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The style of minimalism in the interior ranks first in the world of interior design, architecture, art. Despite its popularity, it is difficult to create a minimalist design with its simple shapes and elegant lines. He is strict, requires perfect style, balance. If your goal is to create a balanced, completely functional minimalistic design, you should read this article.

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  • Minimalism in interior design

    Minimalism is the equivalent of a 1500-calorie daily diet and is also hard to follow. This is a philosophy, alternative design, he seeks to simplify, calm, serenity home decor with a heightened sense of clarity. The idea is to put all your strength in a few really worthy things. Then just sharpen every detail.

    The style of picture frames, the type of cord on the lamp, finish on the floor. Things that you wouldn’t notice if the room was cluttered will become a beacon when space is reduced. It was said that minimalism is not a style that does not contain things, but a style that prevents their careless content.

    Minimalism is an alternative design.

    Some could argue that in fact minimalism is a more holistic style than any other, in its interior every line, every piece of furniture, every empty space serves as an integral part of the design.

    Minimalism can be defined as a design that got rid of all the excesses, contains only absolutely essential elements. It is not limited to interior design and architecture, it can also be seen in art and music. Minimalism in art began in the 1960s, was first used at the beginning of the 20th century in the painting "Black Square" by Kasimir Malevich.

    “Less is Better” is the fundamental principle of minimalist interior design.

    The idea here is not to completely avoid jewelry, but to remove unnecessary elements. The main thing is to ensure that every element that goes into the design — such as wood products, door handles — improves it. Interior designers who work with minimalist design sites argue that there must be a “relationship” between the building and the environment. Large windows and open floor space thus become the trademark of a minimalist interior style.

    Simple shapes and elegant lines

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    It is said that minimalism is closely related to Japanese design. To design home interiors in a minimalist style, select a palette of 1-2 colors. In the minimalist palette usually white, gray, black prevail. Other natural shades, metallic finishes can also sometimes be seen in interiors. Very few interiors will have accent walls in the third color. If too bright color is chosen, it goes to art, to the pillows.

    BoardWhen choosing art, choose large large figures instead of a small collage.

    Choose a palette in the amount of 1-2 colors


    From the outset, minimalism assumed the use of glass, mirrors, polished cement, wood with natural finishes. The minimalist interiors are spacious, designed to make the space huge and open.

    Mirrors play a big role in minimalist interior design to make smaller spaces larger. For flooring, minimalism encourages the use of large tiles that give the room a seamless look. They stay away from parquet and other similar complex design elements. In minimalist interiors, glossy, matte surfaces can correlate with shiny polished elements.

    Spacious option

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    Interior designers often use the 20-80 principle when designing minimalist interiors, where space has 20% of furniture, and the rest remains free. Simple geometric shapes and functionality are the most important criteria when choosing furniture of minimalist style. In addition, minimalist furniture is compact, can often have dual functionality, low fit.

    BoardTo create an effect, you can add one unusual unconventional element, such as a table or chair. In minimalist home interiors, natural light is preferred for lighting. Additional lighting functions are usually hidden or act as a sculptural decoration.

    Furniture should occupy no more than 20%

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    Minimalism stays away from the patterns, uses only solid colors in upholstery fabrics, curtains. Traditional curtains are almost never found in minimalist home interiors, and windows are usually shaded by Roman curtains or roller blinds.

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    Not for all

    In minimalism, the object is less important than its absence. The interior design depicts the fullness of the personality, the life philosophy of its inhabitant. Minimalistic design is a reflection of a person’s goals - it is suitable for an individual who requires a balanced, not crowded space.

    People who feel that their lives are chaotic, people in search of rationality in a fussy, changing environment often want to create a balanced, clean, calm, intelligent atmosphere.

    All these features reflect the character of a person, his will to achieve new goals through thoughtful steps. If you have the means and desire, you can get the latest technology for your minimalist design, to realize the dream of a smart home. Passion for modern, intelligent, functional, practical technologies reflects modern style views, its fresh, modern taste.

    If the space, designed in a minimalist way, does not seem too simple, cold or hospital for you, if you feel comfortable expressing yourself in a few words, then this may be your style.

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    Living room

    Minimalism should not mean the choice of simple, boring or inexpensive furniture and accessories. The definition of "less is better" will help focus your room on the right mood or theme.

    Stylish living room

    Since the living room serves as one of the most important places in the house, it should be organized according to your taste and favorite style.

    BoardIf you are a supporter of minimalist style, choose clean lines, smooth furniture, simple, clear decorations, but at the same time elegant, refined.

