Crafts from natural material with their own hands (+185 Photo). Beautiful creativity in school and kindergarten


Not only children, but also many adults like to make something with their own hands. Harvest natural materials for children's manual creativity is best in the summer and, of course, in the fall. The end of the hot season and most of the harvest period is a fertile time to spend more time in nature, wander through the woods, along a river or lake, relax on the sea, or take walks in the city park. More detail later in the article.


  • Why tinker
  • Billets and their features
  • What can be done
  • TOP-5 most used areas
  • Ideas of children's crafts from fruits and vegetables
  • Why natural materials
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  • Why tinker

    From each such "sortie" to nature, we usually return with small souvenirs. It can be shells, beautiful stones, original branches of trees or shrubs, acorns, seeds and fruits of unusual shape, leaves, flowers, buds.

    Natural material for creative crafts

    Unfortunately, these unusual gifts of nature rather quickly become unattractive and turn into dust. But still - it is also an opportunity to create.

    A variety of masterpieces of shells

    My experience confirms, many, deny themselves the pleasure of making something, just because they do not have personal ideas, do not know what materials are necessary, and, in principle, do not understand why this is necessary. I will try to answer these questions.

    Turn on the fantasy and you will succeed

    First of all, we should build on the fact that this sphere of activity is especially close to children, but it is imperative that adults need help.

    Joint workmanship will serve as a good bridge to rapprochement, mutual understanding between generations and help develop creative thinking in children, improve fine motor skills of fingers, teach the child to be kind. In addition, working with materials donated by nature itself, children receive a lot of useful information.

    Perfect panel of improvised tools

    For example, children remember well what trees acorns, chestnuts grow on, what differences there are between spruce, pine cones, what flowers can be called the most beautiful. And yet, they will help to learn the shape, colors, understand the texture, learn to distinguish flat, voluminous objects.

    Teach children to distinguish natural materials.

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    Billets and their features

    Most of the materials dry up and become hard during storage, so some of them should be soaked with water before starting, and then left for another day in a cool place to remove excess moisture. Acorns, chestnuts can be used immediately after harvest, or left in the open air until winter.

    Crafts from acorns and chestnuts are stored for a long time.

    The bark of the trees is a very beautiful decorative natural material (especially near birch), but it should be collected from trees that have already been felled or the branches broken off by the wind. The shells collected on the bank of the river or the sea will be useful, in the same place you can find a lot of stones of unusual shape or color.

    Whips, mountain ash is usually used not dried, so collect a little, enough to create a pattern, leave a little, dry, later you can make small eyes from the berries when making figures of different animals.

    Crafts using tree bark

    The leaves tend to gather in the fall when they are especially beautiful. They are placed in storage between the pages of old newspapers and magazines, although, there is a quicker way of drying - a hot iron. For handicrafts, you may need aspen branches, linden, alder, as they have soft wood, it’s good if you have unusual color feathers in your collection, as well as other original items.

    Use sprigs of unusual shape

    All the collected natural treasures should be dried, stacked in a separate box, and when free winter time appears during the long winter evenings, and with the beginning of the New Year holidays, they will be very useful for your family.

    Gifts of nature collected by you

    They are not necessarily “persecuted,” they themselves are on a regular walk, drawing our attention, our view, with their unusual shape, color or texture. On weekends with children you can collect several acorns, stones, chestnuts, shells, berries.

    Collect the missing or liked materials

    Wild pine cones are an excellent choice for the manufacture of voluminous toys, their shape resembles the body of various animals in a fluffy fur coat. Bark and chestnuts look good in many handicrafts.

    Squirrel cones like a fluffy coat

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    What can be done

    Crafts for children can be very different. Each of us is able to make original woodwork with his own hands. We can quite make furniture for dolls, original photo frames, stands, unique candles, shelves, baskets, decorative collages. The creation of natural materials is a very interesting, exciting process that is available even to the youngest children.

    Crafts for home interior decoration

    Guess what you can do with your child on a day when you have to stay at home because of the rain? Of course, you should turn on the fantasy and begin to develop, pre-assembled.

    Topiary from what is collected on the street

    You can become a designer of your own project, draw colors of any season, and autumn itself is created to see the silhouette of a funny animal or an original decoration for the living room in its gifts.

    Make an ordinary interior detail unusual

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    TOP-5 most used areas

    Co-creation with children is very useful. Experiment with your child, creating your own masterpieces that will occupy a worthy place in your family collection.

    Bright decorations from ordinary cereals

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    The image of the dried sheets, called the herbarium. This version is the most popular, simple, and at the same time impressive.

    The most popular idea for creativity

    In advance, you need to prepare beautiful leaves, dry them, they, a sheet of paper or cardboard, as well as glue, will be your centerpiece. Before starting the main work, prepare the necessary sketch, it can be downloaded from the Internet. Give vent to your imagination - the choice of plots is not limited!

    Prepare the leaves in advance

    To make the herbarium juicy and memorable, some of its areas should be painted on with paint (sky, field, river ...). Now you can start - fill the image with leaves from top to bottom, so that each subsequent layer blocks the previous one.

    In addition, you can use any dried flowers, grass feathers. The finished image is desirable to rummage film, to create a protective layer that will allow your craft to live longer.

    Add the missing elements of your herbarium

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    Autumn photoframe

    To decorate your favorite photo, you will need dry leaves, cardboard (box), matte varnish and PVA glue. Find in your bins a cardboard box of the required size, you can glue the leaves into the prepared frame.

