Wooden fence for a private house: How to choose? 200+ (Photos) Beautiful options


A fence for a wooden house can have many options. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Installing a fence is a laborious project, you will find instructions that you will learn from this article.

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  • How to choose?
  • When privacy is needed
  • When you need aesthetics
  • When you need charm
  • When you need elegance
  • 8 types of fences for home
  • Aluminum
  • Tree
  • PVC
  • Wrought iron
  • Vinyl
  • Rabitz
  • Electric fencing
  • Bamboo fencing
  • How to build a wooden fence with your own hands?
  • Necessary tools and materials
  • Is planning permission required?
  • Safety first
  • Learn laws and rules
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  • Types of fences

    Installing a fence for a wooden house is a laborious project.

    There are many fences that can have one or more functions to choose from, regardless of whether you want more privacy in your area, whether you need to block the cold wind or hide the street. Consider your main goal: organizing your own backyard space, isolating your neighbors, or organizing a dog’s life.

    BoardThe difficult stage of installation is the choice of the right design so that it performs the assigned functions and fits the landscape. Spend time looking at the types of fences in your area to get ideas. Photos in design magazines will also broaden the horizons to select the desired fence.

    The type of fence will play a key role in the overall appearance of the house.

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    Many perceive the fence as defining the boundary of the property and maintaining the privacy of the homeowner. While fencing can serve these functions, the more common reason people choose picket fence is to improve the beauty of the yard. The fence expert is a landscape designer, not a home security contractor.

    The fence is often used in combination with flowers, shrubs or vine.. Made in white color, it will look beautiful with different floral combinations. The nature of this type of fence is to give your home an unassuming rustic feeling that will greet your neighbors. Many homeowners also believe that the picket fence is well combined with stone walls.

    The difficult installation phase is choosing the right design.


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    The fence on the pillars

    Perhaps the easiest fence - on poles and rails. The pillars are connected by one, two or three horizontal rails. Like the picket fence, poles with slats perform a mostly decorative task, but unlike the former, they have a much more open space.

    Thus, the search for a hedge for decoration of a garden or a certain landscape zone can be stopped on this type of fence. But if you need a decorative fence, which still gives a certain degree of confidentiality and privacy, then for these needs suitable for the fence type.

    Shtaketnik is an improvement in the beauty of the yard

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    How to choose?

    There are many reasons for the construction of the fence, they are all important for site owners. Those who have dogs often do not have enough time to look after them properly. So, what other reasons for the construction of the fence we usually have:

    • Safety of children, pets in the open air.
    • Privacy while relaxing outdoors.
    • Improve the overall look of your home.
    • Blocking noise from a busy street.
    • We need a clear separation from the neighbors.

    Option of a small fence

    With the correct choice of the fence you will get your little world, which will form the atmosphere inside, as well as order and certain boundaries.

    Simply put, with the right fence, you will build a wall around your property, which will make it a fortress - in one or another sense of this concept.

    But not all fences work for wooden architectural style. The utilitarian look of a grid of the chain-link will lower the status of a charming small cottage. Similarly, a modest picket fence would look out of place around an industrial-style urban home.

    Stone option

    There are too many fence styles, so it’s difficult to list them all in one place. But some trends and classic designs definitely deserve our attention.

    Here are some examples to charge your imagination.

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    When privacy is needed

    Protective - this is the main type of fencing in the suburbs, which is suitable for almost any architectural style. They provide complete or partial privacy, and in some areas are available up to 3 meters high.

    This type is suitable for the backyard, but not necessarily the best idea for the front of your property. If you want to block the whole view from the street, which, however, depends on where you live.

    Decorative fence

    Now an interesting artistic twist is spreading in the design of fences. In addition to installing a traditional wooden or vinyl panel fence, you can consider something else. For example, horizontal planks, carved panels, and marbled glass inserts that refract sunlight cause it to sparkle.

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    When you need aesthetics

    The netting of the chain-link can hold even a resolute guard dog, and children can safely play within a sturdy construction.

