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It is difficult to draw a clear line between shades of green or blue in turquoise. This unusual paint is rich in halftones and can transform the original room for any purpose. How it can be harmoniously entered into any room in more detail later in the article.

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  • Turquoise Palette Features
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Walls and flooring
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Bedroom
  • Brown palette
  • Beige gamma
  • White color
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 235 photos)
  • Turquoise Palette Features
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Children's
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 235 photos)
  • Turquoise Palette Features

    It is believed that the blue-green gamma is impractical and difficult to combine with some shades. To better present this original shade in the interior, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

    • turquoise color fits into the design of any room. Just take into account its purpose and parameters;
    • This paint can be considered as "windy" and non-permanent. Next to the blue objects in turquoise will be visually viewed the same blue tones. And near the green it will also seem green;
    • turquoise is a mixture of blue and green. Depending on the proportion of these colors, you can get a pale blue tint or a rich bottle-green tone. Different colors can create a feeling of mild freshness or deep coolness in a room;
    • Blue-green accessories (voluminous chandeliers, silk carpets, glass vases of fancy shapes) adorn the furnishings in a non-trivial way;
    • This color evokes feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Pastel colors reduce stress, so they are often used in the design of children's rooms, bedrooms;
    • Classic win-win combinations are created with muted beige, brown and pink shades. Ideally combined blue-green with white color and any of its semitones.

    Turquoise - fits perfectly into any interior

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    Some cautiously apply bright colors to decorate the rooms. Therefore, begin to experiment with small spaces. Turquoise in the bathroom - a popular option, because unwittingly associated with freshness and the sea.

    Use the minimum amount of saturated color.

    Blue-green shades can be the main background of the room. Only it is necessary to take into account that the predominance of dark tones will visually make the room smaller, and light ones more.

    The room will get a harmonious look if for separate zones or surfaces to choose different shades of turquoise. The ceiling is best to make the most pale tone, and for the floor, you can pick up the blue-green paint of any saturation. The traditional reception is a dark floor and light walls. The original solution is to decorate the walls at the same time with colors of different saturation. Due to this, it is easy to visually change the geometry of the room - to make it more spacious, higher or wider.

    Great color for this room

    Most often, blue-green is combined with white. As a rule, light plumbing emphasizes the saturation of shades.

    To make the situation more colorful look, it is desirable to use several colors:
    • the combination of turquoise, blue, green colors will bring the "sea" mood into the room. Palette in light pastel colors will give the atmosphere of tenderness. And more saturated colors will make the interior active, energetic;
    • a neat mix of blue-green and purple will give the bathroom a bright and even somewhat motley look. But do not get carried away with purple, otherwise such a duet of shades will quickly tire;
    • if you want a relaxing, relaxed atmosphere, it is recommended to choose a finish with turquoise accents on a beige background. Great ideas - patterned decorative frieze, colorful floor tiles. Perhaps such an interior will look inconspicuous. But such a composition even after a few years will not be annoying. And the brightness of the atmosphere will be given by small decorative elements (towels, curtains for the bathroom, bath accessories);
    • weightless and easy to look room in silver-turquoise tones. Light metallic shade is allowed to apply in the decoration of walls, ceiling. This color scheme looks somewhat concise, but does not need additional catchy accents.

    Gentle and easy to read

    Decor in the form of natural wood or materials that imitate wood will add elegance and luxury to the room. And the wood can pick up a wide variety of colors. The most common method of combining - wooden floor and turquoise walls. Sometimes in spacious rooms wooden wall decor looks original. In such an interior the floor can be lined with dark turquoise tiles.

    The use of interesting textures and color combinations makes it possible to design a blue-green bathroom in different design styles. Marble, glass, and ceramics made in pastel turquoise colors are suitable for an elite art deco. Clear geometric forms, abundance of metal and glass, high-tech style will be emphasized.

    Turquoise tiles on the wall

    For the olive interior, you can choose aged white furniture (cabinets, shelves, hangers). The simplicity of minimalism looks elegant in wooden details (floor, furniture) and sanitary equipment of strict straight forms.

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    Any turquoise in the kitchen brings freshness and lightness to the room. Different textures and materials, from plastic to natural wood, look nice against its background.. But we must remember the sense of proportion and understand how much blue-green is appropriate and with what colors to combine it.

    We bring freshness and airiness

    A popular trend is the decoration of one wall with a bright decor that will be original to stand out against the general background of the interior.. At the same time, the remaining surfaces are arranged in neutral tones in order not to overload the space. Turquoise color looks quite active. To make the interior more light, it is combined with light colors: sand, white, pearl gray, light beige.

    If all the walls are blue-green, then it is advisable to choose pastel or even faded colors. With a focus on finishing materials, furniture choose other shades. Both white kitchen fronts and dark ones (almost black) look stylish.

