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Green wallpapers: 200+ Design Photos for your interior. What wallpapers are suitable for walls in the bedroom, kitchen, living room?


Green wallpapers or their combination contribute to the atmosphere of any style of organic character, enhance the positive energy, maintain comfort. They have a positive effect and create positive emotions. Properly combine and get the maximum effect.


Green is a natural color associated with harmony, tranquility, naturalness. Psychologists attribute it to the palette of shades that develop willpower, endurance, constancy. When looking at the green eyes relax, arousal decreases. Psychotherapists claim that such decoration compensates for the heat, helps to get rid of the negative. In the office, he adjusts to work, immerses himself in a business environment, increases efficiency.

Green is a natural color associated with harmony and serenity.

Shades of green in the decor of the premises:

  • soothe the nervous system;
  • have a positive effect on vision;
  • reduce the intensity of pain;
  • regulate blood pressure;
  • improve brain activity;
  • help with insomnia.

Manufacturers produce wallpapers of different colors, patterns, compositions. But in order not to be mistaken with the conceived idea, it is necessary to take into account the influence of the shade on the human psyche.

Color soothes the nervous system

Which shade to choose?

The choice of colors depends on the function of the room, its characteristics:

  • squares;
  • geometric configuration;
  • the number of windows (the less natural light, the brighter the color);
  • type of exploitation of space;
  • locations (for the southern side, the cool colors of the green range are better, for the northern side - ocher, olive or khaki).

Positive effect on vision

Focuses on style

The style is another criterion for choosing wallpaper, because the green color can disturb the harmony of art deco, loft, modern. According to the designers:

  • Dark emerald, tourmaline, jade, malachite wallpaper - a real classic. They emphasize baroque, empire, romanticism, fit perfectly into men's offices, offices.
  • The light green of the wallpaper adds to the airiness of the bedroom, the spacious kitchen, the hall in the style of simple and functional country music, eclectic contemporary, simple Provence.
  • Rich green wallpaper emphasizes originality, expressiveness of high-tech, art deco, minimalism.

Improves brain activity

Decorators do not recommend using a combination of several shades of green in one space to avoid emotional overload of the image, bad taste.

It is easy to combine shades in interiors of different style solutions.:

  • light green;
  • pistachio;
  • olive;
  • emerald;
  • lime;
  • myrtle;
  • marsh;
  • ferns;
  • herbal

These shades help with insomnia.

These shades are found in the natural environment, and therefore have a positive effect on the human psyche.

Pantone Institute experts call colors popular trends:

  • cabbage;
  • hazelnuts;
  • fresh leaves;
  • emerald;
  • malachite.
Dark green wallpapers help concentration. Light green wallpapers support a good mood, calm.

Positive effect on the human psyche

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Wallpaper with a pattern or plain?

Monochromatic canvases play the role of a background for all design objects. For example, for curtains with patterns, embroidered upholstery, carpeting with ornaments, accessories and paintings. Wallpapers with images enliven the design, give it character.

MThe ode allows wall decor to be either plain wallpaper or green prints. There are no specific requirements for the drawings. Equally popular are geometric, abstract, floral images. The choice affects your own taste:

  • plain canvases are universal, they can decorate all walls or individual zones;
  • coloring with green stripes will emphasize the dynamics of the living room, kitchen or nursery atmosphere, expand or raise the ceiling of the tiny kitchen, hallway,

Dark green wallpapers help concentration

  • Wallpaper with beautiful elements of bright floristics will create a cozy atmosphere in the hall of a romantic style;
  • a large ornament will emphasize the classic image of the bedroom, living room;
  • Photowall-paper of a lime scale with a flower, forest composition create a feeling of nature in the living room, hallway.
So that the green walls do not put pressure on the psyche, do not interfere with the comfort, the interior is complemented by elements with shades of white, beige, light yellow, gray, and blue palette. It will be cozy in a room where the walls are plastered with dim wallpaper of green tone with soft pink or yellow flowers.

Clearer requirements exist only in the design of rooms for children, where stencils of animals, cartoon characters and fairy tales, birds, recognizable silhouettes and prints dominate.

