Ceramic tile for the apron in the kitchen. Modern design and expert advice + 180 PHOTOS


Consider how beautifully arrange the area in the area of ​​working cabinets in the kitchen, using tiles for the apron. Photo options for finishing tiles and its types are presented in this article. We will discuss this in more detail later in our article.

Content of this article:

  • Tile varieties
  • Ceramic
  • Spectacular imitations
  • From mosaic
  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Artificial stone
  • TOP 5 Designer Tips: How to Choose a Tile
  • Top 10 trend manufacturers of tiles in 2019
  • VIDEO: Cool options with tiles in the kitchen
  • PHOTO GALLERY: More than 180 photos of tiles for the apron in the kitchen
  • Tile varieties
  • TOP 5 Designer Tips: How to Choose a Tile
  • Top 10 trend manufacturers of tiles in 2019
  • PHOTO GALLERY: More than 180 photos of tiles for the apron in the kitchen
  • Tile varieties

    For sale today offered a huge amount of different types of tile material for wall cladding.

    Color variety of material

    A special niche is occupied by products for the kitchen apron area. They are made from the following materials:

    • ceramics;
    • glass;
    • artificial and natural stone.
    Appearance of material:
    • with glazed, matte, relief, mirror surface;
    • square, rectangular, mosaic-shaped, have the appearance of rectangular bricks with cut edges;
    • with a monochromatic, ornamental or patterned surface, as well as with a photo plot or in the form of a panel.

    Matte coating

    Let's learn more about each type of these products, then to choose the tile that is most suitable for the style of your kitchen.

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    With a ceramic sign everyone. This is a classic material that has been used for a long time. It is produced by pressing or extrusion from a mixture of clay and sand.

    Classic material that has been used for a long time.

    The classic dimensions of square ceramics: 10x10 cm, 20x20 cm and rectangular - 20x30 cm. The size of products is 3 - 4 mm.

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    Spectacular imitations

    Modern execution of the tile used for an apron various: from a palette of color shades, an impressive surface, a decor to products with a photo printing. This gives plenty of imagination for designers.

    Modern execution of a kitchen apron

    Particularly spectacular look products with imitation under the skin, wood or stone. Apron made of large-format printing tiles that have a bright, clear image give the kitchen space an exclusive look.

    Use the stone and give an exclusive look

    The novelty of ceramic products is small clinker products of rectangular shape, having a small facet around the edges.

    They are produced by a special technology that provides products with high strength. The bricks can have both an aged look and be made in the form of glazed snow-white elements.

    Snow-white Clinker Products

    Exclusively and effectively looks the image of the ceramic, laid out in the form of panels, which may have a different story.

    Classic design - kitchen theme with the image of fruits, pastries, dishes and other items.

    Often used with the image of fruit

    It is recommended to apply for facing with a smooth glazed surface, it is easier to take care of it, since it absorbs less grease and moisture evaporation.

    Berries in the interior

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    From mosaic

    The apron, made of mosaic, looks spectacular with massive expensive furniture. This facing material is often made by hand.

    Materials are: ceramics, glass and other natural products. Mosaic can have many colors, different shapes and surface structures. Therefore, it is easy to choose for any interior style.

    Mosaic has many shades

    It is possible to stack elements according to a pre-arranged pattern of a drawing, or in a chaotic order, using their creative abilities. Thanks to this, you can lay out a unique mosaic pattern.

    With its help, you can upload pictures

    With the help of mosaic elements often lay out spectacular panels, bright ornaments, sometimes it is even used to create a photo of the plot. Such zones serve as an independent design element and are works of art.

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    The glass tile is a relatively new finishing product, represented by a huge choice of design decoration.

    Design with glass tiles

    For its manufacture use mostly tempered glass triplex. Kohler or drawing put from the inside. The front surface is smooth, matte or have a relief.

    By design can be transparent, matte, under a natural stone, wood, textiles or metal. Glass products can be made in various shapes and sizes. For mosaic small elements most often used glass.

    Cheer up with bright colors

    In modern design looks spectacular glass with photo printing.

    Looks great photo printing

    The advantage of glass material is its resistance to aggressive media and environmental safety.

    However, you need to remember about the tendency of the glass surface to scratch, so you need to care for this with caution without using abrasive materials.

    It is necessary to take care of such surfaces very carefully so as not to scratch.

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    The mirror tile is most often a kind of glass. It is made of impact-resistant glass, on the face of which a silver amalgam is deposited.

