Bedroom Design in the Attic - Amazing Ideas: 200+ (Photo) Interiors in Modern Style


The loft is a space that is often overlooked or misused. There is too much space on it to simply miss the opportunity to use it. Did you know that the attic can become a universal bedroom, with enough space and accommodation in a convenient place in the house? Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Before you start
  • Is the attic suitable for permanent housing for you?
  • Did a professional inspect the premises?
  • We improve the attic in a wooden house
  • We calculate the stairs
  • Will it be warm or cool?
  • Attic repair cost
  • Evacuation plan
  • Access to natural light
  • Choosing a color
  • We determine the ceiling
  • Bed in the attic
  • Use of panels
  • Choosing jewelry
  • Modern design of the attic
  • Children's attic
  • Bedroom for a girl
  • How to decorate the attic children's room?
  • A couple of ideas for a teen girl
  • Conclusion
  • VIDEO: Bedroom design in the attic
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Before you start
  • Modern design of the attic
  • Children's attic
  • Bedroom for a girl
  • Conclusion
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Before you start

    The attic (attic) is located directly between the ceiling of the upper floor and the sloping roof. She is also known for having the characteristic shape of a ceiling under a slope. This is one of the reasons why most attics are used for storage. But wouldn't it be appropriate to use all the available places in the house, wouldn't it? Some turn lofts into an entertainment room, a living room, a bedroom, a library, an office, a children's playroom, and so on.

    Attic, many use differently

    Today's review focuses on how the attic can be transformed into a bedroom. I hope he will inspire you to use your attic not only as a place to store. In addition, you will learn how designers use furniture to give it a feeling of comfort and coziness.

    Designing a master bedroom in the attic will give you the necessary privacy for privacy, a beautiful view from the window will affect the price of your home if you want to put it on sale.

    Attic as a bedroom

    Ready to turn the attic into the bedroom? Before you begin, answer yourself to the basic questions that will help you properly start repairs in the attic.

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    Is the attic suitable for permanent housing for you?

    If the attic bedroom matches your lifestyle, then you can make this room residential. An attic, suitable for a full-fledged life, looks amazing, although it is not very common and not very popular among people. Think if the top floor is right for you? Are you ready to climb the stairs every time you need some personal items from the bedroom?

    Before registration, think about rational placement

    Another thing that can limit this possibility is small children, to the rooms of which you need to be as close as possible. However, once children grow up, you will have more opportunities to create your own independent space and attic design ideas. Return to the menu

    Did a professional inspect the premises?

    You must be sure that your attic is suitable for sleeping on it. Make sure that

    You are safe and hire a contractor to inspect the entire site and assess the possibility of repairing an attic. He will appreciate that placing the master bedroom is a good idea here, will provide additional safety recommendations for the implementation of your ideas.

    Own independent space

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    We improve the attic in a wooden house

    Before you start moving valuable furniture to the attic, consider whether there is a way to improve its structure and design. For this you can end up hiring professional help.

    A good way to start repairs in the attic of a wooden house is to check the floors. This is not only a visual improvement, it is much more important to check the strength of the beams, an assessment of how much weight they can support. Until now, they kept only boxes of clothes and old chairs, so you need to make sure that they are strong enough to cope with the bed and withstand all the renovations that you have in mind.

    Check the strength of the beams

    Reinforcing the floor can increase the total cost of repairing an attic, but this is a good idea, even if the floors seem completely solid. If you are going to turn on the bathroom in the attic, you will need the help of plumber to change or install the pipes. Finally, you can conduct a detailed inspection yourself to leave suitable places for storage.

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    We calculate the stairs

    The best way to provide access to the attic bedroom is to make a stationary staircase. Spiral staircases are best suited for this purpose, because they do not take up too much space (approximately 1.5 meters on the floor), as opposed to straight stairs, which take 3-4.5 meters, or double stairs with a platform that takes double square. Depending on the amount of free space you can consider the creation of an attic bedroom with sloping walls.

    Stationary stairs to the attic

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    Will it be warm or cool?

    Before planning a bedroom in the attic, keep in mind that the attic is the part of your home that is most exposed to weather conditions, which means that it loses warm / cool air much faster than in other rooms. In the finished attic room, you will need properly installed heating / air-conditioning systems, ventilation ducts and durable insulation.

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    Attic repair cost

    You need to carefully plan your finances before you start remodeling a room, and calculate every repair that may occur.