Solid canvas versatile

Proper selection of color shades in rooms with green wallpaper helps to get rid of discomfort. Return to the menu

Striped - a way of visual perception of space

One of the fashion trends - striped surfaces. Green striped wallpaper changes the visual perception of space. Cloths are with narrow, wide, vertical and horizontal stripes.

Striped wallpaper visually change the space. Vertical stripes create the illusion of a high ceiling, horizontal ones make a narrow room wider. They can be used for both classic and modern interiors, because they:

  • combined with any types of technology, accessories;
  • complement plain furniture items.

Combined with any kind of technology, accessories

Wallpapers with thin stripes, merging with the green base of the canvases, do not strain the eyes and visually expand the space in width and height. Contrast stripes are best used for accents. Back to menu ↑

With green leaves - the freshness of natural coolness

At the peak of fashion - wallpaper with large images of leaves. Tropical, palm and banana images are especially popular. They create a romantic setting, help relaxation.

To paste over with wall-paper with such prints all walls it is not accepted, especially a small room. Too nalyapisto. Green leaves are good for decorating accent surfaces behind the sofa, opposite the entrance at the head of the bed. The rest of the neutral light surfaces smooth out the intensity and diversity of the wallpaper with green leaves.

Create a romantic atmosphere, help relaxation

The exception to this rule is a bathroom, where this wall decor relaxes the eyes and calms psychologically, setting it up for positive.

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Organic combination is the key to unity of concept.

Green is the union of blue and yellow, therefore it refers to the cold range. The less blue, the warmer and softer the shade, the more blue, the colder. There are no particular restrictions on the combination. The main thing is the balance of proportions.

To complete the look of the interior is not enough to choose the right shade and pattern of paintings. It is necessary to consider a combination of wall decor with a palette of the entire interior concept:

  • the design of the ceiling and flooring;
  • furniture;
  • decorative details.

Color refers to the cold range

Any combination of greenery with other colors is a real way to give the palette depth and freshness, to create a new image and composition.

When combined sticking is carried out in the form of:

  • inserts;
  • accents on one wall;
  • alternate alternation of several types of canvases.

As additional shades of greens you can use gray, white, beige and brown tones. Silver and golden shades look win-win. Bluish-green - are good in combination with silver, and bright lime - white neighbors.

The interior with green wallpapers will be boring if there are no accents, so decorators use a combination of different colors to highlight special areas.

BThanks to the canvases of the green palette, it is possible to decorate accent surfaces in any rooms. But in rooms of modest size it is impossible to glue all surfaces with wallpaper of saturated color.

Canvas green tones can be used for panels, inserts in the frame moldings. This option looks original, if you use textile wallpaper or expensive embossed cloths for emphasis.

Interior with green wallpaper will be boring

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Black with light green - strictly but elegant

The combination of dark green and black just seems bleak. Graphicity of such design fills the space with meaning, dynamism. Adding gold will give dwellings a unique beauty. Black and Green Contrast Alliance is a room design option for teens.

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White-green wallpaper - universal union of shades

The combination of green with white has become a classic. It is both simple and original. This color scheme provides lightness, airiness, freshness to interiors in eco, modern and Provence styles, helps to relax. White skirting boards and moldings serve as the focus of white wallpaper with a light green pattern.

Using photo wallpapers

BoardDesigners recommend to observe a balance: greens - more, whiteness - less. Olive or mint wallpapers can be used to decorate all the walls, and bright shades of lime - no more than two. Return to the menu

Green Yellow - winning alliance

The combination of yellow and greenery causes optimism. Such a color of the walls meets the attitude of ambitious, confident people. The yellow-green design visually creates a feeling of spaciousness, vigor and brightness. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms with such a color finish look modern.

In the interiors of public catering organizations, the yellow-green palette looks good in combination with wood-brown, pink-red, orange, scarlet, and terracotta furniture.