    Silver Coated Tile

    Choose a color palette that fits perfectly into the overall style

    Ceramic and polystyrene tiles with a reflective coating are also produced.

    Popular use monophonic

    They are varieties of mirror tile products, but the composition of their metallized coating does not provide the same reflectivity as that of glass mirrors coated with silver amalgam.

    It has no reflective properties.

    Product Differences
    1By the nature of the processing edges. They can be polished, frosted, and also with cut edges. 2 In form, dividing into square, rectangular, border (narrow strips), triangular, rhomboid, in the form of a mosaic and others. In the color palette there are silver, with a touch of bronze, gold, graphite and many shades of natural colors. 4 In terms of surface design, which can be: with a pattern in the form of an ornament, an abstract pattern, applied by sandblasting or using thermal printing, or simply plain.

    Many shades of natural colors

    The mirror gloss of the apron fits perfectly into the high-tech or modern styles, emphasizing the brilliance of the furniture of kitchen furniture.

    Loft style

    The apron from a mirror mosaic well is suitable for the loft style. It looks especially gorgeous from a mosaic assembled from elements of different shapes and sizes.

    Mirror looks spectacular, but requires thorough care. Even the smallest fat droplets, traces of dried water are very clearly visible on the mirror surface.

    Such tiles require thorough care.

    This surface should be cleaned regularly with a damp, soft cloth. There should not be unnecessary kitchen items on the desktop, so that when they are reflected a feeling of cluttering is created.

    Do not create a feeling of clutter

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    Artificial stone

    The use of artificial stone for cladding is now very fashionable. Tiled materials from artificial stone look modern and noble.

    Looks like an imitation of artificial stone.

    They are often used in the decoration of interior styles such as loft or Provence.

    For the production of artificial stone using technology:

    1c using concrete mixture with natural crumb additives; 2c using composite materials (polyester resins with crumble additives of natural components and coloring pigments for maximum similarity to natural stone). The products are produced in marble, basalt, granite or sandstone.

    Luxurious design with stone

    For the apron is also used porcelain, which is often referred to as varieties of ceramic tiles.

    But the technology of its production brings this material as close as possible to the natural stone created in nature.

    Imitation of brick walls

    It is made by pressing at high temperature a mixture of white clay, quartz sand, spar and natural dyes.

    In appearance, it differs significantly from ceramics, although it also comes with a smooth polished surface, matte, embossed, resembling wood, natural stone, fabric or leather.

    The surface can be both smooth, matte and embossed.

    Such a variety of surfaces offers designers unlimited space.

    Realization from an artificial stone from products:
    • Slab representing slabs of larger sizes, preserving the shape of a natural stone pattern. Finishing with the help of slabs is considered the most spectacular;
    • stone tiles of rectangular or square shape, resembling ordinary ceramics, which when joining elements form seams;
    • mosaic representing blocks of small tiles connected by one base.

    Blocks of small tiles that are connected by one base

    The disadvantage of artificial stone is the instability to ultraviolet radiation. It also reacts badly to temperature drops.

    Especially you need to protect it from exposure to hot objects: pots, pans and other kitchen utensils, since they can leave marks on the surface in the form of dull spots.

    We protect from exposure to hot

    In order to preserve the appearance of an artificial stone and its protection, it is recommended to periodically apply special protective agents to the surface or coat it with a colorless varnish.

    For protection it can be coated with clear varnish.

    Facing stone can have a lot of different design solutions using different styles.

    For example, for a classic style, you can use imitation in marble, onyx or granite, for baroque - a stone for malachite. Porcelain tiles are well supported by Provence or Country style.

    Design solution color ratio

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    TOP 5 Designer Tips: How to Choose a Tile

    Even if you are familiar with all the diversity that can be used in the design of a kitchen apron, before choosing it, you must consider the design of this area, taking into account the designer's advice:

    1If the surface should only complement the kitchen furniture, you should choose a neutral design.2If the apron should become a bright central spot of the kitchen, then in the design you can use photo printing, colorful mosaic, panel and other options of colorful design.3 If you choose bright colorful design, you need to ensure its support with elements interior kitchens that do not compete with it, but harmoniously complement it. It is good if the worktop will be combined in colors. It is better to use bright color tiles in the design of large kitchen spaces; for small kitchens, designers advise using an apron design in soothing pastel colors. 5 Small tiles visually increase the area, larger sizes, on the contrary, narrow the space .

    Tile of small size increases the area

    We update the interior with tiles with a large pattern

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    Top 10 trend manufacturers of tiles in 2019


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