    Thoroughly planning everything

    For example, in old attics, more work will be needed for the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, which means there is a lot of installation work to be done. In addition, the costs will be significantly higher if you need to transform the attic into living space from scratch or build a staircase to the attic.

    In this case, only you decide whether to invest in the implementation of your ideas in the attic. This can be done not only for the sake of the comfort that you are going to achieve, but also for the fact that the attic will increase the price of the house for sale. The best way in any case is to hire professionals who will help to adequately assess all the costs of work.

    We boldly implement all our ideas.

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    Evacuation plan

    It would be nice to get acquainted with the local building code on the design of mansards, which will probably inspire you to comply with the standard emergency exit. We hope that you will never be in a dangerous situation, but it is better to be safe. In addition, the escape route gives a great advantage: it increases the natural lighting inside the bedroom!

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    Access to natural light

    Since lofts are often closed under the roof of a house, the lack of natural light inside can be a significant problem for many ambitious plans for conversion. Only some lucky ones have an advantage in the form of a roof window, but others, of course, should do it themselves.

    We make out in style Provence

    You could even install a window on the sloping side of the ceiling to ensure that the sun comes into the room. This decision will allow you to feel more positive and relaxed.

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    Choosing a color

    The main thing to remember when transforming an attic space into a wonderful bedroom or even a loft office is to choose a natural palette.

    Dark colors have the effect of reducing space, which means that they will reduce the area and make it small and uncomfortable.

    Better to choose a natural palette

    Light colors, on the other hand, make the attic more spacious and soft. We recommend using white, beige, yellow and light gray tones, as they are the closest simulators of natural light. Return to the menu

    We determine the ceiling

    Avoiding dark ceilings in the bedroom is an established design rule that keeps the room fresh and the mood positive.

    Dark surfaces above the head look depressing and create a feeling of less space than it really is.

    Therefore, even if the walls are painted in a medium tone or a bit darker, or you need a special project for low ceilings, a pure white ceiling would be the best solution - it will make the room bright and spacious.

    White ceiling will make the room brighter

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    Bed in the attic

    Choose a place in this room for the bed, preferably closer to the wall and away from the stairs. Make sure that the ceiling above it is not too low, so as not to collide with it every time you get out of bed.

    The bed is better to put near the wall

    BoardAs usual, supplement it with a bedside table (or two) and a small table / floor lamp that will give the attic a special style. Return to menu

    Use of panels

    Vertical siding can be a good solution for low and confined spaces, especially in the case of a small attic bedroom. Panels increase the room and make it much taller than it really is. On the other hand, the horizontal lining of the attic space expands the space and is suitable for narrow rooms.

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    Choosing jewelry

    If you are interested in decorating the attic in terms of décor, experiment with all kinds of fluffy pillows, soft carpets, scented candles and spectacular triangular mirrors. The bedroom is a completely personal area in the house, so use any object that relaxes you and looks creative.

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    Modern design of the attic

    Turning the attic into the bedroom is a great idea, especially for small houses. There is usually enough space there. In addition, an attic bedroom will be a particularly useful addition for growing families. Although the design of such a room will be challenging.

    We make a bedroom so that you feel comfortable in it

    Here is what you need to consider when creating your dream bedroom:
    • whiten the ceiling;
    • think over the lighting. Usually in the attic bedrooms there is little sunshine, so think about using light colors. In addition, the use of lamps is also very important;
    • use attic walls that are at an angle. These low walls are suitable for placing furniture there;
    • make skylights. Place the bed so that it faces the window;
    • use available textures. If there is a brick wall - do not hide it. It can be a great decoration element, like many other things in the attic bedroom.

    Add some accessories

    Vaulted ceilings, which are commonly found in attics, have different heights, depending on the close proximity to the roof.

    A common practice in placing a bed is to turn it in the direction of the window.. You can also place a bed in the center of the room to reduce the likelihood of feeling cramped on both sides.

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    Children's attic

    Consider using a loft as a nursery. This room, due to its location, will help to preserve peace to all family members, absorbing the extra noise.

    A good idea is the design of the nursery.

