Sofas in the interior of the living room of the house and apartment. The most stylish design solutions and TOP-10 trends + 200 PHOTOS


Sofas in the living room - this is the comfort and convenience of the interior. The decision to purchase a sofa is made easier than choosing a particular model. In furniture stores and online stores such a wide range is presented. We study the issue in detail. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Highlights when choosing
  • Large or small
  • The living room style defines the interior.
  • Why is it needed
  • Quality and price - who wins
  • Other furniture
  • Nimble pets: coping with the problem
  • We select the sofa according to individual requirements
  • Classic - a choice for all times
  • The originality of the interior with a designer model
  • Minimalism
  • Eco-styles: shape and size - not important
  • Two sofas are better than one
  • Bright accent with furniture
  • Modular: the last word in design
  • Stationary
  • Mobile
  • The mechanism for folding: which one is better
  • Top 10 most trendy materials for upholstery in 2019-2020
  • VIDEO: Sofas for your interior
  • PHOTO GALLERY: the most stylish and functional sofas
  • Highlights when choosing
  • We select the sofa according to individual requirements
  • Two sofas are better than one
  • Bright accent with furniture
  • Modular: the last word in design
  • The mechanism for folding: which one is better
  • Top 10 most trendy materials for upholstery in 2019-2020
  • PHOTO GALLERY: the most stylish and functional sofas
  • Highlights when choosing

    To begin with, we will determine what sofa is needed - fashionable and bright, which will become an accent in the interior of the room or one that will elegantly fit into the living room without attracting undue attention to itself.

    Fashionable and bright accent of any room

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    Large or small

    The size of the piece of furniture should be commensurate with the parameters of the living room. Spacious rooms with high ceilings and a large area can be furnished with large solid furniture. Here a large sofa will be organic.

    In the living room of a small area the size of upholstered furniture should be modest. Otherwise, the room will seem even smaller and lose its appeal.

    It is important not to overdo it with the dimensions

    The parameters are taken into account when determining the place for it. For a living room of modest size, this question is very important. Therefore, with the size and future location you need to choose in advance.

    For a small living room it is undesirable to purchase an oversized sofa for more than three people. Otherwise, the interior will be perceived overloaded with furniture and heavy.

    In the small living room - a small sofa

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    The living room style defines the interior.

    Depending on the style of the room model is selected. Even the wrong color of the upholstery can become a discord. For a stylish room this is unacceptable.

    Furniture to match the interior

    Each style direction has its own distinctive features, the neglect of which will lead to the fact that instead of a noble atmosphere you can get a ridiculous interior.

    Noble furnishings

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    Why is it needed

    In fact, the answer to this question determines which particular model is needed. Scope may include:

    • watching TV;
    • frequent reception of guests;
    • use as a bed.

    Decide what you need it for

    Depending on the destination, you should select a model with or without a folding mechanism, the degree of wear resistance of the upholstery, the presence of an orthopedic mattress or the presence of spring blocks.

    Or as a bed option

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    Quality and price - who wins

    When choosing the best option for yourself, the quality of things can not be neglected. Good furniture can not be very cheap. Very durable high quality models are made of solid wood, which goes to the frame. More simple options are made from chipboard.

    Durable chipboard frames

    If you are looking for a folding model, then you should not have any complaints about the mechanism responsible for turning the sofa into a sleeping place.

    Equipment with a good orthopedic mattress

    Equipment orthopedic mattress also affects the price upwards. This moment is especially important in the event that a sofa for a dream use regularly.

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    Other furniture

    When purchasing a separate piece of furniture, you must consider how well it will be combined with those that already exist in the living room. There can be no minor details. What is important is the style, color, type of wood, colors and upholstery material.

    The perfect combination of furniture

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    Nimble pets: coping with the problem

    Do you have a dog or a cat that is not indifferent to upholstery materials for upholstered furniture?

    Then your choice is a fabric with high wear resistance:

    1flock; 2shellill; 3 microfiber.

    In this case, the sofa will have a chance to serve for a long time without restoration measures. Along the way, pay attention to the models with medium-height legs, which make it easy to clean under the sofa.

    Models with legs are very easy to clean.

    It will be useful upholstery with special impregnation, giving the material dirt and water-repellent properties.

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    We select the sofa according to individual requirements

    Usually the size is designed for 2 - 3 people. It is designed for relaxation and making guests. Representing a piece of furniture of large size, it occupies a significant place. And in some interiors, even plays a leading role.

    Always plays a leading role in any room.

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    Classic - a choice for all times

    One of the most versatile items of upholstered furniture is considered a classic sofa. Its demand is due to a wide range of applications. These are not only strict interiors, but also living rooms, decorated in style and many others.

    Classic relevant at any time

    Classic does not have to be concise and outwardly simple, it can have original legs, elegant armrests or quilted upholstery fabric. The back is often low.

    For a classic interior, the color scheme of the upholstery should be restrained to match the style of the living room.

    These shades include the following:

    • coffee;
    • coffee with milk;
    • beige;
    • milky tones;
    • sand;
    • light gray.

    Popular coffee color with milk

    For a classic style living room prints and patterns should be neutral and strict. Such coloring will not irritate a look, and distract on itself attention. Decorative pillows will help to diversify the design in a slightly more saturated color or containing an interesting ornament.

    Decorative pillows with an interesting ornament

    For upholstery is better to stop the choice on the options:

    • microfiber;
    • jacquard;
    • velours;
    • leather.

    Velor upholstery

    The effect of upholstery on the perception of a piece of upholstered furniture in the interior is large.

    How practical is a classic sofa, and how long will it last? This classic is very practical.

