DIY toys for the New Year 2018 - Year of the Dog (245+ Photos)


By showing creativity and spending a little time, you can make amazing Christmas toys with your own hands. Find out what toys can win your heart and decorate your interior further in the article in more detail.

Content of this article:

  • Dog decoration
  • Toys from light bulbs
  • Updated design of old balls
  • Edible toys
  • Filling for transparent balls
  • Living plants
  • Bows and Keys
  • Toys from disks
  • Options for needlewomen
  • Other options
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Doing a bunny with your own hands
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 245 photos)
  • Dog decoration
  • Toys from light bulbs
  • Updated design of old balls
  • Edible toys
  • Filling for transparent balls
  • Living plants
  • Bows and Keys
  • Toys from disks
  • Options for needlewomen
  • Other options
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 245 photos)
  • Dog decoration

    I will not surprise anyone if I say that the year of the Yellow Earthen Dog is on the nose. For each, it is special. Many are preparing to meet him for a long time, doing crafts with their own hands. But where without the most important symbol?

    Felt lovers

    Several measurements and decoration is ready

    Cheer up bright colors

    In fact, to make such a toy easier than you think. It takes a little time and fantasy. The result will not keep you waiting.

    Step-by-step master class

    We continue to create a masterpiece

    Snow white dog

    In order to distinguish originality, you can try not quite ordinary materials for perception.

    Traffic jams, is it really traffic jams?

    Add a bit of functionality.

    Decorated Christmas tree with such toys will look exactly unusual. The main thing is not to overdo it with your passion.

    Under the force of each

    Cute medallion

    Minimum time required

    In preparation for the New Year, do not forget about its symbol - the Dog. See how you can cheer up with some elements.

    Fantasize and decorate

    We connect the whole team

    We add ears and a scarf - the image is ready

    We update even

    Your personal Santa Claus

    No matter how much you fantasize and creative, the result will surprise you and your loved ones. After all, the year that brings the atmosphere of comfort and goodness will be a good one.

    Maximum fun and positive

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    Toys from light bulbs

    In the house there are always several non-working light bulbs. And if you deliberately collect them throughout the year, then they accumulate a sufficient amount in order to create a whole set of Christmas-tree decorations. All non-working light bulbs of any size can easily be given a "second life".

    Cute penguin of a light bulb

    There are several options for how to handle the lamp, so that they become new year toys. You can use these ideas:

    • Apply the decoupage technique. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate; all you need is to take a prepared napkin and stick it on the lamp. It must first be well painted over, you can use ordinary paints. Options blanks for the technique of decoupage can be purchased at office supplies or those selling kits for needlework.

    Decoupage technique will be very useful

    • With the help of any paints - gouache, watercolor, and others, you can draw pictures. To fix them, it is necessary to cover the already finished pattern with varnish, if there is no special one, then even hairspray will do. When choosing a decor, you need to turn on the fantasy. Small pictures look original, for example, you can draw snowflakes, Christmas trees, etc. And you can make any figure from the bulb itself, for example, to draw a snowman or a penguin from it.

    Try to decorate the light bulbs beyond recognition

    • If there are ribbons, beads, colored threads, then you can use them as materials for decoration. To do this, paint the lamp with glue and carefully lay out the pattern on top. Beads or beads on top, it is desirable to fix the varnish.

    Ribbons, beads - all in the subject

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    Updated design of old balls

    Many families keep old glass balls that were used by grandparents. And they are all about the same, because before it was not possible to choose among the number of options, they were all produced in batches in factories, and no one thought about manual work.

    Very beautiful decoration from a simple ball

    Nevertheless, it is not necessary to throw them away; you can use them as a basis for creative design. Each hostess there is a box with buttons. As a rule, they are all in the singular, so that they can hardly be used purposefully. But such a variety will look great on Christmas decorations.

    Ball of blue beads

    It is better to place the buttons in a chaotic manner, for this, it is better to glue the larger ones first, and then place the small ones in the empty places. It will look beautiful if you stick beads or sequins to the middle of each of them, or at least a few.

