Attached veranda to the house (+210 Photos): Tips for optimal use of space


When exterior finishing the veranda should take into account the overall style of the local area and nearby buildings. Depending on the type of materials used for the design of the facade, siding, brick, facade plaster, eco-friendly hardwood: larch, pine, ash, beech or oak are used for exterior decoration of the porch.

Exterior finish with natural wood

It is excellently combined with glass, polycarbonate, forged metal, natural or artificial stone and tile. Very interesting is the novelty that has appeared on the market, called facade wallpaper - rolled acrylic-based material. Initially, it has a white color and can be painted in any color shades.

Harmonious interior of a cozy home

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Types of lattices

The decorative lattice is made out in the form of wooden or forged horizontally, vertically running or crossed strips. The distance between them can vary - the veranda can be almost completely open or decorated with often running lamellae.

Panels of pine or ash often treated with colored stain to give them a shade of noble wood. To protect them from moisture, they are painted over with varnish.

Decorating the veranda with bars

Ornamental plants climbing the veranda lattice will be a salvation from the heat in the summer heat. They will relieve the air from excessive dryness and protect from dust and wind. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

Outdoor Lighting

For outdoor lighting and illumination of unglazed verandas, use waterproof LED or flexible neon tapes. They can be installed around the perimeter of the building or evenly distributed on the rails, supports or sides of the doorway. These types of lamps will spend a minimum of electricity and will last much longer than usual. You can use and outdoor wall or facade sconces.

Use ice-backlight

Spot lighting steps not only looks unusual, but also allows you to perfectly illuminate the approach to the house. An interesting option - the design of the veranda from the street multicolor ribbon. For this we advise you to purchase a controller - control device.

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Finishing unglazed veranda

There are special requirements for materials for finishing open or unheated verandas. After all, this room is operated most intensively.

Choosing a material for finishing under the overall style

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In addition to high moisture and frost resistance, the floors on the open porch should have increased resistance to abrasion. As a floor covering, it is better to choose not wood, which will have to be varnished or painted annually, but rather a laminate of a higher class of strength (at least 31-33) or a terrace board, sometimes called a deck. It has the highest resistance to abrasion, is not afraid of fungus and sudden changes in temperature, while it looks very presentable.

for the floor is better to use laminate

You can trim the floor and floor tiles square, rectangular or figured shape. By combining styling options, you can create amazing patterns with it. It is better to take a tile for a veranda with a rough surface or a pronounced relief - when returning from the street in winter, snow is often put on your feet and you will slip over too smooth material.

Tile, as an option for the veranda

Linoleum in an unheated room should not be laid. Since this material is not able to breathe, as a result of fluctuations in temperature and humidity, the floors under it and the pile substrate of the linoleum itself will begin to rot and quickly become unusable.

Plus, when frozen, it becomes too slippery. If the house is installed in areas with high humidity, it is not recommended to use linoleum even in heated rooms - floor beams under such material will rot very quickly.

Beautiful interior porch with light tiles on the floor

If the veranda is located on the sunny side, it is better to use a light floor covering - it will heat up less on the sun. Return to the menu return to the menu

Wall decoration and furniture

An open veranda is most susceptible to weather conditions, not only the floors, but also the materials used for decoration, as well as furniture should be moisture resistant, not afraid of temperature changes, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and fade as much as possible in the sun:

1The glazed veranda can be decorated with plastic furniture or wrought products that can last indefinitely; metal is more often combined with wood, glass, artificial or natural stone; elegant forged patterns look light and elegant and do not hinder the passage of sunlight;

Metal furniture for unglazed veranda

2 unpolished wooden furniture is more suitable for a closed veranda or for use only in summer; soft and bright pillows on sofas, armchairs, shops and chairs, a colorful tablecloth, fresh flowers, embroidered napkins are perfectly combined with it; 3 items of artificial or natural rattan (palm tree), reed or wicker are lightweight and able to fit into many types interiors - from antiquity to Japanese style or Provence style; originally white natural rattan is painted in honey, cognac, olive, coffee shades;

We use rattan of different colors

4 in the summer time between the supports you can hang a hammock - it does not take up much space; You can make it in the form of a chair or a swing and attach it to the ceiling;

Hammock on the veranda

5 In the case of a veranda, synthetic products made of artificial rattan or wicker are more preferable - they burn out less in the sun, do not warp, and have a long service life; for the winter they no longer need to clean.

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For sofas and chairs it is better to use removable pillows - it will be much easier to clean them from dust.