    As it is not surprising, but the chain-link looks the most aesthetically pleasing when it is complemented with cultivated plants. For a yard that is pleasant to watch, we recommend putting blooming vines on a chain-link. Suitable, for example:

    • clematis;
    • alpine roses;
    • wisteria;
    • moon flowers.

    All of them can turn a simple fence into something amazing.

    American style

    Since the material of which the net fence is made is durable enough, the homeowner will not have to worry that the vines will weaken it. A significant advantage here is privacy and shadow, which are absent with a simple grid design.

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    When you need charm

    The character of the traditionally short open picket fences looks casual and even a little rustic, so the wooden architectural style of the house will complement it. A folk-style house with tiles looks especially pretty with a picket fence covering the edge of the front yard.

    From metal shtaketnika

    If you have a garden, a fence from the fence will create a charming edging around any plants and ensure their safety.

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    When you need elegance

    The most spectacular style is a wrought iron fence. Some of them are tall, others are short, and still others adorn only the tops of a wooden fence, edging its perimeter. This style has two main functions: it protects the property and looks amazing.

    Almost any wrought-iron fence is suitable for traditional style homes. However, it should be borne in mind that for the property, made in a modern design, you will need a more modern wrought iron fence without complicated lines and curls.

    For a country house

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    8 types of fences for home

    Another thing to consider when designing fences is the wealth of materials available. The most popular types of fences for wooden houses are as follows:

    • aluminum;
    • tree;
    • PVC;
    • wrought iron;
    • vinyl;
    • Rabitz;
    • electrician;
    • bamboo.

    In Russian style

    From the tree is best cedar. It has a beautiful, natural look, the oils in the wood repel insect infestation, it is resistant to rotting. For a maintenance-free and attractive solution, consider aluminum or vinyl fencing.. It can be made to look like any material, even natural wood, although the colors will be limited.

    White is almost all you need. Make sure that you get high quality materials, as rust and other damage can cause your losses if you try to cut corners by purchasing materials with the possibility of cutting.BoardConsider the budget when deciding which fence to install. The cost of installation depends on the material. To select the best option, here are the most popular materials, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

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    One of the most simple, convenient types of fencing. Although it does not provide the high level of security that many homeowners are looking for in a fence, it doesn’t relatively require maintenance, it can essentially look like any other type discussed in this article.


    • does not rust, therefore fences from this metal are strong, durable;
    • easy to update, customize;
    • powder coating gives a pleasant, clean, even look;
    • available in different thickness, strength;
    • best for security.

    Aluminum is one of the simplest, most convenient types of fencing.

    Minuses :

    • difficult to install, have to involve a professional;
    • susceptible to damage, although depending on quality.

    Maintenance is only needed during installation, or when you decide to paint it. However, it is not as strong as you can think, it is not recommended for areas with a harsh climate.

    Does not rust, therefore fences from this metal are strong, durable

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    Wood is the most popular type of fencing.. It gives homeowners the necessary height, has the most beautiful models on the market, and is best suited for a wooden facade. The tree also gives a warm, friendly look, does not require high investments.

    However, we must remember that the height and size of your fence will significantly affect the price. The more lumber you need, the more expensive the project will be. In addition, like all fences, it will take time to install. Therefore, a low fence will obviously be cheaper than a larger one.


    • sustainable material, has the lowest purchase price, installation;
    • easy to install, repair;
    • comes in all shapes and sizes;
    • You can create your own configuration, since wood is a universal material;
    • the tree can be painted to create an updated overall look.

    Wood is the most popular type of fencing.


    • require regular maintenance;
    • although it is processed, the wood eventually crumbles;
    • fasteners may loosen over time, as the tree shrinks and expands as the weather changes.

    However, you can extend the life of your wooden fence by applying additional procedures, including the use of sealant.

    The positive side of wooden installations is also that they can serve the whole life of your home. Like parquet floors, the quality of the wood installation will depend on the type of wood you are using.

    Resistant material, has the lowest purchase price.

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    The cheapest way to make a fence is to use PVC.. It is used instead of wooden boards and picket fence, although it is less durable, it can serve its purpose. PVC poles go over wood to add stability, but also to reduce material costs by using less wood.