    Do not overload space

    If the choice is made in favor of turquoise furniture, then the walls and the floor are made in pastel soft tones, variations of light yellow (cream, sand, baked milk) are best suited.

    Not all the headsets may have a rich color, but individual elements - facades, cabinets, table bases or islands.
    BoardTurquoise in the kitchen has the right to be represented only by bright accessories. Such a solution is most appropriate - you can add catchy accents or quickly get rid of them. As a rule, it is ware, textiles (cloths, napkins, curtains, lamps, pictures).

    Bright accessories in the form of curtains

    Blue-green color in the kitchen of any style looks fresh and original:
    • for the interior of high-tech furniture fit simple forms, with glossy panels of heavenly hue. Walls with a concrete brutal texture will complement the pastel blue-green gamut in an original way and will appeal to connoisseurs of concise non-standard solutions. Or you can stick a smooth white washable wallpaper (so that you can often wipe them clean). Chrome surfaces of household appliances will add bright accents to the room design;
    • To create an interesting Provencal interior, you can combine white brickwork of the walls and blue-green furniture with carved elements. Such textured abundance will make the kitchen bright and unique. If you like pale, inconspicuous colors, then an interior with white furniture, artificially aged, and walls of a blurry turquoise shade. The colors of the decor will add beige textiles to small flowers (curtains, chair pads, tablecloth);
    • Fans of classic interiors will enjoy the decor with rich blue-green details. Non-standard solution - the choice of a soft corner, chairs with textile upholstery tone "dark winter". You can repeat the shade on the facades of the kitchen or in the material of curtains. The choice of the working wall of light blue-green color is the easiest option to get away from the traditional beige range of classic kitchen interiors. Facades with decorative frames will help to emphasize the conservatism of style and calm mood of the situation. But the dining area can be decorated with furniture from the usual natural light wood.

    Scandinavian style

    Standard kitchens cannot boast a surplus of space, and this point should be taken into account when evaluating a blue-green palette. Visually add space light shades. And in spacious kitchens, turquoise of any tone will look organically. Return to menu меню return to menu

    Living room

    This room should be a priori beautiful and comfortable. Upholstered, comfortable furniture, properly selected color finishes will create a cozy atmosphere indoors for both residents and guests. Typically, the interior is chosen calm, pastel colors. Blue-green is a bold decision. But the richness of the palette and the original ideas of the combination of colors, textures allow you to create interesting creative interiors.

    We create a cozy atmosphere for residents

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    Walls and flooring

    If the windows face south, then any shade of blue-green will add to the atmosphere of refinement and refinement. When all surfaces are made in the same color, it is advisable to choose pastel colors for decorating.

    In the trend is the original design of one wall. To easily embody this idea, you can use textured turquoise wallpaper or bulk plaster. The rest of the walls are finished in neutral colors (sand, light gray or silver, white).

    Single wall accent

    Non-trivial solution will be cover with a pattern, ornament. This wall decor can be the main decoration of the living room. Manufacturers produce wallpaper with a harmonious combination of background and pattern. For a classic interior canvases pale blue-green hue with a golden ornament. Striped wallpaper will fit into the design of modern style.. Moreover, the vertical lines visually make the room higher.

    The flooring should not stand out in the bright blue-green living room. Therefore, sand, gray or light brown will look quite organic in the interiors of different styles. The combination of white floor and turquoise walls is most impressive, but the practicality of this choice is doubtful.

    Combine with flooring

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    Items of a blue-green palette will always look extraordinary. Such sofas and chairs will decorate both small and spacious rooms. Painted wooden products with soft pillows will create a summer mood of the house on the coast. Such a situation is appropriate in a rustic-style living room (Provence, country).

    Modern leather furniture upholstered with textiles can be massive or compact. Blue-green soft seating area of ​​any parameters looks elegant and non-standard. Sometimes it is difficult to decide and buy bright, fashionable furniture - suddenly, not everyone will like it or will not fit into the situation. An excellent solution to the problem is the use of removable covers, sewn from the material of your favorite shade.

    Bright and fashionable furniture

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    Adherents of traditional colors (beige-brown, black-gray-white) can decorate the familiar atmosphere with things of rich blue-green color. To do this, just pick a few stylish accessories:

    • pillows;
    • vases;
    • floor carpets;
    • panel;
    • lampshades;
    • souvenirs;
    • the pictures.

    Dilute color with stylish accessories

    These little things are easy to add or remove. But they very simply dilute the neutral interiors and create an active, cheerful mood in the rooms.

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    Choosing a carpet to match

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    According to color therapy, soft, muted blue-green tones relieve insomnia, irritability. A vigorous combination of morning sunlight and a white-turquoise interior creates an elated mood and energizes. When choosing this shade, designers pay attention to two points:

    • The blue-green palette is considered “active”, therefore it is undesirable to create a monochrome sleeping interior on its basis;
    • The combination of blue-green with other rich colors will look very colorful. Such an environment will not create an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.

