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Black color has always been the most mysterious and ambiguous tone. In many cultures, it is associated only with mourning or grief. That is why many people are afraid to use this shade to decorate any room in the apartment. To finish the bathroom in black, the main thing is to choose correctly all the plumbing, furniture and other accessories. Thanks to this, you can get a stylish and interesting movement even without a hint of mourning or sadness.

Many are afraid to use black color

Hue is neutral. It has soothing properties, so it is well suited for a bathroom. Here, each person relieves stress after a busy day and is filled with new forces.

The black tint evokes a sense of security. The main thing is not to overdo it with him, so that he does not begin to play the opposite meaning, causing negative emotions. If you are constantly in a black room, then depression and apathy will begin to develop. Therefore, it can be used for finishing the bathroom. Here a person spends a minimum of time when compared with other living spaces.

Often a great place after a hard day.

From a psychological point of view, black color is most often chosen by people who have a very difficult character. They are characterized by increased secrecy, and also do not know how to completely trust others, but at the same time they know their value and can control other people. The main thing in life for those who love black interior is power, which they will enjoy with delight.

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Advantages and disadvantages

When choosing a color is very important to combine it with the surrounding environment. Black tone is a complex shade that, if improperly combined, has a negative effect on a person. Therefore, we must be able to correctly apply it in the interior.

The bathroom is the place where every person begins and ends with the day. In the morning you can cheer up and gather up before a hard day at work. In the evening - lie in the bath to relieve the accumulated tension.

Match correctly with other shades.

Only black tone is suitable for both tasks:
  • To make a person more focused and focused, which is important for the performance of his work.
  • Promotes relaxation and peace. This helps a person to quickly return to normal after a busy day, which favorably affects the state of the nervous system.

Black color promotes relaxation and pacification.

Bathroom design in black has its strengths.

These include:
  • the room acquires notes of rigor;
  • the atmosphere is filled with exquisite nobility;
  • the whole interior looks spectacular and expensive.
BoardA room in black will look luxurious if it has a large area. When the room is small, designers recommend combining black with other colors.

Upside down version of the bathroom

If we take it as a basis, then almost any tone can be added to it as a companion. Black can be combined with almost the entire palette, which becomes its advantage. He is able to organically shade bright and rich tones. If you need to visually change the size of the room, then, diluting it with a light scale, you can cope with this difficult task.

In addition to the merits, black has a number of disadvantages.

These include:
  • Visually reduces space. If you use a dark palette from the ceiling to the floor in a small room, it will seem even less than it actually is.
  • Creates a feeling of tightness. This also applies to small bathrooms.
  • Absorbs light. To avoid this in the room must be placed reflective elements.

Visually reduces space

Among them:
  • mirror;
  • chrome parts;
  • sanitary ware with a reflective surface;
  • lamps with shades of glass or crystal.
The most important disadvantage of black tiles and dark sanitary products is considered a more thorough cleaning. On surfaces there will always be noticeable dust, dust, soapy stains, in contrast to light-colored finishes and furniture.

Expressionist style bathroom

If the hostess is not afraid of constant cleaning, then you can safely make a black bathroom. The main thing to stock up a large number of different cleaning products.

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How to get away from the darkness of the shade?

If you overdo it with dark shades in the interior, the room will repel. Being in it will be uncomfortable.

Need constant care

To avoid this effect, you can resort to one of the following methods:
  • Dilute dark tone with other colors. Black can be taken as a basis and supplemented with a different palette. For example, highlight a bath or washbasin area with a different shade of tiles. Also on the walls or floor, you can lay out a certain pattern of different tiles.
  • Add bright color details to the room. This will make the room more light and comfortable.
  • To bring into the room a lot of light. It is good if there is a window in the bathroom that allows natural light into the room. In cases where it is absent, you can artificially add light to the room with the help of lighting equipment or accessories with reflective surfaces.

We include reflective elements in the interior

Bring more light into the room. Well, when the bathroom has a window that will let in the room natural lighting. In cases where it is absent, lighting equipment will help to make the room brighter, as well as accessories, plumbing and furniture with reflective surfaces.

