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How to glue vinyl wallpaper (on non-woven basis and paper). From simple options to 3D printing + 240 PHOTOS


Colorful, durable and reliable, vinyl wall-paper on a flizelinovy ​​basis will be suitable for any type of rooms. Elegant, decorated with colored pattern or embossed pattern, imitate the structure of a variety of materials. They have a wide range of design options, from classic to innovative solutions. Vinyl does not fade, retain the appearance of up to 10 years, easy to clean and hide any flaws, even the curved wall itself.

The content of the article:

  • Types of Vinyl Wallpaper and Texture
  • Foamed
  • Embossed
  • Color options
  • TOP 4 types of printing
  • Plain print
  • Photo printing
  • UV printing
  • Stereoscopic printing
  • TOP-7 trend design rooms in 2019
  • Living room and dining room
  • Cabinet
  • Bedroom
  • Children's room
  • Entrance hall
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom or WC
  • Top 5 most modern collections of wallpapers. Famous brands and quality
  • GranDeco Jack 'n Rose Junior Collection
  • Andrea Rossi Domino Collection
  • Classic dandelions pattern for the corridor. Collection AS Creation Deco World
  • Pattern in the style of a loft with a metal-like texture for the cabinet. Portofino Venezia collection
  • Panel in the classical style for the living room. Quarta Parete Branco Collection
  • GALLERY: The most modern types of wallpaper in 2019
  • Types of Vinyl Wallpaper and Texture
  • Color options
  • TOP 4 types of printing
  • TOP-7 trend design rooms in 2019
  • Top 5 most modern collections of wallpapers. Famous brands and quality
  • GALLERY: The most modern types of wallpaper in 2019
  • Types of Vinyl Wallpaper and Texture

    The decorative layer is applied to non-woven base in two ways:

    1 foaming; 2 hot stamping.

    Decorative layer foaming method

    The method of application is reflected in the depth of the relief, in the foamed wallpaper it is more pronounced.

    The hot stamping method is reflected in the depth of the relief

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    For foamed vinyl, a rather coarse three-dimensional texture is typical, resembling a relief plaster, compared to embossed samples, all defects and uneven walls are better hidden.

    Rough volume texture hides all defects of walls

    At the same time, the relief is unstable, does not have high strength, any scratch is noticeable. These will not work if you have pets in your apartment, as well as for rooms with a high operational load on the walls.

    Minus in the instability of the relief

    Foamed vinyl lungs, with a soft, porous coating similar to rubber. Planning to do painting, choose them.

    Planning to paint - vinyl wallpaper

    Such wallpaper can be repainted up to 10 times with water-based paints, and also lightly wipe with a damp cloth.

    Very comfortable care material

    Environmentally safer than embossed. However, foreign factories are beginning to gradually move away from this technology.

    Environmentally friendly material

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    Compared with the foamed wallpaper, the embossed vinyl layer is very dense and the relief is less deep, although they also line the surface of the walls.

    Thick vinyl layer - less deep relief

    Often imitate various materials with a relatively smooth texture, and the similarity is striking.

    Imitation of various materials

    Venetian plaster, Portuguese cork, rock, bamboo plates, old-fashioned textiles, crocodile or snake skin, colorful feathers of birds, animal fur - the choice is truly huge.

    Huge selection of textures

    Very durable, wear-resistant, well-suited for the finishing of passage rooms, as well as entrance groups in hotels, restaurants, cinemas.

    Application for passage rooms

    Blurred wallpaper can be easily washed with a brush using any detergent, except for abrasive and acidic.

    This group:

    1 Heavy, he's dense vinyl. Cloth more variegated colors, with a deep shade and pattern. 2 Compact vinyl, otherwise called light or flat. Smoother, usually mimic the surface of other materials.

    Choose one of the types

    Separately, there is a special kind of flat - silk screen printing, also known as satin.

    Exquisite wallpaper - silk screen

    The surface is glossy, has an attractive luster, rich color, the appearance resembles a silk canvas.

    Attractive gloss and rich color

    The beauty is similar to textiles, they look noble, they will fit well into the classic style of the interior.

    Silk-screen printing fits well into the classic interior.

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    Color options

    You can choose a different pattern: monophonic, classical, ornament, geometric figures, ancient ruins, flowers and plants, landscapes, any plot.

    You can choose a different pattern

    Possible various ways of drawing a pattern or pattern.