    Before you come small, ask the advice of professionals to make your attic space cozy and safe for the child:
    • Paint can be a salvation in small spaces.. You can make your attic even taller by painting the walls and the sloping part of the ceiling of the same color. This visual trick allows the two components to look like one tall wall.
    • Use color with pleasure. Baby should not always be pink or blue. Use berry shades, sea foam, lemongrass or apricot, or try an accent interactive wall to develop your baby.
    • Use sloping storage space. Identify areas in your room where the ceiling is low enough to create dead space. Organize them by adding a detached dresser or built-in shelves in these places. You can make them yourself using MDF shelves. Make them fun, with unusual shapes, paint them in dynamic colors. Face the interior with fancy wallpaper to give the room a special charm.
    • Avoid dullness and dull appearance with proper lighting.. It's amazing how easy it is to make the space bright, cheerful and functional with appropriate and sufficient lighting. This may be pendant lighting at the seats or in the corners or a bed with built-in lighting. Place the table lamps on the dresser, bookcases or bedside table.
    Adjust the night light by placing your lighting on dimmer switches or make creative lighting on the ceiling to create the effect of fireflies or constellations.

    An interesting design option for children

    • Refuse light by adding mirrors to unexpected places.. If you are lucky that you have a window in the attic, do your best by placing a mirror in front of it to reflect the light in all space. Hang mirrors in fun shapes and sizes.
    • If you do not have windows, there is also a creative solution for this.. Correctly fix a large mirror or a series of mirrors on the wall and treat them with drapery, like a window. Hang drapery from the ceiling to visually increase the height of the room.
    • Visually increase the footage using vertical space.. Create a visual line from floor to ceiling, adding elements with a vertical focus. Hang drapery up to the ceiling, use tall bookcases, hang up a mobile or create attractive vertical stripes using strips of graphic wallpaper on the walls. All these things will allow your eye to travel from floor to ceiling, increasing the visual height of the space.

    Use tall bookcases

    BoardMake a wall decor in the form of frescoes. From trees to the night sky - the effect of wall painting alienates the walls, making the room spacious. Use furniture in the same style with frescoes. Hang the wooden bed boards on the ropes attached to the ceiling. Apply this trick also to bedside tables, shelves or fun seats.

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    Bedroom for a girl

    In fact, saving white or gray walls and adding small pieces of color gives you even more opportunities to make room for children creative and playful. In addition, this room will be much easier to repaint, when children grow green lime or Barbie pink walls in three years.

    Bedroom for girls in pink

    When it comes to finding colorful accents, first think about what your child already has. Children's books and stuffed animals often have funny colors, so put them in places that highlight the decor. Stickers on the walls, bedding and carpets can add color and design to a room for children, but they can easily be changed with age.

    Any attic space that is large enough for a room can be decorated as a beautiful children's bedroom in any theme and style. Do not think that the attic space is dark and boring, you can easily turn it into a charming room.

    Making the room creative and beautiful

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    How to decorate the attic children's room?

    Make the space serene and filled with light and air, because here you can make additional skylights: they will transmit light during the day and show the stars during the night.

    Organize the right to storage: do not leave dead space, use it for storage with interesting shelves and ottomans for eyes. If this is a common room, think about placing two beds in a reasonable way in the same style.

    Try to fill the space as much as possible.

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    A couple of ideas for a teen girl

    All teens are different.Some teenage girls entered the “I’m already a woman, and I can do what I want.” Some become even more romantic and emotional. Some begin to do homework.

    But the fact is that many teenage girls want girlish things. And without stereotypes, I am sure that every teenage girl will like these ideas.

    Comfort with dominant white

    They offer much more than comfort and privacy - what teenage girls value so much:
    • Pale pink with lush green. One way to find out that you're already a teenage girl, not a kid? Your pink shades become softer and lighter, and less bright pink. You prefer a stylish and elegant shade of pink.
    • Pink with black with vanity and wardrobe. Teenage girls love to dress. And with that said, they need a place where they can do it.

    With a rich pink color cheer up

    • Vintage Boho Bedroom. At first, I said that not all teenage girls are the same. And in this spirit, not all of them want make-up, girly things and pink rooms.
    • Purple and pink bedroom. One of the best color combinations for teenage girls is a purple shade of pink. It provides an elegant touch in the girl's room. The theme of heart matters is more popular than ever. Do you know a teenage girl who is not in love? If this is not the chosen one in school, then definitely an actor or singer.

    Safari style

    Every year we get a new trend in interior design. And in this spirit, bunk beds have been in trend for quite a while. A bunk bed saves your space and gives you options for storage. Is there a room that cannot benefit from it? Take advantage of this idea in your attic.

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    Living lofts can turn into the most amazing bedrooms. The cost of repairing the attic differ in the level of work required and the available infrastructure. The best attic bedroom ideas can turn this space into a hidden harbor, hidden from the everyday hustle and bustle and ideally open to the beautiful exterior that surrounds your home.

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    VIDEO: Bedroom design in the attic