The combination of yellow and greenery causes optimism

BoardThe alliance of sunny yellowness and richness of greenery on the canvases looks very impressive on the walls of the veranda, balcony, country house, terrace, in the children's room. Return to menu

Green and brown shades - an incentive for creative thinking

A tandem of green tone with brown shades is a classic of nature. Especially when a balance of depth and brightness of the palette is observed, depending on the size and degree of illumination of the space. For a small room, the best option would be a medium-sized ornament, and for a spacious one, a large pattern or wallpaper.

BoardThe lighter the green gamma, the darker should be the brown palette, and vice versa.

Tandem green tone with brown shades - a classic of nature

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Blue green in a modern setting

You can create a fabulous atmosphere, if you use the wallpaper of blue-green shades. They create a color illusion, and the dominant range is impossible to select. Inclusions in greens of blue tones add to the room liveliness, reflect the nobility and aristocratic atmosphere.

Blue-green cloths of soft format add to the appearance of a living room or bedroom comfort, coziness, favorable conditions for rest. A more dynamic juicy option is appropriate for decoration:

  • cabinet;
  • kitchens;
  • child's.

In the interior of the nursery

Psychologists have proven that such a color helps decision making, charges with positive emotions, activates logical thinking. If the base is turquoise or another cool shade of green, then the insert with bright blue elements will add a lively and warm touch to the design. The cold blue-green palette looks organic with blue and blue, beige, white and gray colors.

The bright green-blue gamut combines bright red, coral, orange and intense yellow colors better. Juicy greens - with white, gray, red, brown and blue shades. Orange and rich gray colors look advantageous on a light-green background.

Board For spacious rooms, canvases of any tonality and pattern are suitable, and for small rooms - a light scale with small patterns or without them is better.

Bright living room in a given color

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Green decor for different spaces

The impact of the color palette on the emotional state has been proven for a long time. This range is not intrusive, beautiful, well combined with other shades.. Therefore, relaxing greenery is appropriate in the bedroom, in the office - juicy emerald or malachite tones that help to concentrate.

BoardDark green wallpaper requires the addition of a central wall lighting lighting. Return to the menu ↑

Green wallpaper in the interior of the living room

For the living room you need good quality wallpaper. Living rooms with green walls - a real classic. Even in the past centuries, plain and striped canvases of soothing green tones served as an adornment to the halls of the palaces of English and Russian aristocrats.

This range blends well with other shades.

A good option for the decoration of the living room - bright green. The placement of accents is decorated with wallpaper with patterns.

BoardStriped green wallpaper can cover the surface of one wall or the lower parts of all four. The top of the walls is plastered with companion wallpaper, which echo in color with the lower color scheme.

Depending on the location of the green canvas on the surfaces of the walls:

  • give airiness to spaces with good illumination;
  • if the windows of the room are located on the sunny side, then the surfaces with such decor "cool" the interior;
  • the dominance of green visually makes the room more spacious.

To decorate the walls of rooms in the style of country, high-tech, Provence, Chebbi chic can be wallpaper with a white-green cell or striped.

The cool shades of green in the decor of the walls visually push the space, which plays an important role for rooms of a small area. The strokes of the gilding of the wallpaper add solidity to the room, "ceremonial."

Pasting the living room with yellow-green wallpaper in combination with additional soft shades of ivory, baked milk will give extra comfort to family dinners, parties with friends.BoardWhen decorating the living room will be appropriate wallpaper brightly emerald green or asparagus flowers, balanced by other shades.

In the interior of a modern living room

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Choice for bedroom

Naturalness adds to any decoration of natural naturalness, balance. In such an environment will reign harmony, comfort. According to psychologists, the green gamma soothes before bedtime, guarantees a positive awakening. They recommend for the bedroom to choose a soft and unobtrusive color scheme.

The duet of light olive and silvery tones will be successful. Soft-green coverings of wallpaper in a monochrome composition of the design also help healthy relaxation and sleep. The bright decoration of the accent surface wallpaper behind the head of the bed will not be distracting during rest and preparation for the night's sleep.

Cold shades of green in the wall decor visually pushing the space

It is possible to glue over two walls with ornamental canvases, and the others - monophonic or with a strip. Canvases on the walls behind the bed, which smoothly pass to the surface of the ceiling, visually lengthen the surface.