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    TOP 4 types of printing

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    Plain print

    Suitable for monophonic printing or relatively simple patterns in the form of figures or patterns.

    Conventional printing - one of the ways of drawing

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    Photo printing

    High degree of detail, accurate printing, rich, bright colors. Especially suitable for paintings, photographs.

    Picture masterpiece in your house

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    UV printing

    An even brighter, slightly brilliant image with a three-dimensional effect, the surface shimmers beautifully when exposed to sunlight. The coating is resistant to grease and moisture, it is impossible to blur the seal. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms.

    The effect of volume when hit by sunlight

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    Stereoscopic printing

    The new and most interesting form of printing with 3D effect. The image is a single, occupying one wall or part thereof, and panoramic. In addition, there are samples that glow in the dark, even LED.

    New and most interesting form of printing with 3D effect

    Wallpaper with the usual print choose from one batch, since the shades may differ, it will be noticeable. Rolls from the same batch have the same serial number. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

    TOP-7 trend design rooms in 2019

    The choice of the type of vinyl, texture and color depends on the size of the room, purpose, interior style and your own taste.

    The choice depends on your tastes.

    The market assortment has the desired product with the appropriate characteristics for each specific case.

    Choose for a specific occasion.

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    Living room and dining room

    In these rooms they receive guests, their ceremonial character implies an elegant appearance with a beautiful pattern or deep pattern.

    Receive guests and surprise them.

    Silk-screen printing and embossed heavy vinyl wallpaper work well here. Another possible option is plain textural flat wallpaper combined with photo or stereo printing.

    Choose your combination of vinyl wallpaper

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    Calm, strict and business environment in the office will form a compact vinyl wallpaper with a texture of wood or stone.

    Business environment for successful decisions

    For variety, you can use a single stereo image, for example, with a clock. If there is little furniture in the office or there is simply no extra space for it, glue with photo printing, imitating cabinets, shelves for books.

    Perfect focus on texture

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    Almost all types of vinyl come here. The main thing that they were not too bright, annoying colors.

    The perfect combination of nude shades in the bedroom

    A luminous or LED stereo image will create an indescribable atmosphere in the bedroom.

    Inexpressible atmosphere using stereo

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    Children's room

    It is difficult to say exactly which vinyl wallpaper is best suited for the nursery. Foamed more environmentally friendly, with a soft surface, embossed more wear-resistant.

    Foamed for children's room

    Painted foam wallpapers are also harder to wash, but they can be repainted.

    Foam can be repainted

    But in order to make the room not disheartening when choosing monophonic samples, give it a playful mood with the help of photo or stereo image.

    Add color to the nursery due to stereo images

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    Entrance hall

    In the hallway clearly select embossed patterns, they are more wear-resistant. On the surface of foamed from constant abrasion appear bald spots.

    Select embossed patterns in the hallway

    Heavy vinyl and silk-screen printing are more solemn, compact vinyl looks more democratic, choose between them according to your taste and depending on the overall style of the interior.

    Choose according to your taste depending on the style of the interior.

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    Practical vinyl wallpaper as if designed for the kitchen. When choosing, remember that embossed withstand tighter cleaning, but the foam can be repainted.

    A good choice - with ultraviolet printing or addition in the form of a single stereo image with vegetables and fruits, flowers or still life on a part of the wall surface.

    Stereo image as an addition to the kitchen interior

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    Bathroom or WC

    Vinyl on non-woven base is perfect for these rooms, they are cheaper, and the finish itself is simpler than when choosing a ceramic tile or plastic.

    Vinyl wallpapers will completely replace ceramic tiles.

    Option for both the bathroom and the bathroom - flat with a mosaic texture with a twinkle effect, Venetian plaster or marble.

    Flicker effect in the bathroom

    It looks great in a bathroom filled with light and reflections of mirrors overflowing and brilliant UV printing.

    Ultraviolet printing - an element of increasing the volume

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    Top 5 most modern collections of wallpapers. Famous brands and quality

    The non-woven base of vinyl is stronger than paper and smoothes the defects of walls better. Quality samples are more thick decorative coating.

    Quality depends on their thickness.

    To purchase a good, reliable product, select products of reputable firms.

    Choose reliable products from reputable firms.