    Sequins look great

    You can also refine old Christmas decorations by simply adding glitter. As a rule, most of them are plain, there may be patterns in the form of stains, snowflakes, Christmas-tree branches. Any of them can be made attractive if you just make it shiny. To do this, they need to be smeared with glue in those places where glitter will be poured and sprinkle abundantly, and then opened with varnish.

    Use sparkles and the effect will be even cooler.

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    Edible toys

    From the available products you can make original Christmas decorations. At the same time, you can be sure that not a single guest will be indifferent to such decor; many will approach, not believing their eyes, to look at them closer.

    Edible toys, as a rule, hang on the tree for a long time.

    Here are just a few ideas on how food can turn into masterpieces:

    • Citrus. Suitable orange, lemon, grapefruit. All that needs to be done is to cut a circle, it is advisable to use the middle of the fruit, there it will be the largest, thread it on a string and hang it. Of course, such a “toy” will soon wither, so this should be done before the arrival of the guests.

    Orange for quick eating

    • Dried fruits. You can use any available to you, it can be dates, dried apricots, prunes, dried figs, etc. It’s best to string them one by one, and then fix it to form a bead. Such a Christmas “toy” will retain its appearance longer than citrus fruits.

    Yummy for the New Year

    • Candies. This is the easiest way to decorate the holiday tree products. It is best to use chocolate, which have a bright, colorful wrapper. They are strung on a thread behind the "tail" and hung on the branches. Original look also bars like snickers, Twix and others.

    For the tail and the Christmas tree - looks very tasty

    • Cinnamon Sticks. In addition to originality, this decor will be a source of flavor, which is stored for a long time. You need to take a few sticks (pieces 5-7), tie them with a bundle or thick thread of bright color, and then hang them on a branch.

    We bind together and get such a toy on the Christmas tree

    • Pasta. With the help of curly pasta, you can make different figures. For example, varieties in the form of bows can be strung on a wire and make such beads. And macaroni in the form of wheels can be glued together by repeating the shape of a snowflake. In the supermarkets you can find colorful items that will also look original.

    Turn on the fantasy and get the result

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    Filling for transparent balls

    In the shops you can find transparent Christmas balls - a kind of soothers, which are designed to fill them with different materials. As a rule, they are silicone, so make it easy. You can use these ideas:

    • Sand with shells. Of course, at first glance, the New Year holidays have nothing to do with memories of the rest in the warm season. But for those who know how to fantasize and "combine incompatible" is not a problem. The only caveat - to buy shells is not so easy, and such souvenirs will be expensive, so you need to take care of the preparation of materials in advance, since summer

    Sand with shells in a transparent ball

    • Candy platter. The neck in silicone transparent balls is usually not so big as to place ordinary candies there. But various jelly beans, chocolate nuts and other small sweets will fit there just right. Especially beautiful is the combination of such candies of different colors.

    Add inside the transparent ball

    • Sparkles. It is best to use sequins, sequins, pebbles and other trifles, diluting them with something, such as beads or buttons. Otherwise, it will take a lot of sparkles to fill the ball. You can also fill it with regular beads of different sizes.

    Spruce with spruce

    • Christmas needles. As a rule, it is easy to find a small sprig on the eve of the New Year, so you can remove needles from it and place them in a ball. Such a composition can be supplemented with other small accessories, such as sparkles.
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    Living plants

    The idea of ​​decorating a living tree with other plants may seem absurd to someone, but in fact such compositions look very original. And if you prefer an artificial Christmas tree, then its decoration with living plants will be generally very appropriate.

    Flowers as an addition

    For example, you can glue transparent small flowers or any monophonic ball. You need to use only those plants that do not fade after five minutes, you can take chrysanthemum buds. Such work is very painstaking, requires assiduity, and time, because such a decor cannot be done in advance so that it does not wilt before the guests arrive. However, the originality of the idea justifies all the effort expended.