    Create a relax in the bedroom

    The shade of diffuse turquoise brings a feeling of freshness and tranquility to the bedroom, reminds of a vacation at sea. It is better to combine it with pastel tones.

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    Brown palette

    You can not call this color popular in the design of a rest room. But a pair of turquoise + rich chocolate turns out original and convincing. Choosing shades of brown, it is important to observe the measure so that the bedroom does not get a gloomy look.

    Classic combination with chocolate

    Light-turquoise monophonic walls, furniture of wenge or rosewood color, narrow curtains of cocoa shade, accessories of light-yellow scale (lampshades, textiles, picture frames) look stylish and aristocratic. This combination of colors is suitable for decorating the bedroom in a classic style. Several decorative silver pillows will be bright accents.

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    Beige gamma

    Such a light palette will gently dilute the intensity of turquoise. Most often in the design of the bedroom interior paints are used:

    • coffee with milk;
    • light sandy;
    • color of baked milk.

    If beige is present in the furniture, then all items must be kept in one shade. Then light turquoise is used for decoration and wall decoration. And the bedroom in which light blue-green tones quantitatively prevail is organically looked.

    This is a great option for the Provencal room. The lightness of the space will be emphasized by painted carved wooden furniture of a pale turquoise color. The windows are decorated with curtains of the same shade (in a small flower). Linen or linen material with a floral pattern is selected for interior cushions. The creamy tone of the walls will visually expand the room. The board light floor with natural cracks will emphasize the originality of the style.

    The combination of beige with turquoise

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    White color

    Such a combination always creates a stylish interior. On a white background, any shades of turquoise look bright and original. To prevent the situation from acquiring a sterile look, it is advisable to dilute the coldness of the design with accessories of warm colors. As an option:

    • paintings;
    • blankets;
    • pillows;
    • lamp shades.

    Against the background of white turquoise is always bright

    White and turquoise bedroom looks a bit non-standard in the style of minimalism.. Bedside tables of simple geometric shapes of white MDF, snow-white bed-podium, transparent chiffon curtains, alder floorboard. These details emphasize the coolness of plain smooth walls of light gray-turquoise walls. This situation may seem overly concise, but it definitely will appeal to dynamic young people.

    These combinations should not be considered as the only possible for a blue-green bedroom. Original interiors of the room can be created on the basis of three, four colors. It is necessary to choose the right combination. Suitable additional colors: silver, black, marsh, terracotta.

    We emphasize the monotony with additional accessories.

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    Turquoise gamma looks equally comfortable in rooms for both boys and girls. Can vary colors, saturation of colors. To give the room a lively look, a blue-green tone is surely combined with several colors:

    The combination of white and turquoise for the nursery is most successful. This duet works to increase the visual space. In the rooms of babies, it is better to make a pale turquoise background to create an atmosphere of security and tranquility. White furniture, textiles will perfectly fit into rooms. Multi-colored toys will add bright touches and paint the interior in a picturesque way.

    Looks great in the room of boys and girls.

    In the rooms of adolescents and younger schoolchildren, white may become the main color.Dilute the sterility of the furnishing blue-green furniture, textiles, accessories.

    It is believed that the white-turquoise color combination contributes to the development of mental abilities, promotes concentration.
    The orange-turquoise "tandem" is rich in shades. In order not to create in the room too bright and nalyapistyu situation, the saturation of colors gently dispense. One color is made more prominent: blue-green elements (pillows, curtains, furniture) will enliven the blurred orange tone. Or on a pale turquoise background, orange accents stand out vividly (wallpaper pattern, lamps, pictures);

    Revive orange

    In order to effectively look turquoise-green interior, the atmosphere is immediately supplemented with neutral colors: white, light brown, beige. Otherwise, the room will look dull and monotonous, because green and blue-green are similar colors. It is appropriate to choose multi-colored furniture for children’s room (white-green wardrobe, turquoise-green bed).

    Pink shades are suitable exclusively for the girl's room. This is a very capricious color duet. Turquoise with a bluish tint looks organically with a reddish-pink color. And already to the greenish-turquoise pink suit with peach tones.

    Naughty duet with pink

    Children grow up quickly and this combination may soon bore the child. Therefore, in the pink range it is better to choose the decor, textiles, small furniture (footstools, shelves, armchairs). As soon as tastes change, it is easy to change the tone of accessories (for beige, white, light gray).
    Laconic combinations of turquoise with brown, blue, gray and white colors are suitable for a boy's room.

    Therefore, it is appropriate to choose flooring and furniture of light or dark wood.

    Option for boys

    The furniture of white, beige shades will also organically fit into the situation. Accent colors can be orange, deep blue or bright blue. As a rule, the nursery is decorated in a nautical style.

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