    The recognized market leaders are European and American brands: Italian Sirpi, Zambaiti Parati, Andrea Rossi, Portofino, Quarta Parete Branco, Belgian Atlas, GranDeco, German Marburg, Rasch, AS Creation, the Dutch BN International, Wallquest from the USA and many others.

    The best and recognized brands in the world

    Of the Chinese manufacturers, we can highlight the Artshow brand; among the domestic ones there are wallpapers of the Palette factory, Milassa. The products of these manufacturers successfully compete with the best samples of other firms.

    Choose the best competitor presented.

    Usually buyers' concerns are caused by environmental friendliness of vinyl wallpaper. Expensive foreign-made wallpapers breathe, because, unlike in previous times, wallpaper has a microporous structure.

    Expensive Wallpaper "breathe"

    There are many cheap non-breathing wallpapers on the market, mainly from Chinese factories that are not affiliates of well-known manufacturers.

    Choose the best not to pay more

    Recognizing breathable wallpapers is easy by a special certification mark for environmental safety on a roll.

    Choose environmentally friendly material

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    GranDeco Jack 'n Rose Junior Collection

    Classic wallpaper for children of preschool and adolescence, soothing and at the same time dispelling boredom.

    Boredom waving wallpapers

    The design is thought out very carefully so as to leave only positive emotions in children.

    Positive emotions in the children's wallpaper

    Pastel shades of pink, beige, gray-blue color and simple patterns in the form of rhombus, squares, balloons and ships, birds and trees, stripes, emblems prevail.

    Among the color options, you can pick up patterns that are suitable for finishing the children's room for both boys and girls and allow you to divide the space into functional areas.

    Decorating a children's room for both boys and girls

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    Andrea Rossi Domino Collection

    Natural motives of the collection in combination with a low-key background will suit any room.

    Natural motifs for any room

    Spherical heads of flowers, similar to salute shots, clearly defined or negative-like photos of roses, shooting stars, classic floral ornament.

    Interesting spherical motifs in the interior

    A soft, soothing background is accompanied by catchy accents.

    Mostly pastel, soothing colors. Pearl, turquoise, carmine, beige and graphite shades prevail. Unobtrusive smooth transitions do not create disharmony and well revive the atmosphere of the interior.

    Smooth transitions do not create disharmony

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    Classic dandelions pattern for the corridor. Collection AS Creation Deco World

    Wallpaper in the increasingly popular eco style attracts attention with its natural beauty and natural virginity, comfort and naturalism.

    Natural pristine, comfort

    Shades and transitions are thoughtfully selected, the tone is calm and unobtrusive. Colors as bright and juicy, and more delicate and peaceful.

    Shades and transitions thoughtfully chosen

    The decoration is monophonic or with a pattern resembling impressionist canvases, the structure of an aged or beetle-sourced board, matting, veneer and plaster.

    Monochromatic design using wallpaper

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    Pattern in the style of a loft with a metal-like texture for the cabinet. Portofino Venezia collection

    Gorgeous design, luxurious design - Wallpaper from the collection of Portofino Venezia rightfully decorate any prestigious interior.

    Loft-style metal texture

    They create an aristocratic atmosphere and exquisite atmosphere, they look noble and elegant.

    Style creates an aristocratic atmosphere.

    Floral motifs and ornaments, texture for an expensive Venetian plaster, dark gray, burgundy and brown tones, strict strip in contrasting and smoothly moving shades - all these signs characteristic of the interiors in the classical style.

    Motifs and textures for expensive Venetian plaster

    Landscape panels with the image of Venetian streets are universal, they will perfectly fit into any design and will be its additional highlight.

    Additional highlight to design

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    Panel in the classical style for the living room. Quarta Parete Branco Collection

    Thanks to the professionalism of the artists, the wallpapers of this collection look extremely expressive, making it possible to realize a non-standard interior style both in a separate room and in the whole apartment or private house.

    Custom Style Indoors

    The combination of elegant pattern with excellent texture for a long time detains attention.

    Attention only due to the pattern

    The amplitude of the flowers is quite a wide collection. The prevailing position is a rich range of shades of brown.

    Noble palette of brown shades

    It is complemented by gray, sky blue, almond tones, noble platinum, subtle shades of white.

    Additions using heavenly shades

    The creators of the collection tried to modernize the classic ornament. Floral motifs, vertical and intersecting stripes, monograms - the patterns used are popular and traditional, but in a composition with unusual textures they look fresh and original.

    Floral motifs look fresh and original.

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