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How to choose a closet-case in the bathroom and what type is most suitable for a room with high humidity? This type of cabinet is very convenient for storing things in small rooms. Find out which material is best to choose. What can be stored in it? And also which models are the best for this room. Everything in detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • All about cabinet cases
  • Where is it used?
  • Materials
  • What can be stored in a pencil case?
  • Features and purpose
  • Types of canisters
  • Pluses of various kinds
  • Top models
  • How to choose a wardrobe?
  • VIDEO: How easy and simple to make your own locker?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • All about cabinet cases
  • Where is it used?
  • Materials
  • What can be stored in a pencil case?
  • Features and purpose
  • Types of canisters
  • Top models
  • How to choose a wardrobe?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • All about cabinet cases

    The wardrobe case is a very popular piece of furniture in apartments. It is very capacious, does not take up much space, and shelves located along the entire length accommodate all the necessary household items.

    You can put them in any room - bathroom, living room, kitchen or nursery. A small closet-case is great for storing children's clothes, high for bathroom accessories.

    In order for this element of the interior to look organically in the room, you need to choose the right material, color and size. There are five different types of cabinet cases.

    Cupboard case - a very popular piece of furniture in the apartments

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    Where is it used?

    Cabinets-cases are usually purchased by the owners of apartments, especially small ones. This furniture does not take up much space, is great for storing clothes, dishes, household items. High are especially convenient - they can store a lot of things, freeing up space without that small room.

    Furniture from moisture resistant material will look good in the bathroom, strict and minimalist - in the hallway or study. Light or pastel will be appropriate in the bedroom, and bright - in the nursery.

    Bathroom case with basket

    The case differs from other types in a peculiar design, characteristics and functions:

    • Tall, narrow models - the most compact, suitable for small spaces.
    • Separations for shelves and drawers cause compactness and at the same time multifunctionality - can be placed in the compartments, for example, children's toys, bed linen.
    • Different manufacturers may vary in depth, but usually it ranges from 40 to 60 cm.
    • There are wall (standing at the wall) and angular (put in a corner) products.
    • There are integral and composite ones - in the second version one part is hung on the wall, and the second one is placed below.

    That is why such models are so popular. They are functional, while inexpensive, suitable for residents of small apartments.

    White combined with red

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    Usually cabinets are made of wood based material. Products from cheap raw materials may dampen, become dirty, have a short service life. The most common materials used to make furniture are:

    • Chipboard. The most common, cheap material. Material - boards made of wood chips, which are covered with a laminated film. The product of this material can be of any color and style, therefore, suitable for any room. One of the drawbacks of such furniture is the harmful evaporation of formaldehyde during use. In order not to cause harm to health, it is necessary to give preference to products with an ABC edge of 2 mm.
    • MDF. This material is produced by the medium-dispersed fraction of wood pressed into sheets. From this material there is no harmful secretions, it does not contain impurities dangerous for the body. However, they are more expensive than chipboard.
    • Natural wood. Cabinets made of this material look as luxurious as possible, but they are more expensive than the previous material. Suitable for offices, living rooms and bedrooms. The most safe for health, environmentally friendly;
    • Glass. This material is not used for the entire surface - only for glasses embedded in doors or handles. Glass can be as simple as with a pattern - it all depends on the price and style.
    • Plastic. From this material make low cases in the nursery or bathroom. The advantages of such furniture are moisture resistance and lightness. Great for storing toys, bath accessories.

    Case case in classical style

    The cabinet should be chosen depending on the room.. For example, you should not buy furniture from laminated chipboard in the bathroom, as the material may soon become damp.

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    What can be stored in a pencil case?

    Filling the cabinet depends on the room in which it is located. If it is divided into several shelves (boxes, small compartments are missing), it is convenient to store in it:

    • Books - an option for the living room or nursery.
    • Bed linen - bedroom.
    • Documents - personal or office.
    • Bathroom amenities - private bathroom.
    • Preservation for the winter - for canisters placed on a loggia or balcony.
    • Umbrellas, hats, other items - hallway.
    • Bulk products and kitchen utensils - kitchen.

    Japanese style

    The presence of small offices, retractable drawers will be useful for a large family. It is convenient to keep there important documents and documents, as well as clothes (even for the whole family). You can put clothes in special compartments, and place outerwear on the shelves.
    Multifunctional furniture also has:
    • Retractable baskets - suitable for bathroom and kitchen.
    • Open shelves - for jewelry, books, souvenirs. However, there is a minus - dust constantly accumulates on such shelves.
    • Glass shelves - suitable for bathroom.
    • Hooks or tube for clothes - hallway or office.

    Multifunctional furniture is practical - for example, a model with a pull-out basket can be put in the bathroom for storing linen and bath accessories.

    Minimalism style

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    Features and purpose

    The wardrobe can be a separate piece of furniture or be part of a headset. Cases for the kitchen store a large dish (pots, pans), as well as bulk products (cereals, flour, sugar, spices).