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Plumbing products

You can mix in the black room plumbing traditional white. This will help create the right contrast. The bath will look more attractive.

With white color, add a bit of comfort.

The main advantages of using white sanitary products are:
  • adding comfort;
  • filling the space with light;
  • underlining the nobility of dark tones of the main background.
BoardFor people who have become boring classical interiors, you can stay on the black plumbing.

Many are not afraid to choose black plumbing

The main thing is to find really good and expensive materials. Manufacturers add to the composition of special flickering particles or pearlescent shine. This creates an atmosphere of luxury and wealth in the bathroom.

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Bath trim

Before finishing the bath in black colors, you need to be completely sure that it will be comfortable to be in such a room. Hue is not suitable for every person. Best of all, it will look in spacious rooms, where there will be no sensation of constriction and darkness. Do not forget about lighting and furniture. They are made of materials with reflective surfaces.

The main thing is not to overdo it with this color

BoardIf the room has a small footage, then black can only be used as bright accents. The main background is done in bright colors, and only small patches of dark are laid out. For example, black stripes located around the perimeter look good. They visually expand the space upward or wider.

Different designs will help to fill the bath with individuality. It all depends on the fantasy.

The following methods are mainly used:
  • bright patterns on the floor and walls. Give the room ease;
  • tiled paintings. Allow to place important accents in space;
  • only 1 wall can be laid out with black tiles. On others, create combinations of other shades;
  • use of plastic panels. Not even walls will quickly hide;
  • painting walls with moisture resistant paint.

Add a little mosaic in black

Once you have chosen the decor for the walls, you can begin to finish the ceiling. In the black bathroom, it is better to make it white in order to prevent squeezing of space. If all surfaces of the premises are made in a black tone, then the person entering here will feel as if in a box. This will cause only discomfort in him.

One of the most popular ceiling trim options are stretch structures.

The main advantages of the material include:
  • They are performed in any shades.
  • Installation of the construction takes only one day.
  • Visually align the surface.
  • For stretch ceiling can hide all wiring.
  • Protect the entire environment, as well as the finish from unwanted flooding from the neighbors above.

A popular option - suspended ceiling

Stretch ceiling in the black bath is better to make a glossy canvas. For it, you need to choose the right lighting so that all surfaces play with colors. This will create an interesting effect of infinity.

BoardIf the stretch ceiling is too expensive for the owner of the apartment, it can be replaced with special panels.

The ceiling is better done glossy

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How to choose a tile?

If tiles are used as finishing for a black bath, then you need to follow a few simple recommendations. Among them:

  • For a small-sized room you need to choose a small tile. If the bath has a large area, you can veneer the walls and floor tiles of large size.
  • Correctly select the surface of the tile for facing the walls and floor.
There are 2 types of textures:
  • matt. It is easier to clean, and almost no fingerprints or soap stains are visible on it;
  • glossy. The tile acts as an additional reflective element.

Choose a tile depending on the style

  • If the tile shows an ornament or pattern of a different color, then it should be used in the interior very carefully. You can not finish the whole room with such material. It will be very catchy and bright, which will not cause a person to feel comfort or comfort.
BoardWhen using black tiles with a pattern of a different tone, it is best to combine it with monochromatic surfaces.

Use black color very carefully

For larger bathrooms, you can use black tiles with applied relief.. It can imitate different textures and natural surfaces, which visually looks very impressive.

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What to look for when choosing a lighting?

One of the highlights in creating an interesting interior for a black bathroom is the choice of lighting. A distinctive feature of dark tones is the ability to absorb light. To get rid of the depressing feeling of constriction, you need to properly place the lighting equipment in the room. It should include different types of light sources.

Lighting - the main point, which is worth not forgetting

In the black bathroom, you can combine spotlights with ceiling chandeliers, as well as lower lighting and highlighting important accents.
One of the interesting solutions of the bathroom design is the placement of chandeliers with crystal pendants on the ceiling.

It can only be hung in large rooms with high ceilings. In a small room, it will look too pretentious.

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