    Sometimes PVC is attached with glue to transverse rods, sometimes they are fastened with screws. This type of fence has a different height and color. Because of the completely plastic web, such a fence will be very resistant to natural phenomena, and can serve for years.

    Beautiful home decoration


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    Wrought iron

    When you see a hedge with fancy patterns at the top, this is most likely a wrought-iron installation. Although wrought iron looks quite stylish and beautiful, it requires constant care. If you want to preserve this beauty, forged fences need to be polished and repainted every two to three years.

    Wrought glands are unpopular with conservative homeowners. In addition, forged fences are made to order and, therefore, will not be cheap. Return to menu


    Manufacturers claim that vinyl fencing is almost five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood.

    Wrought fences are unpopular with conservative homeowners

    Vinyl fencing is maintenance free and resistant to paint, which makes it easy to clean graffiti or any other unwanted stains. All you need is a hose and soap to make the fence look like new again.


    • rarely warps, no cracks from exposure to climatic conditions;
    • non-marking, does not require maintenance;
    • In addition to imitating virtually any other material, vinyl fencing is available in an infinite variety of designs and colors;
    • lightweight and extremely durable.

    Option from the log


    • like any plastic, vinyl becomes brittle over time;
    • may crack or break under too much pressure due to its hollow device.

    Installing vinyl fencing can have higher initial costs, but given the low maintenance costs and a long service life, vinyl fencing will ultimately be cheaper than many other types of fencing.

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    The construction of mesh fences will not add much privacy to the house, but rather well perform other basic functions of the fence. Homeowners will be happy to know that they are cheap, durable and need very little maintenance (like many other options).

    Graceful white and green fence


    • practically does not require maintenance;
    • incredibly strong, durable;
    • rarely deformed or cracked;
    • low cost, easy to install;
    • provides security.


    • has a utilitarian look;
    • not perfect for privacy. However, solutions are available.

    Add a little privacy

    Often, homeowners add a large number of shrubs, flowers, vines, or even mount rattan, bamboo or other wicker rabbits. These actions will add some privacy to reduce the views of neighbors.

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    Electric fencing

    The invisible fence is mainly used to keep dogs, it maintains control over them through the invisible field of electricity. As a rule, the installation involves placing the wire in a trench dug along the border that the owner wants to insulate. To activate the wire, a wireless transmitter is also configured next to it.

    The last item is a battery-powered collar for receiving the signal from the wire. The collar warns the animal with a sound when it is near the border, transmitted only to the animal's hearing. If the animal tries to cross the border, the collar will transmit a discharge of electric current.

    Wood in combination with stone

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    Bamboo fencing

    Like wooden flooring, bamboo fencing begins to grow rapidly in the market. It can be grown in a natural way, so many of our green readers will be happy to hear that this is one of the most environmentally friendly and attractive options on the market.

    There are three styles of bamboo fencing:

    • live bamboo;
    • bamboo canes;
    • rolled bamboo.

    Bamboo fence

    Rolled bamboo and bamboo canes use poles interconnected, which are slightly tighter than living bamboo. Live bamboo can grow up to 30 cm per year. This style is not suitable for cold climates.

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    How to build a wooden fence with your own hands?

    Wooden fencing is the most popular type used for wooden houses.. It is fairly easy to build, although, like all exterior wooden structures, it will need constant maintenance over the years.

    Here we will look at how to install a wooden panel fence, but these tips and instructions can be adapted for metal fences or more decorative fences in your garden.

    From a professional flooring with a brick

    There are several different ways to install panel fencing, this requires different tools and materials. Our example is a panel fence, which has:

    • wooden poles;
    • stakes fixed in the ground using concrete;
    • wooden panels that are attached to posts using nails;
    • without the use of gravel.

    First of all, it is necessary to determine how to build a fence so that it is of sufficient, but not excessive, length. Think about how high the fence should be to ensure privacy. Ask an assistant to go around the perimeter with a cardboard sample showing the height of the proposed fence.. While sitting and standing, watch the view above the cardboard as it moves to determine the amount of privacy your fence will actually provide.