BoardIn a black and white palette of minimalism, green tones bring excitement and freshness. Return to the menu

In the room for children

The design of the child room depends on the age of the child. Pale green "calms" too active child, and use as an accent of saturated shades - to awaken creativity, energy. In a duet with furniture made of natural wood, white ceiling, bright textiles or toys, a green palette for wall decoration is more than appropriate.

For babies under three years old, a soft range is recommended:

  • unsaturated green;
  • pale olive;
  • gentle jade.

The design of the child room depends on the age of the child.

Older kids have a better wallpaper:

  • saturated green;
  • emerald;
  • grass color.
You can create a sunny atmosphere in the nursery with the help of wallpaper with prints. When decorating a room for a student, it is necessary to take into account that a child plays, rests, does homework. A muted pistachio olive gamma is recommended. To accent these wallpapers, it's best to use red tones. This duet helps to stimulate the brain.

Pale green "calms" too active child

BoardBright blotches are appropriate in the bedside area, and decorate another space using delicate blue, beige, white accents. Return to the menu

Green kitchen

The interior of the kitchen with green wallpaper can be playful, romantic, strict or classic, dispose to unhurried conversations.

It is proved that green shades do not excite and do not suppress the appetite.. If the red and orange tones awaken the appetite, all shades of the blue gamut suppress it.The color of natural greenery favorably affects digestion, energizes. Therefore, in green shades, the surfaces of a kitchen apron, walls that are not occupied by items of a furniture set are made out.

In the interior of the kitchen

The choice of shade affects the location of the kitchen. For the "northern" rooms, warm colors, which are close to yellow, are better, and "southern" colors are dark green.

The organic combination of greenery with other colors makes it possible to create incredible interiors in the maritime and classical styles, country and provence. Green kitchen looks organic only when companion flower balance is observed. For example, an equal amount of white and green looks airy, roomy and gentle. Such a duet will revive the golden blotches. Finally complement the image of the kitchen insert glass, drawings.

Black and green gamma is effective for the decoration of minimalism, techno and modern. But the green must be more than black. The addition of light gray and white shades will give the kitchen a sophisticated and organic look. Balances the energy of the green palette of cold blue, dark blue shades.

The choice of shade affects the location of the kitchen

Yellow is friendly with mustard and lime scale, khaki shades. The paler the green, the more transparent the yellowness should be, because the richness of the green can turn light yellows into dirty white spots. If the companion is a beige or gray palette, the design project becomes restrained.

Popular lime decoration of kitchen walls, giving the space a richness and summer illumination. Lime shade wallpapers in combination with lemon set form a combination that pleases the eye and creates a good mood. Floral print on the wallpaper adds to the kitchen space of fun and color. The decoration of the green kitchen with brown splashes will provide a feeling of closeness to nature.BoardDark shades of green are not recommended for decoration of small kitchens. However, with gilt, snow white and light brown palette, they look organically.

Provence style

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Pasting the surface in the working area of ​​the bathroom is a bad way of finishing, even with moisture-resistant materials. Decor of bathroom zones where water rarely falls is a good idea for green decor, which is combined with the whiteness of the plumbing. Green wallpaper panels can be in the form of a window or a 3D panorama with tropical motifs.

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Wallpaper to the green ceiling

The ceiling of green shades will decorate any space. The main thing - an organic combination of all elements. The combination of green with white and brown accents makes the image of the room fresh and expressive. The alternation of gentle light shades of green with bright tones of the same color look beautiful. For example, lettuce ceiling surface with wallpaper of malachite color.

Creative design of a children's room

The glossy surface of the stretch ceilings of a green palette will be appropriate in the hallway or hallway, adding to the festive space. In the bedroom, the combination of mint, coniferous and dark-bottle shades looks good. For decoration, you can use both classic monochromatic decor, as well as photo printing, intricate patterns that continue to draw the paintings on the walls.BoardIf you use pale green or olive shades, low walls will look higher. Return to the menu ↑

What curtains fit?