    Cones and acorns in the New Year are not superfluous

    Also an alternative to Christmas-tree toys can serve as cones and acorns. They need to be beautifully decorated: acorns can be strung on a wire to make beads, and cones can be decorated with ribbons or sprinkled with sequins, and sprayed with hair spray on top.

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    Bows and Keys

    Such New Year's "toys" are, perhaps, the most simple to manufacture. You can make bows from any ribbons. It is not necessary to buy them on purpose, you can cut any unnecessary things by making strips of the same size. Bows are formed from them, which cling to the branches either with the help of threads or with the help of double-sided tape.

    Beautiful bows on the Christmas tree to dilute toys

    As for the keys, if you search, there will be unnecessary keys in the house. To give them a festive look, you can simply tie them with ribbons and hang on the branches. Such decoration has a symbolic meaning, which the host can pay attention to when making toasts. For example, such keys may mean that the doors of this house are always open for guests, or that the figurative doors are open before good luck and success in the coming year.

    Symbolic key

    So small ornaments, like bows and keys, will not be much. Since these decors are small, they can be used a lot. By the way, some especially bold visionaries make a big ribbon bow and place it instead of the usual star, but only those who are not afraid to break traditions can do it.

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    Toys from disks

    From the CD you can come up with a lot of Christmas-tree decorations. One option is to stick a family photo onto the disc. Along the edges you can make a frame, for this you can trim the sock, take its upper part and fix it around the photo with a thread. Such decor will be not just a Christmas tree toy, but also an excellent symbol of family values, because they are often associated with the New Year's celebration.

    Christmas tree decor

    From discs you can make a work of art, but this option is suitable mainly for those who can draw. With the help of a palette of colors you can draw directly on the disk. From above, such creativity is covered with varnish, and it is very simple to attach it to a branch - it is enough just to thread the thread in the hole, which is in the middle.

    A bit of fantasy and we get this result

    Also, the discs can be cut into small pieces. To do this, it is best to take strong scissors, creating fragments of different sizes. Then, using glue, they are attached to a transparent silicone ball that is empty inside. You can try to stick them on solid toys, for example, on the red ones. The result is an original mosaic, which will be beautifully shimmer with festive lighting.

    Discs can be cut and glued to a transparent ball.

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    Options for needlewomen

    If you are engaged in needlework, then it is a sin not to use your skills when decorating the New Year tree. Those who know how to embroider a cross can embroider festive themes, without having to spend a lot of time working with the whole canvas. You can embroider miniature figures: angels, herringbone, star, snowman.

    Very popular embroidered toys

    Patterns for embroidery can be found on the Internet, and experienced needlewomen is not hard to find them on their own. It is best to do this on a snow-white canvas, and then just cut the resulting picture and attach it to a branch, making a small hook from a thread or a fishing line.

    Better to embroider on a white canvas

    There are also many patterns of weaving from beads of ornaments of the New Year theme. Snowflakes from this material, which are made in white and blue colors, look beautiful. Despite the fact that such decorations are usually smaller than other Christmas decorations, they still look beautiful and stand out from the crowd.

    Snowflakes on the Christmas tree - a beautiful decoration

    The advantage of embroidered or knitted Christmas-tree toys is that they can be used in subsequent years. However, it is important to store them properly so that moths, humidity, and dampness do not spoil them.

    Related toys can be stored for a long time.

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    Other options

    More rarely, but such options for homemade Christmas decorations are found:

    • colored felt toys;
    • balls of gossamer thread;
    • hand painted toys;
    • bottle cap garlands;
    • toys for baking cookies;
    • stitched products of dense fabric, depicting various New Year's figures;
    • corrugated paper toys;
    • felt toys, etc.

    Balls of gossamer yarn

    The manufacture of these options usually takes a lot of time and money. However, this does not stop those who want to create a holiday for loved ones with their own hands.

    Toys made of felt with their own hands

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    It is not necessary to completely exclude the usual for many ordinary glass toys from the Christmas tree decor. Indeed, for many families, they are the subject of memory of past years and decades. Modern ideas of decoration can be supplemented with their application and thus get a combination of classic with creativity.

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    VIDEO: Doing a bunny with your own hands