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How beautiful to decorate a room, apartment or house on the birthday of the child with their own hands + 180 PHOTOS Family holidays


The birth of a child, and discharge from the hospital - a holiday for the whole family. How to decorate an apartment or house for the birth of a child is a pleasant care for those close to you. Dad, children, grandparents can independently make a surprise for mom, because she does not return home alone. A new family member is unlikely to remember this day, but in the future, he will be pleased to note how they waited for him and how the whole family met him. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • The main stages of the preparation of the apartment
  • Color solutions for decorating rooms
  • Living room decoration
  • Table decoration
  • Parents bedroom decoration
  • Making a child to the birth of a child
  • Jewelry for the birth of a boy
  • Jewelry for the birth of a girl
  • Top 7 birthday room decorating ideas
  • VIDEO: Decorating an apartment quickly and beautifully
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most creative ideas for decorating a child
  • The main stages of the preparation of the apartment
  • Color solutions for decorating rooms
  • Making a child to the birth of a child
  • Top 7 birthday room decorating ideas
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most creative ideas for decorating a child
  • The main stages of the preparation of the apartment

    It is possible without the participation of specialists, or special firms, independently, to prepare, decorate, and decorate rooms, for the return of mother and wife to their home. Some useful tips will help save time and money.

    Preparing for the first meeting with the baby

    As a rule, for the birth of a child, many families make small repairs in an apartment, prepare a nursery, equip it, furnish it with new, necessary furniture, plan textiles and decor, in accordance with the sex of the child.

    Original, bright, fabulous, memorable decorating the room on the statement with your own hands

    The main thing you should pay attention to:

    1If you decide to make repairs in the nursery, you should not forget that the child will not always be a newborn, and in a couple of years you will have to make the room more functional.

    If you decide to make repairs in the nursery, take care of its functionality.

    2It is better to choose wallpaper for painting - so, with minimal cost, quickly, and without harming the baby, you can freshen up the room.3One of the walls of the nursery can be painted with water-based paints in gentle colors, it can be a landscape, a picture with a ship, or birds floating in the sky . The choice depends only on the wishes of the parents.

    For the nursery it is better to choose wallpaper for painting

    4The light curtains need to be combined with thicker curtains - on particularly sunny days it will be easier for the baby to fall asleep with dim lights.5 Colors and shades should be soft, not bright and not annoying. 6. Decorations and decorative details choose as safe as possible, and not smelling like plastic.

    Colors and shades should be delicate

    7Bring into the interior of the house a few positive emotional notes, such as: photos, pictures on the walls, which are close and pleasant to the family.8Choose materials that can be easily and quickly washed, washed, since the nursery should always be clean and light.

    Add some photos or pictures to the walls

    It must be remembered that many details of the decor are not very useful for a healthy atmosphere at home, and therefore, balls, flowers, plastic garlands, it is better to use literally within one evening.

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    Color solutions for decorating rooms

    Depending on the gender of the child, you can choose a pink or blue color in the nursery. And the general background of an apartment or house can be decorated in absolutely any shades.

    Stay calm tones:

    • beige;
    • peach;
    • light pink;
    • gently - green.

    Decorate the area in front of the house

    You can make a few bright spots that will attract attention, and place them in small groups. Pompons of colored corrugated paper, colorful snowflakes and flags, especially if they are made by the hands of older children, will bring mom only positive emotions.

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    Living room decoration

    This is the room where the family will gather after the baby, tired with new hands, falls asleep in the nursery, and the mother will be able to communicate with older children, parents and husband.

    Decorate festively not only the nursery, but also the living room

    It should also be decorated festively. To do this, you can use:

    • Garland with flashing monochromatic lights, to which you can attach flags with the warmest photos of the family.
    • On the threads of the balls that hover under the ceiling, you can hang small cards with different signatures of different nature, such as: "with the return home", "hurray, we have replenishment," etc.
    • One wall can be decorated with a self-made family tree, where the new family member will be at the very top. Children are happy to do such crafts using printed photos of family members.
    • Now you can easily purchase wooden letters, or even whole words, which can later be placed on the wall in the nursery or left in the living room. Suppose, to such a word as "Family", you can hang several common photos, or cubes, glued together from 6 photos. In the future, the photo of the newborn will also become a separate cube.