    Perhaps we are all used to seeing minimalist interior design in white, gray or black and white, but don’t be afraid to add color to your minimalist environment! In fact, colors are able to make the living room not dull, not cold.

    You can simply add a little color using carpets, curtains or, if you prefer, you can choose furniture in bright colors, but with geometric shapes and straight lines that are not far from minimalist design.

    Thus, the minimalist design style is always original, you can be an innovator in your living room, replacing the traditional sofa with clean lines and sharp form, with a more comfortable model and a glass coffee table.

    Choose clean lines, sleek furniture, simple, crisp decorations.

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    Minimalist bedrooms - hidden beauty. Few people go to the style because of its frank simplicity, but in fact more than it seems at first glance. The perfect minimal bedroom follows a set of rules in order to look relaxing, free. It is very surprising how a lack of detail affects your inner state. Follow these tips to make the bedroom the best minimum bedroom it can be:

    • white bedroom. The basis of the minimum bedroom is the walls. The vast majority of them are painted white, which fits best here, as the most pure. But if there is enough light in your bedroom, soft neutrals like gray and tan also work well;

    Hidden beauty

    • neutral bedding. While there are many colors and patterns to choose from, minimal bedrooms only require something neutral, basic. This means that it is better to spend your money on the quality of a duvet, and not on the pattern that is worn on it;
    • curtains. Look at the windows. Each minimal bedroom has one of two styles on the windows: nude or transparent. Minimal window coverage makes space simpler. Or leave them naked for more effect;
    • interesting lighting. One of the defining characteristics of basic bedrooms should be accent lighting. Prepare your wallet, because in the minimal bedrooms there are creative floor lamps or pendants. Brass and other interesting metals are used;
    • interesting nightstand. While everything else in a minimal bedroom can be as simple as possible, use a creative approach to your bedside tables. Instead of buying a classic one, buy in a rustic style with an antique worktop. This will give a sense of uniqueness in style.

    Choose neutral bedding

    BoardIf you like minimal style, but cannot completely abandon your vision, you can compromise by taking only the basics of a minimal bedroom, such as white walls, bare windows, different textures. Add your favorite color to the bed by choosing a bright print for linen. Return to menu ↑

    Entrance hall

    Experiment with these minimalist ideas of the corridor - take stylish notes from leading designers:

    • the console table, which is installed under an oversized mirror, is complemented by modern glass vases;

    Wooden shop - a convenient, not taking up much space element

    • polished marble floor, accented with a bronze inlay in the monochrome palette to reflect the window frames;
    • An interesting photographic print (new trend of style) is an artistic representation of the ideals of minimalism. It occupies a central place in space, demonstrates many identical elements. Abstract or modern themes will do;
    • distinctive elements of style - a penchant for an easy game, focus on architecture, a marked lack of decoration;
    • the minimalist console table will be the basis of the entire design as the only furniture;
    • symmetry is a noticeable feature in minimalism, but the use of careful asymmetry is equally effective;
    • using a black and white palette will make the design less boring, and the antipodes will improve the beauty of each other without any visible effort - an important principle of minimalism;
    • create a warm minimalism through the installation of lighting, understanding of positive and negative space, the correct proportions.

    Black elements will make the hallway design less boring.

    Convincingly clean palette, soothing use of lines and symmetry (minimalism brilliantly soothes), absolute integrity make minimalism desirable, suitable for life.

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    Minimal kitchens are custom-made, stylish modern kitchen designs in a minimalist style. Minimal kitchen designs demonstrate elegant simplicity and functionality. Innovative modern kitchen design in a minimalist style is great for modern kitchens with an island in the center.

    Modern kitchens in a minimalist style are suitable for creating functional large and small rooms for cooking, entertainment, enjoying meals. Simple straight lines, smooth surfaces, small details make even small interiors more spacious.

    Option for a small kitchen

    Modern kitchens in a minimalist style may seem cold, impersonal, they are furnished with high-tech appliances, with neutral colors, with a fashionable thirst for natural simplicity. Their main characteristics include:

    • exquisite simplicity;
    • atmosphere of harmony, order;
    • simple cabinets with hidden or removable handles, tempered glass doors, metal parts;
    • often include bar counters, kitchen islands, small work areas;
    • stainless steel devices, built-in, compact devices, black devices.

