Summer kitchen in the country - How to equip? 220+ (Photos) Do-it-yourself design projects


The kitchen in the country, the photo of which will look interesting and attractive, does not necessarily require a large budget. Much more you need the taste, accuracy, the ability to put into practice the theoretical knowledge and the willingness to plan before proceeding to action. About all the varieties and not only more detailed later in the article.

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  • What could be the kitchen?
  • Open and semi-open kitchens
  • Functionality issues
  • Styles
  • Closed kitchen
  • Functionality issues
  • Style
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • What could be the kitchen?
  • Open and semi-open kitchens
  • Closed kitchen
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • What could be the kitchen?

    Kitchen in the country can be of three types:

    • Open. More similar not to the kitchen, but to the arbor in which there is a brazier or electric stove, and with it the simplest furniture. In the heat it is a pleasure to cook in it, because the heat goes outside, which means it is not stuffy at the stove.
    • Half open. Located on the veranda. On the one hand it has a wall, the other three are either completely open or equipped with a railing. It is also not stuffy on it, even in the heat, and getting to it from the main house is much easier - this is important if electricity, for example, is only in it.
    • Closed. It is a real room, which is either located in the house, or is separate from it and looks like a closed gazebo. In such a kitchen, the requirements for style are higher, since the impression is formed solely by the interior design, plus the sheer torment to cook on it in the summer. But it can be used in the winter.

    Semi-open kitchen in the country

    It depends on what kind of kitchen you have in the country, which style suits you most, what furniture should be on it, what accessories.

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    Open and semi-open kitchens

    Open and semi-open kitchens are a real blessing in the summer heat, especially in the southern regions. On them, you can safely and with pleasure cook, roll up, cook, fry, simmer without suffering from stuffiness. But you need to follow simple rules.

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    Functionality issues

    The functionality of an open kitchen is its main quality. Due to the specific location, it requires special attention, because if after a couple of years the floor cracks and stains appear on the supporting pillars, you will have to make repairs. That is why it is necessary to approach the selection of interior elements wisely.

    When everything is in the street


    • Floor. Must be either covered with tiles or natural stone. They are well suited for the kitchen as a whole - they can be washed with aggressive detergents, they do not suffer from hot, do not wear out. And they are also well suited for an open kitchen - they are not afraid of rain, hail, or temperature difference between day and night. They do not fade in the sun and are generally very reliable.
    • Walls in the open kitchen. In the open kitchen, they are virtually absent - there are either load-bearing posts, or a grill, which mostly performs an aesthetic function. Because they do not need finishing. The only thing you need to think about - what the kitchen will close in case of rain? You can hang waterproof roller blinds, put the sliding walls.
    • The walls in the semi-open kitchen. There is only one wall. It looks best if it is tiled or washed with wallpaper - they easily experience a collision with grease, dirt and chemical agents.
    • Ceiling. Beamed in most cases.

    Do not forget about reliable flooring

    BoardThe stone on the floor looks good, even if the kitchen itself is wooden. However, if you are ready to constantly wash the floor and close the kitchen every time you leave, you can leave a tree.

    It is also important on what you will cook.

    It may be:
    • Electric stove. It will have to draw electricity, but most people are more accustomed to cooking on it. Although it will look a bit strange in the open kitchen.
    • Bake. The food cooked on it has a slightly different taste, besides, in the open kitchen it looks somewhat more appropriate than the electric stove. You can successfully fit it into the interior - for example, the Russian style requires a stove. But you have to learn to cook on it.
    • Grill or grill. Barbecues, hamburgers, hot dogs - street food, and where to cook it, if not in the open kitchen. The only negative - to enter the grill or grill in the interior can be difficult. Most people prefer to take it to the street, and if it rains, clean under the roof.

    Very convenient outdoor option for cooking

    When the preliminary plan of finishing is ready, you can proceed to the furniture. And in it the most important thing is the material from which it is made.

    So, kitchen set can be:
    • From real wood. It will be very expensive, because the varieties of wood, which are not afraid of moisture and parasites, are rare, and the rest require careful processing. But it will look beautiful and will fit perfectly into the wooden kitchen in the country.
    • From chipboard coated with plastic. DSP - material with low price and low performance. By itself, it is afraid of moisture, mechanical stress, temperature changes. But in combination with a plastic coating it becomes abruptly more reliable, it stops responding to water, temperature, shocks. However, if a crack appears on the plastic, the chipboard under it will quickly swell up.
    • Made of plastic coated MDF. MDF is more reliable than chipboard - it is also made from sawdust, but not pressed, but first boiled, and then a single layer is cast. Even in itself, it is more stable, and with plastic it becomes very reliable at all.

    Kitchen set can be made of various materials.

    Plus chipboard and MDF - the plastic covering them can be perfectly combined with the same plastic chairs or table.