    Great idea to decorate the wall with family photos.

    If the apartment is small, the balls should be arranged in the form of wall lights, arches near the window, and hang on the wall. Or stop the choice on the balloons with helium - hanging under the ceiling, they will not interfere under your feet.

    Helium balloons - hanging under the ceiling, will not interfere under your feet

    Choose a place where you can take a picture of your whole family now, at discharge, after a year, after five, and ten years. If you choose a place without furniture, but leave some picture on the wall that you plan to store for many years, or a photo, it can become a reference for this place. Perennial photos in the same place and in the same pose will help create a wonderful album. Return to the menu

    Table decoration

    For mom and baby, the festive table is unlikely to be useful, but mom will definitely appreciate the holiday with family. Tasty treats, especially if there are older children at home, should be beautifully served.

    Family will definitely appreciate the holiday with family

    Decorating the table with interesting and unusual dishes will be remembered by the whole family. If you serve milkshakes with fruit in glasses like a baby bottle, guests will appreciate your sense of humor.

    It is possible to decorate white tablecloths under any theme, and mother probably will not mind if the children paint it with small drawings: nipples, rattles, bears and other children's pictures. The tablecloth may look like a diaper, or a baby quilt.

    Beautiful napkins, dishes, and glasses for drinks also deliver a lot of aesthetic pleasure. Tie bows, pink or blue, on glasses and glasses for juice, tubules for cocktails in the form of nipples will make many guests have fun or laugh.

    Beautiful napkins, dishes, and glasses for drinks also deliver a lot of aesthetic pleasure.

    Cakes can be two. One is real, but it must be brought out after the first one - the comic one. Most often, tapes tie up various gifts to the baby and mother, and form into several layers. Above the table it is easy to place balloons, where each balloon is a letter in the baby’s name.

    Cakes can be two: real and made from gifts for the baby

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    Parents bedroom decoration

    Most often, this moment is engaged in a young father. The desire to make your wife happy, to show your love and care, sometimes forms completely unnecessary and inconvenient designs.

    When all the guests disperse, the baby will fall asleep, and it will be time to stay together, it is better to give the wife a bouquet or a gift hidden from her eyes earlier, and not scatter flower petals on the bed - she herself will have to clean it up.

    Classic bed decoration

    A poster made by older children, or a husband with friends, or a garland with balls and pom-poms can be placed in the bedroom.

    By the time her mother is ready to go to the bedroom, her husband can arrange a home theater on one of the walls, using a movie projector, or simply play videos using a TV. It can be mounted from several parts of home cinema or photos.

    Boutonnieres with flowers, placed in the room, photos, placed in frames, or combined on the wall in the form of a collage, will also pleasantly delight mom.

    Give your wife a bouquet or a gift

    Do not litter the room, be restrained in the impulse to decorate the bedroom more brightly, and fit into it as much as possible the details of the decor. Remember that most likely, it is mother who will have to remove these decorations.

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    Making a child to the birth of a child

    First of all, the nursery should remain bright and clean, and now everyone has the opportunity to decorate it with safe and beautiful decorative elements, which will remain in the nursery for several years, will be easy to wash, wash, or change their location

    It may be:

    1 Tissue pompons of bright mesh fabrics with a rigid structure. To do this, cut them into narrow short strips, and tie in the middle together.

    All decorative elements should be easy to wash, wash or change their location.

    2 Textile multi-colored flags for a garland. Collected using a technique of patchwork, they are easily washed, dried, and ironed with an iron. They can be flat and plump, using filler.