    Rarely used items can be stored on the shelves - it depends on the owner. Shelves can occupy:

    • Cleaning Products and Textiles - cleaners, detergents, towels, rags, tablecloths.
    • Large technology (washing or dishwasher) - if there is a lower closed section, it is suitable for such equipment.
    • Dishes - sets, cutlery, not used every day.
    • Oven - in some cases there is a special compartment for the placement of embedded equipment.
    • Microwave - put in a special department in a case.
    • Small appliances (slow cooker, coffee machine, toaster) - if there is a special shelf or compartment.
    • Spices, preservation - placed in special departments. Usually cans with bottles put down.

    The case helps in masking pipes and counters - if you remove part of the back wall, you can arrange the pipes inside the cabinet.

    The cabinet can be ordered specially by specifying the required dimensions and number of shelves. Usually such furniture is used as a kitchen unit, for example, by building appliances there or locating them in a special place. They are also made to order to match the style and color of the room in which it is located.

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    Types of canisters

    For storing all kitchen utensils (dishes, utensils, pots, appliances) there are special kitchen cabinets with bite compartments and convenient shelves. Also useful for the bathroom canisters with a retractable basket, a variety of compartments.

    Dark Wood

    Such models instantly free space, making the room more spacious. Cases are divided into different types:

    • Angular.
    • Retractable.
    • For embedding technology.
    • Narrow (column).

    For owners of small apartments is very convenient closet-column. Its advantages - height and small width.. It does not take up much space, saves free space.

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    Pluses of various kinds

    There are single-leaf and double-leaf canisters, open and closed, with lower sliding shelves and drawers. The standard model with one door, shelves is great for storing clothes, bed linen.

    Convenient storage space

    There are different types of columns with glazed doors (one of the classic options), sliding or stained glass, as well as decorative inserts. Also popular products with open shelves in the middle or on top, closed at the bottom.

    There are models with fully open shelves - the so-called "racks". They are more suitable for living rooms, books, statuettes, vases can be stored on the shelves.

    Convenient in use angular model. It is remarkable in that:

    • Smoothes the room angularity.
    • Can be adapted for embedding technology.
    • It has greater depth and capacity.

    The most current color for the bathroom

    In the kitchen will be very useful retractable case. A roll-out cabinet may have shelves with baskets suitable for storage:

    • Sachets with seasonings and spices.
    • Small dishes.
    • Detergents, rags.
    A retractable pencil case helps out if, after drawing up a plan, there remains one narrow opening in the room in which no closet fits. Also, this model is suitable for storage of embedded equipment.

    There you can put a washing machine (for the bathroom) or an oven, a microwave (for the kitchen). Thus all the equipment will be located close to each other.

    Pencil case helps in masking pipes and counters

    Even large appliances can be built into the product - a refrigerator or a washing machine. Behind the canisters in the kitchen can hide all the equipment - from the microwave to the oven.

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    Top models

    Very popular floor models, as they are very roomy. It is placed either on low legs or on a special stand.

    The cupboard with legs is protected from water collecting on the bathroom floor. Such furniture is not threatened with dampness in the bathroom.

    Since there is usually not enough space in the bathroom, special narrow high cabinets are created for it. The main styles of such furniture:

    • minimalism;
    • classical;
    • high tech.

    The cabinet has legs protected from water.

    Also, the interior is often complemented by a retractable laundry basket, retractable drawers for storing small items. You can store manicure accessories, creams, decorative and medical cosmetics in such a locker. In the corner of such furniture, you can embed appliances - for example, a washing machine.BoardBathrooms often use suspended models. They are used in rooms with high ceilings and lack of free space.

    You can hang the closet above the sink and store hygiene items in it with towels. It can also be placed above the toilet, but at such a level that you do not accidentally hit your head.

    Wall cabinet suitable for rooms with a warm floor - it does not come into contact with the floor, is not afraid of temperature changes. However, it is desirable that the material is well tolerated moist air. It is possible to store small towels, cleaning products, hygiene items.

    Suspended option

    If one piece of furniture in the bathroom is not enough, you can hang another one. Still, they do not occupy much space, so you can dispose of space on the walls as they please.

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    How to choose a wardrobe?

    When buying, you need to take into account the dimensions of the room and the furniture itself. Its purpose is important - for built-in furniture, for storage of utensils or dishes.

    Before buying, it is necessary to make measurements of the room so that the furniture is free to be placed in the space. There are several rules to follow when choosing:

    • The piece of furniture should be suitable for the height of the rest of the furniture - not to be too high, not to stand out among other furniture.
    • The depth is best to choose the same cabinets, or with a small difference.
    • The material must meet the conditions of the room - for example, for the bathroom it is necessary to select moisture-proof furniture.

    Pretty bold idea - a closet full-length wall. A wall with built-in appliances looks like one, it’s not necessary to select furniture from different manufacturers.

    In addition to the beautiful appearance of this design has a terrific convenience - all the necessary things at hand, the necessary equipment is located in a suitable place.

    Product with integrated glass

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