    Make a frame of cardboard

    Before gluing a dry leaf, it should be dipped in boiling water to soften it. You need to cover the entire area of ​​the frame with prepared natural material. Fix the finished work with a press, putting something heavy on top.

    Tape over the frame with natural material and decorate

    After drying, you need to attach another sheet of cardboard on the reverse side. To make the frame even more effective, cover the leaves with a matt varnish. Now your unique souvenir is ready completely!

    Open with a varnish and insert a photo

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    Chestnut Necklace

    Beads will be a wonderful decoration of a country house, becoming a piece of wild nature, pleasing the eye.

    Good snake from chestnuts

    You will need a handful of chestnuts, a thick thread or fishing line, a hammer, a thick screw. Using a hammer, a screw, it is necessary to make holes in chestnuts, after which you can start assembling beads from alternating chestnuts with large wooden beads, suitable seeds or dried berries.

    String one chestnut after another to create beads

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    Crown of leaves

    If you are a mom of a cute girl, she will be glad to have a beautiful crown in which she can become the real queen of autumn. You will need the most beautiful, large, bright, colorful leaves.

    Large, bright and colorful leaves for the crown

    To build the crown is very simple: you just need to fix all the leaves, using a stapler two or three centimeters from the edge of each sheet, so that the brackets are on the back of the craft. If you wish, you can take not only leaves, but branches or flowers. Beautiful autumn accessory is complete.

    Perfect crown for your princess

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    Wreath of acorns

    Acorns are a real fount of variations for children's creativity. For example, you can easily collect an unusual wreath for the house. You will need acorns (take a little more), a circle for the base of the wreath (wire, a bundle of straw, etc.), you will also need glue, possibly decorating spangles, flowers, branches. Take the base, start to fully furnish it with acorns.

    Fill all space with acorns

    When the process is complete, let it dry, decorate with accessible decorative elements. You can tint your wreath to make it even brighter, more creative. Such a creation will decorate the door of your home, will bring into it the unique spirit of wild nature.

    Use beads for accents

    In addition, you can create other wonderful crafts from acorns, such as a photo frame and a tree of acorns, beads and earrings, charming birds, a magic mandala or even a miniature tea set. Remember, it all depends on your imagination!

    Grape bunch of painted acorns

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    Ideas of children's crafts from fruits and vegetables

    With a sufficient amount of available natural materials, you can plan your work with kids. But even if you, for various reasons, did not make timely stocks, then without it you can easily get a lot of useful material for creative delights in the vegetable box of the refrigerator:

    1 With the help of celery stalk, small tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers, you can easily get a composition that will decorate the table. You can even eat it for dinner.

    Beautiful idea for your dinner

    2 With the help of the usual vegetable set - red cabbage, eggplant and beet easy to make a charming elephant.

    An interesting idea for children's creativity

    3What is autumn without mushrooms? Together with a child who does not really like vitamin fruits, you can create a real white mushroom, taking as a basis a banana and half an apple, which is not an odd job for children's creativity.

    Edible and Healthy Mushrooms

    4 Another masterpiece from all that is in the kitchen is a basket of abundance. Wooden skewers are inserted into the peeled watermelon. They are put on small vegetables, with the addition of branches of rosemary or other resistant greens, creating the illusion of a bouquet.

    More fruit - more vitamins.

    5 Zucchini and curly parsley can be transformed into an amazing whale, and those who have artistic imagination can easily make an owl out of watermelon, melon and vegetable greens.

    Whale of the most common vegetables

    6Tkva-Lagenaria, as if specially created for handicrafts. In skillful hands, the dried fruit turns into a beautiful home decoration.

    This pumpkin is specially made for crafts.

    A child, starting from just one and a half years old, can make a hedgehog from cones and plasticine. But older children prefer to build edible toad from green apple and grapes.

    Little hedgehog made by small handles

    8If you are afraid of horrible Halloween pumpkin faces, you can just beautifully cut out a vegetable to use such a candlestick on a holiday. Children love the mystical atmosphere.

    Option for the atmosphere of comfort

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    New Year's cones spruce

    And how to do without New Year's handicrafts? A simple embodiment of the idea described below will give you a great mood and bring the spirit of winter holidays in your home closer.

    Christmas pine cones for decoration

    All you need is foam (or plasticine), wire and tape, and cones from natural materials. Tie a ribbon into the bows to decorate the fir, attach a wire to them. Also, bumps painted in gold or silver should be provided with a wire stud. Cut out the foam cone, paint it green.

    Cone for future spruce

    After the cone dries, attach to it tied bows and sparkling cones. It will turn out a wonderful souvenir from natural materials for children's creativity.

    The result will not take long

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    Why natural materials

    Handicrafts are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your imagination. Offer your child several options for decorating handmade children's souvenirs or present such a birthday gift to your grandmother.

    A gift for the New Year grandmother

    If you are good at making crafts, you can compete for first place at an exhibition in a kindergarten or school. In addition, while studying, the child begins to find similarities with fairy-tale characters in ordinary vegetables and pine cones.

    Great toy for an exhibition with their own hands

    Thus, we help the child to develop observation, and teach him to fantasize. Such lessons, under the guidance of loving parents, make it possible to grow a diverse personality from a child. Good luck to you!

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