    Modern kitchen design

    How to design modern interiors in a minimalist style:

    • The window should be big and simple. Blinds, curtains in neutral monochrome or contrasting colors are great for window decoration.
    • Use one or two colors, color combinations of shades of white, black, gray, natural wood.
    • Use different textures to add interest.
    • Modern kitchen lighting design includes decorative lighting, spotlights, work area lighting. It helps to identify functional areas, to provide the necessary level of illumination, where necessary.
    • Use dimmers to switch the brightness of the light, create the right atmosphere in the kitchen, reducing energy consumption.
    • Modern kitchen utensils, dishes, decorative bowls, vases give the final touch to the design. Glass shelves, wall niches decorated with small glass shelves, modern decorative accessories for the kitchen will make the desired decor.

    Avoid unnecessary items of furniture, accessories, decorative fabrics.

    Spacious design, simple decorations stimulate the mind, help to concentrate on cooking.

    This style suggests avoiding:

    • wallpaper;
    • extra pieces of furniture;
    • accessories;
    • decorative fabrics;
    • textiles;
    • Traditionally used for decoration.
    BoardCombine the cool light gray with the warm neutral colors of the interior, combining, for example, wood with concrete to relax and create a feeling of freedom.

    Concrete with wood, glass with metal, gray with neutral light wood, decorating the room with flowers, large windows, daylight will make the kitchen without interference - for people who like to use their free time for important things.

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    Spacious design, simple decoration

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    Instead of output: 5 characteristics of modern minimalist decor

    In recent years, minimalism has become quite popular as a design philosophy, lifestyle. Minimalism theory in relation to architecture is to achieve a better design due to simplicity:

    • forms;
    • spaces;
    • matter;
    • details;
    • colors.

    Minimalist design shows restraint, careful analysis, the elimination of all unnecessary to achieve clarity.

    We appreciate the modern minimalist design. Who does not like clean, open spaces that allow architecture, furniture and materials in the room to breathe? Who doesn't like simple, honest details (nothing extra), simple materials? It is for this reason that we like to create minimalist spaces - because we value the calm, warmth, beauty that this style radiates.

    Design shows restraint

    Here are the characteristics that most illustrate modern minimalist home design:

    • simplicity in form, function;
    • uncomplicated cladding, wall decoration;
    • clean, open, light-filled spaces;
    • simple detailing without decoration;
    • strategic use of materials for visual interest, texture, personality.

    Perfectly illustrate the mentality of the minimalist architecture "less - better" modern projects that we have placed here for your inspiration.

    1Easy in shape and function

    Many houses in the style of minimalism have a simple, clear, effective layout with a compact amount of space. This creates predictability, uncomplicated. Simple shapes, open floor plans, minimal interior walls, modest storage spaces, an emphasis on visibility and daylight define the characteristics of many minimalist plans.

    It has a simple, clear, effective layout.

    Uncomplicated perforated openings for doors and windows accentuate the facades. In general, there is a simple house design that allows you to avoid a lot of entrances and exits, a set of curves or corners. Simple roof profiles are also characteristic in minimalist homes.

    2Simple cladding, wall decoration

    The use of a simple homogeneous external cladding material can easily provide visual appeal, articulation, expressing the physical characteristics of materials, their texture.

    3 Clean, open, light-filled spaces.

    The open plan between the kitchen and the living space allows plenty of light to fill the space. The light surfaces of the walls, clean modern details, uncluttered spaces, a neutral palette (with a few splashes of color) give a call for calm interest.

    Spacious rooms, filled with light, wide lines, unpretentious aesthetics, are characteristic of many minimalist interiors. Only the necessary furniture and accessories that are used in such a way that there is an empty space between the objects. The abundance of natural light helps the atmosphere to be warm, cozy, and not cold, sterile.

    4Simple decoration, devoid of decoration

    Many minimalist interiors use pure-wood high-quality furniture, a staircase, and finishing details - taking into account only what is needed.

    Expressive cabinets with hidden, instead of open or recessed panels, minimally crowded with equipment, eliminate the visual noise that often happens in cabinets.

    Clarity of lines in the design of the living room

    Clean, clear details of the window, well-designed facades eliminate unnecessary finish. The full window frame, combined with the facing material in the joints, provides a clean minimalist solution for windows.

    5Strategic use of materials for visual interest, texture, personality

    The living room palette may be limited mainly to concrete and glass. Concrete provides texture, interest in minimalist interior design. Texture, grain tiles combined with a simple neutral palette in a modern bathroom.

    Interesting accents, such as a brick wall, can stand on their own, without the need for shelving and trinkets, so as not to create clutter.