    Multicolored flags for garlands are easily erased, dried and ironed

    3Volume letters - pillows. Choose natural materials for making such letters. Besides the fact that it is beautiful, it is also very convenient, since such letters can be transferred to different rooms, used to comfortably seat the baby in the crib or on the floor. Over the crib, place a small carousel with toys, it is not necessary that she was spinning, it was difficult for a newborn in the first days to focus her eyesight on objects.

    Above the bed place a small toy carousel

    5Light solution for the bedroom where the baby will live, it is better to adapt for its comfort, a nightlight that disperses the light in the form of the moon, or fruit is easy to fit to the design of the entire room, and fit it into any room. One of the walls can be decorated as a poster. To which you can pin a photo of the baby, ranging from photos of ultrasound, and monthly photos of the baby up to a year. It will be interesting for everyone to notice how it is changing, growing, and becoming more and more active. On your first birthday at 1 year old, this wall will be a great background for a photo with a baby.

    Let the decor be in soft colors of different colors.

    7 On balloons you can hang small figures of white angels, with light, mesh wings, butterflies of light mesh fabric, or snowflakes if the room is made in bright colors. You should not overload the room, even for a holiday it can be decorated with taste, in the same style and color range. If the room is designed in a white tone, let the decor be in delicate tones of different colors.

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    Jewelry for the birth of a boy

    From the very first day, the parents focus their attention on the sex of the child, and this is expressed in the color of the stroller, bedspread, clothes and toys. Decorate the room for the birth of the child as well, it is worth in a certain color scheme so that the sex of the child is clear.

    Decorate the room for the birth of the child so that the sex of the child is clear

    For a little son, it is better to keep the room in the boy's theme, if it is a separate nursery. The choice of one or another subject may in the future interest the child throughout his life, therefore, choosing a new interior, or decor, keep in mind that with this you can shape his future addictions and interests.

    Some parents from the first day make out the bed in the form of a car, a ship, or even a remote control spacecraft, and the whole room in the space theme. Do not be surprised if for 6 years the kid asks you for a telescope.

    To be discharged from the maternity hospital, you can stop at the temporary decoration, even if the room is in light shades, the decor with the help of balloons, ribbons, flags and children's toys can be arranged in a short time. But the creation of a themed room is still much more interesting, primarily for dad.

    Very interesting children's decorated thematically.

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    Jewelry for the birth of a girl

    Children's room for a girl can be completely different, and not just pink, and be buried in marshmallow cloud drapes.. Most often, the parents choose pink shades for the girl's room, although it is logical to choose gently green, yellow, light blue, or a combination of rainbow colors.

    It is not necessary to dwell on pink, the color can be from peach to bright orange

    One of the walls is quite possible to paint, and it can become a landscape with a castle, or in a gentle turquoise tone of the seabed with starfish and seahorses in gentle, pastel colors.

    Use the mural in the interior

    For an extract from the maternity hospital, the design of a room for a girl can be limited to the creation of a wall panel if it was not there before. Mom will be glad to such a gift. Gentle lines, natural colors, and delicate shades will be pleasing to the eye.

    Multicolored curtains can be made of ribbons by attaching them, with a small indentation from each other over the main curtain.

    The canopy above the crib with a lush textile bow will not only give comfort, and make the room look like a princess's room, but will also delight mom with functionality - having opened the canopy, you can not worry that the too bright day sun will wake the baby.

    If the room is settled initially for a girl, the color can be any color - from peach to bright orange, but it is better to stay in light delicate and pastel colors. If they seem boring to you, add a few bright areas: paintings, small textured crafts of bright colors, made with your own hands, curtains with a natural theme.

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    Top 7 birthday room decorating ideas

    1 Colorful balls-pompons

    Paper balls

    2 Stunning Paper Rosettes

    Paper flowers

    3 Delightful lights

    Flags and photos

    4 Paper Swing Umbrellas

    Paper Umbrellas

    5Volume stars

    Glowing decorations

    6 Charming Photo Frames

    Paper Photo Frames

    7 Balloons

    Balls in the room

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