs to keep his back straight, otherwise the seat will bend over his back. Initially, the muscles will be slightly ill, if the child is not sitting properly, has initial signs of scoliosis. But after several weeks of training, the child will hold the correct position of the back.

Training for the vestibular apparatus

  • Increased muscle tone. Since in order to stay on the chair, you need to keep your back level, her muscles will always be in good shape. They will not stagnate, hurt, if you keep your posture.
  • Developing the habit of sitting up straight. If the child gets used to such a chair, sitting on a regular, he will still keep his back straight. This will help to keep your posture in the future.
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How to sit on a chair?

To stay on the seat, you need to keep balance. To do this, put your feet on the floor, spreading them shoulder-width apart. In this position, the back straightens, the stomach retracts, and the shoulders are lowered, straightened. After some time of application, a person sitting on such a chair can perform rotational movements by the body. They fully compensate for morning exercises.

How long can you sit on a chair?

While sitting on a chair, the back muscles do not tense, posture is flat, there is no discomfort, you can sit for up to 10 hours. At the same time, make rotational movements of the body, bringing the muscles into tone. The child is in school for a long time, his back gets tired from uncomfortable seats. After 10-20 minutes of sitting on this model, the muscles return to normal, which is why fatigue disappears.

Available models

Chairs are suitable for different ages. They can have a different shape of the seat - round, oval or square. The function of the seat height adjustment makes it possible to adjust the height of the chair. Such designs are made from natural materials that do not emit harmful substances. Upholstery is made from fabrics, natural fillers. Therefore, if in a hot time they sit on such a chair, the body will not sweat.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Schoolchildren spend a large amount of time at the writing or computer desk, so parents should organize the working space properly. The beauty of handwriting, eyesight, but also the health of the spinal column and internal organs depends on it.

Chairs differ from standard office, other models of lightweight design, the presence of orthopedic qualities. With the release of universal models no longer need to buy chairs for young children, and then adolescents, adults.

Such designs are suitable for different ages.. They can change the backrest angle, seat height, remove or place the armrests, adjust the footprint, creating the correct body position.

Orthopedists recommend such models to those who have problems with the spine, musculoskeletal system, eyesight. Reliable chairs will reduce the load on the spine and muscles. If there are problems with the spine, such models are ways to correct and correct the posture.

Disadvantages can occur if the chair is chosen not by age, it does not have any adjustment functions, is made of poor-quality material that emits harmful substances.