Shelving for rooms of different functionality: 220 + Photo Convenient zoning for the nursery, living room


Shelving is versatile furniture with the function of decor, zoning and storage. A wide range of models will not be stumped, if you know the design tricks. Find out what are the types of racks and their advantages. Use our recommendations and you will surely make the room comfortable and cozy.

Content of this article:

  • Types and benefits of shelving
  • Zoning function
  • Open options
  • Corner
  • Floor models
  • Book shelves
  • Recommendations for use in rooms
  • In the living room
  • In the bedroom
  • In the nursery
  • In the hall
  • In the dressing room
  • In the bathroom
  • Loggia
  • Video: Beautiful options with racks in the interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Types and benefits of shelving
  • Zoning function
  • Open options
  • Corner
  • Floor models
  • Book shelves
  • Recommendations for use in rooms
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Types and benefits of shelving

    Shelves by their design are divided into two types:

    • frame;
    • racking walls.

    Frame Type - This is a standard design in the form of racks with shelves, mounted on the floor without additional attachment to the wall, has a light weight. Rack walls are a whole group of models with a back wall, they are installed along the wall and additionally fixed with self-tapping screws.

    Shelving is versatile furniture with décor function.

    Frame racks in the role of partitions should not be bulky. They are forbidden to pile up a large number of things, so as not to provoke a fall. Rack walls for storage of personal belongings, they are actively used in the rooms.
    The positive factors include the following factors:
    • simple assembly of the structure - it is not necessary to invite the furniture assembler into the house, which saves the family budget;
    • the rack does not take up much space - even if it is used by a partition for zoning a room;
    • storage of things in visible availability - family members will not lose the little things (TV remote, keys);
    • an alternative for dividing a room into zones - saving space and space, additional storage space;
    • low prices - are used instead of the standard walls and TV cabinets in the living room.

    Children's room design

    Shelves become the addition or basis embodied in the interior room. It is only important to follow the recommendations for the "easy" arrangement of the structure.

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    Zoning function

    Shelves are used by designers for zoning a room and providing storage space for things. Furniture allows you to combine both functions, where zoning is basic. Here are governed by the rules:

    • the construction divides the space into two zones, if it is placed in the middle of the room;
    • visually zoning the room, having a rack along the wall — to indicate the purpose of the zone, place the corresponding elements on the wall (figurines, books, equipment);
    • the rack replaces the standard wardrobe - on its shelves are placed wardrobe items, books, long-term storage items;
    • if you use a back wall construction, it will replace the blank wall.

    Functional storage furniture

    Designs are the main furniture that is placed along the wall.. The rack will be used as a place to store your own things.

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    Open options

    Open models are a combination of the frame base and shelves. They are placed near the wall. Designers and manufacturers of open shelving are called standard shelves, placed with a given pattern of style.

    The presented models are used in small areas. For the mobility of the design, choose racks on wheels.. They are operated neatly, the ever-changing location eliminates the problems of small space.

    Open models are a combination of frame base and shelves.

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    Corner models are used in the interior of the living room, bedroom or children's room for toys and books. Choose from the following types of designs:

    • Transformer shelf - mounted on the wall, capable of changing shape and size. Acquire if you plan to frequently change the situation in the house. The disadvantage of the presented type is the ability to withstand low weight.
    • Cylinders - stylistic designs, rotating around its axis. Choose in a situation if there is a problem arrangement in the room, but with the desire to accommodate more things. Rotation of the shelves will provide access to items.

    Shelf that performs the function of zoning

    • Built-in shelves - they make niches in the wall for them, literally 20-30 cm deep. Having abandoned standard cabinets, you save space in the room and get an attractive element in the design.
    • Step models - placed along adjacent walls with a base in the corner of the room. The stepped design saves space visually and allows you to fit a lot of things.
    For small areas, these models are the best, but when placed on the floor one should not pile up its surface with other bulky furniture.
    Choose a model for the embodied style in the interior. High-tech style and minimalism welcomes stepped corner models, loft - transforming shelves, and the cylinders in the correct version can complement the Baroque and Empire.

    Choose models to embody the style in the interior

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    Floor models

    Floor racks are used for zoning rooms - they are placed across the room if you wish to allocate a separate area for special purposes. Use floor models in the following situations:

    • Attached to the wall is better to have in the bedroom or living room in the area of ​​the library - the shelves are filled with books or other objects.
    • Models for zoning are high or half the height of the ceiling. A half-rack will additionally act as a table or stand for constantly used items.
    • In the bedroom with a small area replace the bulky chest of drawers for storage.
    • Put a tall or half shelving in the children's room to place on it toys and children's accessories.