An important feature of the interior is textiles on the windows. It must be in harmony with the palette of the walls. Curtains under the green wallpaper in the living room should be bright or very light, so as not to "get lost" in the room, and focus attention. For the effect of their color should be repeated in the upholstered furniture, lampshade, carpet.

In the interior of the hallway

For light green linens, you must use fabrics of light brown shades. Dark dark saturated wallpapers are companions of light curtains that add brightness and lightness to the interior. Universal shades of curtains - gray, white, beige tones. For green wallpaper you can buy turquoise, blue, blue curtains, or bright red, orange, yellow tones.

When buying curtains you must follow 3 rules:

  • When monotonous cladding walls or with a print of the same type, it is better to take a curtain with a large pattern.
  • With large patterns on the walls, it is better to prefer a low-key fabric without a pattern.
  • The same prints of curtains and wallpaper will merge, which will bring disharmony in the look of the situation.

Use brown shades

BoardCurtain style is chosen for the style decision, the purpose of the room, taking into account the features of the window construction.

Harmoniously combined:

  • olive walls with gray, white, brown fabrics;
  • light olive canvases with pastel yellow, purple and white flowers;
  • turquoise surfaces with gray, black and olive tones;
  • rich jade suitable cocoa, salad, pink, beige color.
BoardUniversal option - pastel and neutral colors of curtains. White, gray or beige fabrics will help smooth out too active greens and create a cozy atmosphere. For contrast, you can use curtains of dense materials.

Universal option - pastel and neutral colors of curtains

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What color sofa to buy?

Many when buying a sofa pay attention only to its convenience. The combination of upholstery with wallpaper on the walls - again. But not to create a fashionable atmosphere. If the walls of the room are decorated with bright green wallpaper, the sofa of the same color will become the center of space, enhancing the feeling of comfort, lightness, spring mood.

A sofa of deep greenery, for example, a swamp, on the contrary, is less noticeable. However, such upholstery gently overshadow the beauty of fights and other items. A sofa of an olive scale with cushions, a "jaguar" print, will add to the atmosphere the presence of a forest thicket to the atmosphere of an eco-style "a la jungle". With suitable photo wallpapers, the uniqueness of the design is easily emphasized by a glass table with imitation of vegetation.

Cozy Rustic Bedroom

In a large room with a two-level ceiling and green wallpaper in the center, a sofa of the same shades and a vase with room palms will create a sense of the spirit of classic modernism. Green billiards will add chic.Emerald shades of wallpaper are well alongside a dark brown sofa and a small collection of weapons with inlaid turquoise and emerald stones.

The sofa with green upholstery organically complements the designs:

  • bold fusion;
  • original modernity;
  • modern loft;
  • modest minimalism;
  • quiet provenance;
  • plain eco-style.

Wallpaper in a strip of green shades

Soft green wallpaper will be the background for a sofa of pale pink, light blue and purple colors, a shade of sea-green.

Brown, light brown, the coffee upholstery of the sofa is combined with olive and marsh wallpaper range. White, gray sofas bring more freshness to the interior, well side by side with a natural palette of green color.

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6 secrets of decorators

  1. Light neutral shades of green gamma create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  1. Dark green, emerald and malachite shades emphasize the luxurious decoration. They are good for the lavish decor of the living room, especially as a duet with black or gray furniture.
  1. Olive range of wallpaper - the embodiment of elegance and taste of the owners.
  1. When the windows are located on the north side, the walls are drawn in warm:
  • mustard;
  • yellow green;
  • myrtle;
  • herbal;
  • bright green shades.

The embodiment of elegance and taste of the owners

For the southern premises - cold turquoise, emerald, olive, jade.

  1. Neutral green, mint green, pale green suitable for any space, regardless of the location vector.
  1. For children it is better to choose a calm yellow-green color. For the restless - muted shades, providing a calming effect. For melancholic - juicy tones with bright patterns, energizing.

Green is difficult to combine with red or bright purple tones of textiles.

With this color your interior will not be boring

Using the information provided, you can create an exclusive interior.