The clock on the kitchen - Wall models to create comfort (135+ photos). Big and Original do-it-yourself options


In order to be in time, buy watches in the kitchen - wall models are presented with unusual products with a lot of decor, as well as in different styles. Among such a large variety, you will definitely find what you are looking for. More about everything further in the article.

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  • A selection of creative models
  • Provence style
  • Doing it yourself: a master class for beginners
  • VIDEO: Original clock do-it-yourself
  • Watches with decor: photos of funny products
  • Watch in the picture - new
  • How to do it yourself?
  • Ceramic stylish models
  • How to choose?
  • VIDEO: Wall clock in the kitchen
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 135 photos)
  • A selection of creative models
  • Provence style
  • Doing it yourself: a master class for beginners
  • Watches with decor: photos of funny products
  • Watch in the picture - new
  • Ceramic stylish models
  • How to choose?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 135 photos)
  • A selection of creative models

    The presence of hours in the kitchen makes cooking quick and successful, because the hostess is much more convenient to track the time without leaving the room. Original products can highlight the style of the kitchen and demonstrate the taste of the hostess. In the selection it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the kitchen and the presence of color accents.

    Having hours in the kitchen makes cooking quick and successful.


    The model has recently become popular among users, although it has actively taken a place in their heart and in the kitchen. Externally, they look simple, but when fixed to the wall, a feeling of lightness and ease is created. The kit consists of a mechanism and individual numbers glued to the wall using double-sided tape.

    Wood and metal

    The appearance of the model is somewhat similar to a circular chopping board, covered on top with a metal dish for fruit. The product looks stylish and creative, is of interest to the guests. Visually do not have numbers, and you can find out the time by tick marks on the metal frame.

    Wooden tapes

    The new concept of execution will immediately attract all lovers of manufacturability. Look like a composition of 6 wooden ribbons. Each tape is folded in half and both ends of it mean a number on the dial. This model looks good in the interior with an abundance of wood.

    There is a large selection of products.

    Interlacing threads

    Made of hundreds of plastic threads, such watches will delight lovers of non-traditional kitchen design. The model is equipped with a quartz mechanism, completed with black and white arrows - the owner himself chooses which arrows to install.

    Colorful idyll

    Twelve colored stripes arranged in a chaotic manner evoke the image of a rainbow. This model will go well into the colorful interior of the kitchen, it is made of durable plastic and will not be subject to contamination.

    Chaos of numbers

    Designers amaze with their ideas: they recently figured out how to arrange the dial so that a person could easily understand time and be surprised at the style of performance. The white polycarbonate model contains digits of various sizes, fastened together. Between the figures are figures of animals.

    Original products allow you to emphasize the style of the kitchen

    With a window

    On the round fully closed dial there is a small window: it is located on one of the numbers. A number is seen in the window, there are no other numbers, however, it is not difficult to understand how long it is.

    Steel technicality

    Rectangular plates are arranged in the form of an asymmetrical hexagonal dial. Numbers are missing, but they will not be needed to make a person happy.


    The appearance of the model allows you to think about the fact that it is made of paper, but the true material of production is ceramics. Airy design is well suited to the Japanese kitchen interior.

    Not a luxury, but a necessity


    Hours of small size, in appearance resembling a can of canned food. The arrow is a stylized fish skeleton, made in contrasts.

    Original watches will appeal to fans of non-traditional design. They are high quality, durable, have a creative appearance. Universal can not call them, so the model is chosen exclusively for the existing interior.

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    Provence style

    Provence style is distinguished by romance of motives, it has a large number of pastel colors. The mystery of France is accompanied by the comfort of small coffee houses, and the images of the ships, the flowers, the Eiffel Tower, make you dream. The Provencal style kitchen is a challenge to the gray weekdays, so the wall clocks should be made in the appropriate category.

    Provence style is distinguished by romance of motives.

    For the manufacture of kitchen options manufacturers use:
    • plastic;
    • glass;
    • metal;
    • tree;
    • quartz sand.

    Models of the latter material differ in price and elegant appearance. A selection of photos of wall clocks in the kitchen Provence speed up the selection process:

    • Lavender Pots and Olives. This image will constantly remind you of food and the desire to have a snack - what is needed in the kitchen. Delicate shades contribute to the location in the bright and spacious kitchen.
    • Italian sails. The ships will remind you of sea adventures and will be a good addition to a beige kitchen with brown elements.

    Create french finesse

    • Parisian classics. What could be more romantic than the watch in the style of Provence with the image of the Eiffel Tower. The motif "sepia" was chosen not by chance: it will allow you to hang a wall clock in any kitchen.
    • Flower Stained Glass. Who said that Provence style is only France? This also includes Italian scenes and stained glass. One of the examples of attractive products for the kitchen of metal and glass.
    • Country Romance. Made of glass, wood and quartz sand. Consist of three segments, each of which has its own image. Well suited for the kitchen blue shades of Provence style.

    Vintage images on the clock

    The Provence kitchen conveys a natural color scheme, using natural materials for decoration, as well as an abundance of flax and cotton. Vintage images on the watch - sunflowers, lavender, roosters, fit well into the setting. Return to menu return to menu

    Doing it yourself: a master class for beginners

    Handmade products have always been valued: copies of such handicrafts can hardly be found, so the watches will be individual. If you want to create your own large mechanical watch - get down to business. To begin, prepare all the materials and ideas for execution.

    Classic option

    Large sizes would be appropriate if there is free space for their placement. This is usually located above the entrance door to the kitchen or wall area not occupied by kitchen cabinets. Large dimensions imply a size in the circumference of 40 cm.

    We give an example of a simple master class for making creative watches from spoons and forks. The size of the finished product in diameter will be 40-50 cm. For work, you need to take 6 forks and spoons, as well as a clock mechanism and a solid round base. Useful glue Titanium, acrylic paint, fasteners for fixing.

    If you do not want to load the product with excess weight, use disposable forks and spoons. If the execution style is the main idea of ​​the project, it is better to choose steel cutlery.

    Larger sizes will be appropriate if space is available.

    Step-by-step instruction
    • Initially, you need to paint the cutlery in the desired color. The most appropriate shade is black or red. You can never paint the forks and spoons, leaving their native color. Before work, lay a newspaper on the floor, paint the appliances on one side, and after drying, paint them on the other side.
    • Take the prepared solid base and also paint it in the desired color. After that, using Titan glue or hot glue, glue the clock mechanism to the base.
    • In the circle of the mechanism make the markings according to the standard dial: dot the dots with a pencil. Stick the forks and spoons alternately on the marked points: make sure that the devices stick exactly.
    • When the glue is dry, turn the product over and attach the arrows. If they have a similar shade with the workpiece, it is better to repaint them in a contrasting color.
    • Fix the finished large clock in the kitchen with fasteners on the wall.

    Framing the clock with a square frame

    Such original wall clock from spoons and forks will surprise guests and will show the correct time every day, delighting the hostess with their appearance.

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    VIDEO: Original clock do-it-yourself