The ceiling in the room (stretch, plastic, plasterboard, plaster). Win-win design options + 310 PHOTOS


The ceiling in the room is an important part of the interior, affecting the perception of the entire apartment. Doing repairs in the house is not enough without updating the ceilings. Sometimes there is a desire to simply “refresh” them, and sometimes you want to try something new. In this case, the ceiling should be such that the interior of the apartment only won. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • What is the trend today?
  • Tensioning - the solution to all problems
  • Stretch ceilings
  • Cons to consider
  • Drywall - not for low ceilings
  • Plastic panels: apply or not
  • Painting
  • Venetian plaster - a fashionable solution
  • Wallpaper - quality above all
  • Top 7 practical tips: how not to be in a mess
  • VIDEO: Top ceiling designs
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Stylish and original ceiling solutions
  • What is the trend today?
  • Tensioning - the solution to all problems
  • Drywall - not for low ceilings
  • Plastic panels: apply or not
  • Painting
  • Venetian plaster - a fashionable solution
  • Wallpaper - quality above all
  • Top 7 practical tips: how not to be in a mess
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Stylish and original ceiling solutions
  • What is the trend today?

    Modern design is such a wide field of application of various technologies and materials that you can implement almost any idea. Urbanization and glamor have recently faded into the background, giving way to conciseness and simplicity of constructional embodiments.

    Shelves can be arranged in various ways.

    Naturalness is one of the trends. This design implies single-level ceilings that look neat. This effect gives a quality plastering or use of drywall.

    Even if your ceiling after repair will be just smooth and white, it is in trend. But this trend does not mean that multilevels are a thing of the past, they are still relevant. They are used not only in living rooms, but also in children's rooms, bedrooms and spacious halls.

    Multi-level ceilings are still in trend

    How to choose a ceiling: painted, stretch or some other? To form your own opinion, consider each type. Let us highlight the pros and cons of various coatings, both in terms of performance properties and in terms of interior design.

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    Tension - the solution to all problems

    Mounted such a design with aluminum (or plastic) profile, which is installed around the perimeter of the room. As a material that will go in most cases, PVC or a special seamless fabric is used.

    Stretch ceiling - we solve everything quickly and efficiently

    Fabric draperies of the ceiling space can be considered a prototype of stretch ceilings during the times of ancient Greece.

    Stretch ceilings of rich deep shades, for example, blue or dark brown, can have a special effect. This technique allows you to get an elegant and unusual look - after all, the light color is familiar. In dark colors, the interior acquires notes of mystery and mystery.

    Mysterious notes in the interior

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    Stretch ceilings

    The tensioner is very quickly mounted, it "steals" only a few centimeters of the height of the room, and has a lot of advantages:

    • a wide range of not only colors, but also textures;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • creating a perfect flat ceiling;
    • maintains accumulation of water (in case of flooding from above);
    • Long service life - more than 10 years.

    There are a lot of pluses

    The ability to select the texture of the fabric allows you to apply various design techniques. So, the gloss visually adds height to the room. Matte texture is universal, it can organically fit into any interior, even a reserved-classic, satin - effective and noble.

    No less interesting effects create coatings that can imitate snake skin, plush, etc.

    Classic matte

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    Cons to consider

    Without drawbacks, too, does not do. If the room has a very large area, the PVC material will have a welded seam, slightly noticeable, for example, on mirror-like glossy surfaces. In this case, you will have to limit yourself in choosing: either matte or satin.

    The disadvantages of the tension structure:

    • tension can not be used in rooms that are not heated;
    • it is not cheap;
    • if you have a habit of indulging in throwing darts at a target, then the stretch ceiling is not your option, it is easily damaged by sharp objects.

    Cannot be used in a room where it is not heated.

    Another nuance - limiting the power of lamps. If the design of the room involves the use of bright light sources, then this feature needs to be kept in mind.

    What will happen when using bright high power lamps? The ceiling will start to deform due to heat and sag, which is very ugly.

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    Drywall - not for low ceilings

    Representing gypsum between two layers of cardboard, this material is attached to the frame profiles. Between the ceiling slab and drywall can be placed insulation, for example, glass wool for sound insulation, too. How interesting this material is from the point of view of the ceiling design, let us consider it more specifically.

    There are a lot of variations for design.

    For design, drywall is simply invaluable in its qualities, allowing you to mount complex, but not heavy construction.

    The ceiling, sheathed with plasterboard, has the following properties:

    • has a long service life;
    • allows you to install almost any fixtures;
    • environmentally friendly;
    • makes it possible to update the design repainting.

    The ceiling of plasterboard has a number of positive properties.

    In addition to these positive properties, drywall has limitations on the use of:

    • it is not intended for wet rooms;
    • may lose its properties when wet, and then requires replacement;
    • loss of storage space in the height of the room can be up to 20 cm.

    Drywall allows you to lower too high ceilings and create an incredibly beautiful lighting. This material allows you to embody the imagination of designers, can be used in tandem with tension, allows wallpapering and painting.