Use removable pillows

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Glazed veranda interior

Design options for such a room are infinite. A fanciful English style, an empire or a classic on an open-air veranda will obviously come to nothing. To decorate the interior of such a room, it is more reasonable to use wood, natural or artificial stone, brick, glass and metal:

Massive rustic-style ceiling beams will look quite harmoniously against the background of modern window glass pane windows; one of the walls of the room can be trimmed under the stonework, bringing in a modern setting a raid of measured rural life;

Wooden beams in the interior

Intensive black pane windows are often used to create a minimalist style; a few bright color spots on the background of furniture upholstery and curtains of soft pastel colors will only give the room a special charm; the ethnic Japanese, Scandinavian, Mediterranean styles or rural Provence and country will be sitting on the veranda; they will help to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere;

Light country style in the interior

It is also necessary to consider natural lighting - if the veranda is located on the southeastern sunny side, the Mediterranean style with an abundance of blue and white flowers, light furniture and Roman curtains will be successful; the use of blue-green colors in the decoration and colors of the furniture will give a feeling of coolness; in combination with warm wood and stone, it will give an amazing effect, 5 light shades of Provence or Scandinavian style are more suitable for the decoration of the room, the windows of which face the shadow east or north side.

It is important not to overdo it with furniture

Please note that you should not make furniture too much for a veranda - it should remain light and spacious. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

Space zoning

It is not profitable to use a large room only as an entrance hall - it is better to divide it into several zones. For example, combine it with a living room and equip it with a dining area, a place for guests to relax, a home garden, an office, a workshop or a playroom for children.

Rest with comfort and street view

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Top 9 ways to delimit the dining area

1 with furniture arrangement: it is not necessary to use bulky wardrobes for this - it is enough, for example, to turn the sofa back to the dining table; 2 with the use of lightweight portable or stationary partitions, the decoration of which is in harmony with the general architectural solution of the verandah; they can be high or low in the style of the bar; they can be made of drywall, metal, brick, plastic, glass, etc.; 3 multi-level ceilings; 4 pods which can be folded and hidden at any time; 8 woven, cotton curtains, curtains made of jute ropes, etc.; 9 highlighting: the times when the walls got off in the same color range have sunk into oblivion, today designers often use Use a combination of shades and textures to distinguish zones; do not forget only that the colors of both zones must be compatible.

Bright accents in the usual veranda

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Veranda Hall

The furniture in the veranda hallway should be enough so that not only the household, but also the guests can place outerwear, hats and shoes. But overloading the room should not be - just a closet or hanger, stand for umbrellas and shelves for shoes. For convenience, a bench is installed at the entrance. Here, near the entrance door, there should be a mirror and a shelf for keys.

Veranda Hall

The room of a large area can be supplemented with a mezzanine for seasonal items. So that the veranda doesn’t look cluttered up, pick up the wardrobes to match the walls - so they will be less conspicuous. No matter how glossy magazines assure us, the veranda, on which there is enough dust and dirt from the street, the place is not too clean.

Do not always need a closet in the hallway

Therefore, all types of coatings, especially adjacent to the front door, should be easy to wash and be resistant to abrasion. Such a room can be supplemented with interior paintings, elegant light curtains, not too heavy carpet or floor covering, which can be easily cleaned, etc.

All types of coatings should be easy to maintain.

On the spacious veranda can be equipped with a receptacle for a vacuum cleaner, ironing board. To do this, fit a small wardrobe or drawer in the form of a chest. Return to the menu

Veranda dining room and living room veranda

Note that the veranda can only partially, mainly in the summer, serve as a dining room and living room. Therefore, an excess of furniture and decor in this area to anything.

Relaxation and the comfort of minimalism

A standard set of furniture from a pair of soft sofas or benches, chairs, a table and a minimum of decoration and decor is enough. The spacious room will create a feeling of abundance of light and fresh air.

Standard leisure furniture set

It is possible to supplement such an interior with climbing plants and bright textiles. Plants can be placed in hanging pots or planted in tubs. A small portable fountain on a hot summer day will saturate the room with moisture.

Many plants are not even here

Homeowners often install a fireplace on a heated veranda - here you and your household can warm up on a winter day and admire through the wide windows to the surrounding landscape.

Installing a fireplace in the heated area

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Children's veranda

Children's corner in the room with open windows and perfect lighting will be most welcome. For small households, you can arrange your own area with a lot of soft pillows, swings, children's houses and colorful figures of cartoon characters.

Children's corner on the veranda

Needless to force furniture light terrace should not be enough small cabinet furniture and a box for toys. A small artist can be set an easel and decorate the wall of his work, and the music lover - the appropriate tool.

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Veranda room

Even on a small veranda, you can equip a corner with a cozy chair, a floor lamp and a rack with books. A desk with a laptop or computer will be appropriate here.

Veranda room

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Veranda gym

If the area of ​​the room allows it, you can finally fulfill your long-held dream and separate a place for sports on the veranda. You only need a simulator, a mirror to monitor the correctness of the exercises, a portable TV or a small stereo system. It is better to provide sound insulation for the floor of the veranda at the location of the sports corner even during the construction phase.

Allocate a place for sports

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