    If for the manufacture of natural wood was used as a frame, then this fact can be emphasized by some elements directly in the model itself:

    • spectacular armrests;
    • curved legs;
    • carved linings, etc.

    Spectacular armrests of the sofa look just gorgeous

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    The originality of the interior with a designer model

    Do you want to embody the innovative spirit in your living room, stand out among your acquaintances or just buy an original piece of furniture? Then design is just for you. He will obviously be different from others in shape, size and his whole appearance.

    Design option - it is spectacular, bright and unusual. This sofa will be perceived as an object of art.

    Design option

    What if the rest of the interior is modest and restrained? Down with the conventions, a non-standard sofa may not be tied to the style of the living room, he is like an alien from another planet.

    In fact, the application of innovative ideas and the embodiment of original interior solutions using sofas is not a new topic. Two centuries ago, T. Chippendale created a sensation with his high back sofas.

    The embodiment of ideas in life - with a high back

    By the way, they are still produced, and they are still perceived as original models that are not suitable for every interior.

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    A simple ascetic setting makes strict demands. There should not be high backs for upholstered furniture, voluminous soft armrests and a large number of decorative pillows.

    Simple ascetic setting

    At the heart of this interior - simplicity. The severity of lines and conciseness of forms, restrained color gamut - this is what is peculiar in the style of minimalism.

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    Eco-styles: shape and size - not important

    The underlined environmental friendliness of the interior applies to all pieces of furniture and accessories. For such a stylistic orientation, it does not matter what size or even the shape of your sofa.

    Furniture in eco-style

    The upholstery for the living room in eco-style is simplicity and naturalness. It should be from natural materials:

    • sackcloth;
    • linen;
    • cotton;
    • skin with traces of aging.

    Eco-styles include popular and easy-to-recreate directions that can often be found in country houses and in country houses:

    1provan; 2kantri; 3skandinavsky.

    Easy provence in the living room

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    Two sofas are better than one

    In a large living room, which often receives a lot of guests, you can embody such a design reception as the use of two identical sofas. How is this option profitable?

    He can afford to abandon the seats, but you get enough seating for guests. In a large room, sofas can be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the coffee table. Another option - at right angles to each other.

    What could be better than two sofas?

    It is important to note that the models themselves do not have to be rectangular. Even a strict interior will look elegantly emphasized with two semi-circular sofas.

    The rule of choice is very simple: the more unusual the shape of the frame, the more calm the color should be. Exception - club options and those styles that require a riot of colors.

    Dilute the color with bright pillows

    If it seems to you that calm coloring is boring, then revive it with bright cushions in contrasting colors (these could be, for example, shades in burgundy, lavender tones, Marsala, etc.). So the necessary balance between elegance and dynamism will be kept.

    A sofa in a quiet coloring with dilution of pillows

    Not less interesting option for giving liveliness to paired sofas in soothing shades - made backstitch stitch. As upholstery, you can choose one of the pleasant to the touch fabric:

    • velours;
    • plush;
    • velvet, etc.
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    Bright accent with furniture

    Do you want to highlight it in the living room? The easiest way to emphasize is the bright upholstery color. Saturated shades affect our perception of the whole room, they attract attention and greatly enliven the atmosphere.

    The brightest accent of the room

    You can try the berry shades, plum, orange, lavender. This sofa will cheer up, and focus on the seating area in the living room. In this case, the rest of the interior is desirable to withstand in soothing colors, without additional bright accents.

    The interior looks calm.

    The sofa, which has a soft texture of upholstery, looks attractive and interesting. It is simply impossible not to pay attention to him. Usually such aesthetics has a second side of the coin - a high price.

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    Modular: the last word in design

    The living room, in which there is a modular sofa, is a modern design method allowing to combine several functions. The modular option is multifaceted in features. Such furniture can easily turn into a comfortable bed.

    Modular sofa - a successful and beautiful reception

    The modular model for the living room makes it possible to combine even a few dozen blocks into one. Currently, two modules are actively used: mobile and stationary.

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    This type involves the choice of equipment at the time of order. All blocks are mounted rigidly, after which they are fixed.

    Stationary, but modular

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    This design is suitable for active people who are constantly in motion. Blocks here can be rearranged, interchanged or completely cleaned. Varying and rearranging, you can get a bed, then a working area.

    Mobile option for people who love to change the situation

    Outwardly, such a sofa can look like a normal one, for example, a group of friends can easily fit on it. Later, rearranging the blocks, you can get a comfortable bed. Space saving is obvious.

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    The mechanism for folding: which one is better

    If a couch is supposed to organize a bed on a permanent or temporary basis, then a folding model cannot be dispensed with. There are a lot of variants of folding mechanisms.

    Layout "Dolphin"

    Let us dwell on those that are popular:

    Dolphin Often used in corner models, extra sleeping space is “hidden” inside the structure;Cot The berth unfolds in such a way that the sleeping person is head towards the back;Book Habitual model, while folding the structure a person sleeps along the wall.

    Daily unfolding leads to a load on the mechanism, so the model should be selected as reliable as possible.

    The clamshell mechanism

    The simpler the mechanism - the higher the reliability and the lower the probability of breakage.

    Sofa in the same style with the interior of the living room

    We do it with taste for comfort

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    Top 10 most trendy materials for upholstery in 2019-2020


    Flock sofa


    Genuine Leather Sofa

    3 Velor

    Velor sofa


    Chenille sofa

    5 Jacquard.

    Jacquard Sofa


    Eco-leather sofa

    7 Tapestry.

    Tapestry sofa

    8 Microfiber.

    Microfiber sofa

    9 Woven cotton.

    Wicker Cotton Sofa

    10Artificial fur.

    Faux Fur Sofa

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