    Chairs, in turn, can be:
    • From plastic. Bright, fancy curved shapes, they can be quite pretty. They are not afraid of anything other than mechanical effects and hot objects. With time fade. But they usually serve for a long time even outdoors, and if they deteriorate, it’s not a pity - you can always buy a replacement.
    • Of metal. Metal chairs look elegant, and sometimes strictly. Fits perfectly into the style of Provence, look interesting and original. They will not be able to bend and break, but they will have to be taken either with a special coating that prevents rust, or they will cover them on their own. It is advisable to choose chairs with a seat made of plastic or with a removable seat made of cloth, because sitting on a clean metal is unpleasant.
    • Rattan. Rattan - a plant that is literally resistant to everything. It looks good, bends, it makes the best wicker furniture. Not afraid of water, not afraid of parasites. The main thing - from time to time to handle the appropriate means.
    • From the tree. It will be expensive, but it will look beautiful.

    Beautiful and durable rattan furniture

    Instead of chairs, you can put a sofa in the country kitchen, but then you have to constantly cover it before you leave - upholstered furniture suffers from moisture, direct sunlight, temperature drops and, of course, liquids, after which stains remain.

    It’s not so simple with the table - it can combine two materials.

    For the basics you can take:
    • Chipboard and MDF, coated with plastic - will last a long time, come to plastic;
    • metal - the table will be bulky, heavy, but it will stand for decades;
    • wood - will fail for ten years, even with proper care;
    • bricks - for the open kitchen is an excellent solution, since bricks are not afraid of any external impact and they look good.

    The table made of wood is very reliable and durable

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    Table top can also be different:
    • wooden - gets dirty, it can be cut with a knife, before and moisture spoils it;
    • MDF or chipboard - does not spoil from moisture, but is easily scratched or cut;
    • glass - it looks beautiful, is not afraid of anything, but it is expensive, heavy, for most suburban interiors it will look too pathetic;
    • a rock - also not afraid of anything, but difficult, there will be difficulties in order to bring, install, and then, if necessary, clean the house.

    The table top has many options for doing

    The shape also affects the table. It may be:

    • "Isle"- such a table stands on its own, surrounded by chairs;
    • "peninsula"- adjoins sideways to the kitchen set;
    • bar counter - high, narrow, allows you to turn an ordinary country kitchen into a semblance of a real bar;
    • transformer - such tables are folded when there are only owners who gather behind them, and unfold when the time comes to receive guests.

    You can also put a portable table - it is small, light, does not require much effort in carrying and folding. And fit behind him can up to four people.

    Convenient when furniture can be rearranged

    BoardThe table should be chosen not only by the number of people in the family, but also because you like to receive guests. If yes, you need a transformer or a bar counter. If not, you can look at an island, a peninsula or a portable table.

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    It is important not only to choose the functional elements of the interior, but also to combine them correctly. After all, if the kitchen is a set of solid oak, plastic table and metal chairs, it will look a bit wild - as well as the red walls, blue ceiling and bright yellow floor.

    Choosing furniture that can serve for a long time.

    What is important is not only a practical approach, but also the correctness of the combination.
    You can achieve it in different ways - either try to combine objects and colors yourself, or use ready-made styles that are considered appropriate for a particular situation.

    So, for the design of the kitchen in the country you can apply:

    Arabic style

    If you have a gazebo with a wrought-iron lattice, it’s a sin not to use it and not to give it the look of a refined east. The colors of the Arabian style are azure, scarlet, gold, white, emerald. Tiles on the floor should be patterned and colorful, from one supporting pillar to another to hang light curtains of satin or similar fabric. The table should be low, instead of cushion chairs. Cooking is also recommended while sitting, placing the tile closer to the floor, but if it is unusual, you can leave the usual kitchen set, the main thing is to match the colors. Metal lamps with real candles, smoker with incense sticks and glass jars with tea and spices complete the picture.


    If you have a wooden gazebo or veranda, this style is best suited. Everything should be wooden, even the floor. The table is massive. Instead of chairs - benches. The set should look roughly worked, and the tile should be disguised as a stove (or you can make a real oven). On the floor - a woven rug, on the posts - bundles of onions, garlic, herbs. In the corner - a chest with some useful kitchen furniture. Dishes - with traditional painting. The main colors are simple - wood, white, red, yellow.

    Country music

    Also rustic, but American. The floor should be faced with stone, all the rest - with wood. The furniture is bulky (but you can not wooden benches, but wooden chairs). Place a tablecloth on the table, place elegant plates on the shelf, put soft covers in chairs or polka dots on the chairs. As a light, use a kerosene lamp.

    Styles are a good source of ideas that allow you to imagine that you can want anything from the kitchen at the dacha.

    Open shelves look beautiful

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    Although for its open variety, style is in fact not mandatory - the main thing is that everything be combined with everything:
    • Materials. Best of all, they coincide with each other. You can use only one material. You can combine wood with stone, you can wood with plastic. The main thing is that there should not be more than two basic materials.
    • Forms. Furniture must be combined in style. The bulky wooden table and the elegant thin-legged chair will not look next, although both are made of wood. Ideally, pick furniture from one headset, although you can just try to fit it to each other.
    • Colors. Primary colors should be no more than two. That is, if the stone on the floor is black and the walls and ceiling are wooden, then an attempt to put a red table in the kitchen will not be successful. You can take either one of the primary colors, or its shade - the table is black or the shade of light wood. Accents should also be no more than two. So, a blue vase can stand on a light wood table, but if there is a blue, yellow, white dish around it, it will not look anymore. It is better that the rest of the dishes also have shades of blue.
    • Accessories. Must match in style. Suppose you want to put on a table a modernist vase of fancy shape. But the table is wooden, made roughly. Around him are wooden chairs. The stove imitates the stove. Untreated stone floor. Everything corresponds to the rustic style. And it is better to find a clay vase, simpler, and leave this one, fancy, for another suitable occasion.