    Please note that the use of racks for zoning space should take place with the mandatory additional mounting to the floor. Furniture should be fixed to the floor not only if there are young children in the house, but also animals that are actively playing indoors.

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    Book shelves

    Shelves are often used for placing books and placed in a library or guest room with the designation of a recreation area. Next to such furniture are chairs or a small sofa with pillows.

    But the choice of the model is thorough, for which use the following recommendations:
    • Bookshelves - the rack is created by fixing individual shelves that occurs in different directions (vertically, horizontally and diagonally). It is important to pay attention to the mounting used to prevent the shelf from falling and causing injury. It is better to place on the shelves such books that are currently used in reading.

    Most often such items are used for books.

    • Open bookcase - This is a standard design, located both along the wall and across it in a certain part of the room. This is how the area is divided into several zones. Due to the transparent partition the area is not “eaten up”.
    • Closed shelving - here are two models. One is a standard design with glazed doors, the second is a rack with a wall at the back. The first type is placed along the wall, the second partition to divide the area into zones.
    BoardRack for books is recommended to be placed in the living room, bedroom or hallway, if it is permissible by area. It is better if the furniture will be in harmony with the recreated interior - in color, style, texture, location. Wrap books in a special paper of the color that is involved in the design of the room - choose a shade under the color used in textiles.

    Bookcase recommended to place in the living room, bedroom or hallway

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    Recommendations for use in rooms

    Familiarize yourself with the advice of designers who place racks in the rooms of a house with minimal space loss.

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    In the living room

    Shelves are often met exactly in the living room - furniture is used as a full-fledged attribute for storing things that advantageously emphasize the chosen design style. Using the presented design saves room space and visually increases the space, for which they refuse bulky cabinets or "walls". Whatever the purpose of the application, the style of the chosen model should be consistent with the embodied interior design.

    Creative storage solution

    Shelves are actively used to separate the space in a studio apartment or in a one-room living space, when there is a need to allocate a sleeping area or work area. In this case, the model is selected in accordance with the interior color and design.

    It is also important to pay attention to the dimensions - in order to protect a certain area, install a rack in half the width of the intended for the passage of the "doorway". One side of the rack put to the wall.

    Similarly, determine the height of the furniture - height can be set to half the height of the ceiling or slightly lower, but not higher (this looks ridiculous).

    On such a shelf will look beautiful souvenirs

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    In the bedroom

    It is believed that the racks in the bedroom should be used only to store books or frames with photos. But with the right choice of design - loft, minimalism, Scandinavian style - keep your own things and bedding on the shelves. Choose attractive and harmonious storage boxes lined with twine and other coarse cloth. In them, put on hosiery and other items of clothing, neatly folded linens.

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    In the nursery

    In the nursery racks are used for zoning or storage of children's toys. When zoning, it is important to observe precautionary measures and design the racks themselves from boards and bare boards with fastening to the floor, wall and ceiling. Zoning is used to separate the sleeping area and working.

    In the nursery, this furniture is used for zoning or storing children's toys.

    Additionally, place numerous shelves on a free wall that will help to embody the conceived style of the interior. Such racks need to be attached to the wall in a quality manner to prevent them from falling if the child wants to climb them. Keep books on the shelves make interesting - arrange them by color.

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    In the hall

    If the area and width of the hallway allows, place the racks along the free solid wall. Place the wardrobe items on your shelves - hats, gloves, hats, scarves, handbags and other accessories that are worn before leaving the house. In the lower cells store your shoes, packed in identical boxes, pre-prepared for the style of the hallway.

    Classic style living room

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    In the dressing room

    In the dressing room without shelving is not enough - it is the replacement of the shelves of the standard cabinet, where they store things, bedding, blankets and other attributes. Consider the shape and location of the shelves - along which walls, with large or small cells, they should be. Everything will depend on the nature of clothes and items of storage, so first collect the items that you place in the dressing room.

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    In the bathroom

    Shelving in the bathroom is located in a convenient location along with the available free space. In a small room install a small number of shelves above the sink or bathroom from the plumbing tap. Store on such shelves personal care products.

    Stylish room zoning

    If there is a large area, place the rack in the bathroom floor. Shelves - store towels, hygiene supplies, decorative soap, and more. At the bottom, place a closed narrow basket or box, where fold the dirty laundry.

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    Shelves are put on a loggia to a free wall for storing things or to supplement the interior. In the summer, there are flowerpots with flowers, in the winter there are things that do not deteriorate due to temperature drops. Rack paint over the style of the selected interior for registration of the loggia.

    In the summer at the rack rest with books in their hands, which is stored on the shelves. With this choice, the shelf should be protected from sunlight. If this is not possible, wrap the books in a protective cover. Return to the menu

    Video: Beautiful options with racks in the interior