    Tandem tension with plasterboard

    One of the frequent use in conjunction with drywall: the use of a plaster step along the perimeter. After mounting the tension surface, it will be possible to fix the baguette, ceiling plinth or stucco molding.

    Peculiar plaster step

    From among the original tricks:

    • concave constructions visually add depth and increase space;
    • the use of drywall edging adds style and severity to the interior;
    • oval designs create a more comfortable atmosphere;
    • original designs can be supplemented with niches and arches, as if flowing into them;
    • LED lighting around the perimeter of the design adds decoration, especially in the living room.

    LED lighting around the perimeter

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    Plastic panels: apply or not

    This material belongs to the modern, can be up to 0.4 m wide. The surface of the panels is used to design both smooth glossy and texture. This finish looks very attractive, resistant to fading in the sun, non-toxic, can be subjected to wet cleaning.

    Plastic can vary in shape and texture.

    Plastic can be placed not over the entire area of ​​space, but to highlight certain areas, masking electrical wiring or supply pipes. Among the features of the material is fragility, which can occur even at the stage of mounting.

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    For those who strive for ease of care, durability and reliability of design, painting is the best option. It seems to you that this method is economical and very simple? Here, too, has its own characteristics.

    Painting is considered a popular and simple option.

    For painted need prior training. The surface must be leveled and all irregularities eliminated. In order for the room to enjoy the future in the future, leveling should be done professionally, using starting and finishing putty.

    The choice of paint - the next important point. Often used for registration of water-based paint with a matte effect.

    The main thing is to choose the desired color.

    Water-based paints can be of different colors, which allows you to apply a combination of several shades. For the ceiling fit as bright, familiar to the eye, shades, and rich glossy.

    Color for painting can be both light and dark

    For the child’s room, preference should be given to hypoallergenic compounds. Some types of paint are produced with additional enrichment with silver ions.

    Paints are produced, which successfully imitate the appearance of a glossy stretch ceiling.

    For those who want to diversify their interior, we can recommend paints that reproduce unusual textures and effects:

    • aged;
    • type of natural clay;
    • craquelure, etc.

    Frequently applied effect of concrete

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    Venetian plaster - a fashionable solution

    If the ceilings in the room are so low that it is a pity to lose even a few centimeters to the tensioning structure, then you can use Venetian plaster with wax. At its drawing beautiful gloss turns out and the feeling of depth is created.

    Fashionable and beautiful design solution

    What to do if there are doubts when choosing a shade? To do this, on the drywall fragments should be applied in various colors and attach. This technique will help you choose the color, since all shades are perceived as darker when turned upside down.

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    Wallpaper - quality above all

    For those who strive for environmental friendliness and simplicity of decoration, we can advise such design methods that have been used for years. Has ordinary plaster and painting lost relevance? In today's hyperactive world, sometimes there is a desire to take a break, to take time out of a furious race and go back to basics - simple decor, natural colors and natural materials.

    All of us favorite wallpaper

    More often, wallpaper is used for summer cottages or at home outside the city, but it can also be used within an ordinary apartment. Interesting simple areas of interior design wallpaper: shebbi-chic, country, Provence, Scandinavian. They are not exacting, respect naturalness in materials and shades.

    Just gorgeous on the envy of everyone

    What are the conditions for pasting wallpaper? Smooth surface. In addition to the direct method of applying wallpaper on the plaster, they can be used over plasterboard.

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    Top 7 practical tips: how not to be in a mess

    Before starting work, it is necessary to bring together all the wishes of the appearance and functionality of the walls, flooring and furniture.

    Whatever you choose, the main thing is to look

    It is important to take into account for which room it is made out, the material, color and decor are selected:

    1 in living rooms it is necessary that the materials used in the design are environmentally friendly; 2 for the kitchen and bathroom the moisture resistance of the finish is very significant; 3 the fewer projections and multi-staged ceiling model in the kitchen, the easier it will be to look after; 4 applying multi-level compositions will help to hide communications; apartments use different finishing materials depending on the purpose of the room; 6 structures facilitate the allocation of areas in the room; 7 the organization of lighting needs to be thought out before mounting the ceiling itself.

    Multi-level composition can hide different communications.

    Architectural decorations allow you to create spectacular individual decor. The main advice given by designers is not to overdo it. A large number of levels, a variety of colors and versatile lighting devices can easily "kill" the interior.

    Unusual ceiling design with beams

    Be sure to consider the height of the room. Classic solid interior with large furniture can lose its significance with low ceilings, which become even lower with the use of complex structures in several levels.

    To contribute to a visual increase in the height of the room can mirror It is often decorated with laser engraving, plaster elements, sandblasted pattern.

    Alternatively, you can use a mirror

    When creating contrasting, in relation to the interior, color accents, you can use for this not the whole area, but select a fragment. For example, with white, a black ceiling plinth of the same color as the furniture can be used.

    Playing with contrasts

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    VIDEO: Top ceiling designs