    For a general view, we select all accessories and parts according to one style.

    Even cheap plastic chairs and a table can look good if the kitchen unit is covered with similar plastic, there are no expensive accessories around, and the colors are tastefully selected.

    And, on the contrary, an expensive tree that does not match the color of the arbor tree will not look very impressive.

    BoardIf you find it difficult to imagine a picture in your head, paint it or use a special program. The sketch will help you navigate and understand what you want.

    We select a tree by color

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    Closed kitchen

    In a closed kitchen, the significance of the functionality is not so high, but the significance of the style is higher. After all, a closed room at the same time leaves a more solid impression and does not suffer from constant changes in temperature, possible high humidity due to rain.

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    Functionality issues

    In fact, the functionality of a closed kitchen is less demanding than the functionality of an open one:

    • The floor can be not only stone or tile, but also covered with linoleum. Humidity in the room is less, because it is unlikely to swell and go blistering.
    • On the walls, you can fix tiles, glue washable wallpaper, leave them wooden, if the whole house is made of wood or brick, if made of brick. The main thing is that tiles, wallpaper and wood should be of high quality and able to resist external threats.
    • Ceiling need to plaster or if it has beams, leave it unchanged.

    In the closed kitchen the chosen style is very important.

    Furniture can be any, as long as there are no more than seventy centimeters of aisle between it. In addition, the “working triangle” rule should be observed. According to him, the sink, stove and refrigerator should be located so that a triangle forms between them. So between them is easier to move and easier to cook.

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    To the functionality of a closed room is undemanding, but to the style - very. Here you can turn around by choosing something interesting, unusual and taking up the design.

    So, for the house in the country you can use the following styles:


    White, cream, blue colors make it possible to expand even a small kitchen. On the floor - light wood or linoleum, on the walls - plain wallpaper or paint. Plaster ceiling. Furniture to choose light, the smaller it will be, the better. Natural materials, mainly wood. Accessories should not be much - blinds on the window, a bowl of fruit on the table. All plates, tools, useful stuff to clean in the lockers. Gives a feeling of space and freedom.

    With elements of minimalism

    Country music

    In fact, the same style that can be used to design an open kitchen. The floor is stone, the walls are wooden, instead of a stove or fireplace. Wooden furniture, rough, on the table you can lay a tablecloth, on the floor carpet, which should look like it was made at home, hands. Ware should be earthenware, with a simple geometric pattern. Curtains - lightweight fabric. Primary colors are natural. Wood, green, brown, you can blot dark red. As a light source should be a fireplace, a lamp on the table. You can hang a lamp, imitating a kerosene, to the ceiling.

    Country style


    Materials - wood, bamboo, cane. Wicker furniture, elegant, from rattan or similar materials. The lighting is diffused, cozy, preferably imitating real candles. Instead of a stove fireplace, the refrigerator should look like a cupboard. On the floor mats, on the windows reed curtains. Of the accessories - pottery, which looks as if it was molded by hand, earthen knickknacks. The colors are natural. Tree, green, dark red, close to brown, sandy yellow.

    Modern eco kitchen design


    There is tile or wood on the floor, colorful wallpaper on the walls, paint the ceiling in white or plaster it.The furniture is thin, elegant, you can wicker, you can chairs with wrought-iron backs. Table preferably round, small. The curtains on the window are coffee, short, on the table it is desirable to have a small lamp under the lampshade, under the ceiling a light bulb in a similar lampshade. Be sure to vase with flowers on the window sill, be sure to have a lot of light, elegant plates, a floral aroma and the smell of baking. On the floor you can lay a frivolous rug in flowers, but you can do without it.

    Provence - easy and natural


    If the kitchen is not in a wooden house, but in a brick one, it will be perfect. The floor is forged with concrete, brick and plaster on the walls, and under the ceiling beams - ideal if it is higher than in standard apartments. Furniture made of iron and plastic, with dishes to put a high metal bookcase, a table on thin metal legs, and better - a bar and bar stools. In the corner there is necessarily a leather sofa, on the wall there must be graffiti. Curtains on the windows should not be. Colors - white, gray, black. Bright accents to a minimum.

    Brick on the walls is a bright sign of a loft style.

    You can, of course, not worry about the style, but simply follow the advice from the section on open kitchens. The part about compatibility perfectly concerns the closed.

    Do not make too many colors, do not mix furniture of different styles, do not put accents anywhere and in too large quantities, do not overload the interior with knickknacks.

    The main thing is not to overdo it with elements and accessories.

    That is, to spend power on something, the result of which is by no means guaranteed.

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