    Aesthetic and security function

    So you can quickly decide in which places it should be taller, or immediately make it equally tall to conceal the entire yard. Then consider alternatives such as fast-growing trees or shrubs that are not subject to height restrictions.

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    Necessary tools and materials

    It is believed that the best time of year for erecting a fence is early spring or late autumn, in order to give the plants, disturbed by the intervention, to recover in summer.

    Beautiful hedge decorated with flowers

    Before starting work it is important to carry out some necessary actions:

    • discuss plans with neighbors if construction will take place alongside their property;
    • check the exact boundary line, as the fence may not have been built along the exact lines that match the property;
    • make sure the fence belongs to you before dismantling it. If it belongs to a neighbor, then you may have to build alongside your border.

    There is an unwritten rule that a good neighbor puts a fence with a pillar and partitions facing their own property, but this is not a legal obligation. (The location of the pillars will help to know who owns the fence, if the builder is unknown).

    This option can be made by hand

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    Is planning permission required?

    As a rule, planning permission is not required for a fence less than 2 meters high. However, it will be necessary if the border line runs along a highway or a pedestrian walkway along the highway, and you want to install a fence below 2 m or add a fence more than 1 m high.

    BoardIt is recommended that you register with a local authority to find out if you need planning permission.

    An idea that easily comes to life

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    Safety first

    Check electrical cables before using a metal pole or when digging holes. To do this, hire a cable detection tool to check for any pipes or cables under the intended area of ​​the fence. Proper installation of the electrical cable will show the electrical route above any hidden electrical cable underground.

    If cables are found, but you are using a fence over a hard floor (for example, paving stones or asphalt road), consider using a support that is used over concrete and bolted to the floor. Then the fence posts are simply inserted into the holders.

    Simple but tasteful

    If the cables are found, but the proposed area of ​​the fence is not covered with solid flooring, then the project will have to be revised. Use the help of friends for any project to build a fence. If necessary, always wear protective equipment.

    BoardWhen using cement, always wash your hands after use, as wet cement can cause burns. Do not allow concrete to dry on your tools - clean them with a stiff brush.

    Install the pillars at a distance of 2.5 m or less when you are planning to erect to protect the fence from the roll. Fewer pillars mean less installation work, but in the end, wind and gravity may make you pay twice.

    Creative idea

    The more columns you have, the more stable the structure will be. If you follow the rule of thumb about 2.5 meters, then your fence probably will not sag. It will also be stable enough to withstand strong winds.. Another installation rule is to dig in 1/3 of the length of the fence into the ground to ensure optimum stability.

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    Learn laws and rules

    Many cities and towns have their own zoning laws that apply to fencing, so you need to do some research before you implement your plans. If there is an association of homeowners in your area, then you can ask about the code regarding height and materials that need to be followed. Consult with your local government about the implementation of the code and the association of owners about the types of fencing allowed in your area. It is advisable, before you begin, to obtain prior approval from them.

    It is also extremely important that you have investigated the property limit, if your fence is located near the property boundary. Even the available documents may be insufficient if you do not know and do not trust the person who conducted the measurement.Measurement is a necessary step, no matter what kind of relationship you have with your neighbors..

    There is no guarantee that if your neighbor sells the house, the next neighbor will be as understanding. If it turns out that your fence is on someone else’s property even at a small distance, it will be a legally justified decision to force you to demolish it at your own expense. Return to the menu

    Contractor Assistance

    Contractors know the rules of the city and suburbs regarding the installation, as well as offer a variety of ideas for design. Also, keep in mind that this is a time consuming project.You will need to dig holes, mix concrete, use professional equipment for measuring evenness, remove landscape problems and other obstacles.

    Interesting idea for the fence

    In addition, you should not completely trust online fencing guides, as local conditions can have a significant impact on the installation process. The consistency of the soil and the impact of the wind are just two of the regional factors that can change the installation of the fence, even the design of the fence.

    Before you begin, also compare your costs for consumables and tools that you have to rent or buy. After all the calculations, you can already decide what to choose - self-installation or hiring a professional.

    The main stage in the construction of the fence is thoughtful planning.

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    PHOTO: Overview of construction options