Aquarium in the interior of an apartment or house: 145+ (Photo) types for decoration of your design (corner, dry, partition, small)


Introduce into the interior of the living room an individual character will help the aquarium. They come in many forms. The main thing to consider is the size of the room and the place where it will be installed. Learn about all types of aquariums and where they are conveniently located in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • What are the types of aquariums?
  • Where in the apartment to locate the aquarium?
  • How to choose the capacity for different rooms?
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Children's
  • Hall
  • Kitchen
  • How to choose an aquarium to the style of the room?
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • What are the types of aquariums?
  • Where in the apartment to locate the aquarium?
  • How to choose the capacity for different rooms?
  • How to choose an aquarium to the style of the room?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • What are the types of aquariums?

    Capacity with live fish will be the main piece of the interior, its highlight. Aquarium will attract the attention of guests.

    Aquarium - highlight in the interior

    Therefore, there are many different models. They differ in:

    • sizes;
    • form;
    • configurations;
    • installation method.
    Before you buy an aquarium in the apartment, you need to know the main tasks with which he has to cope. There is equipment that performs an exclusively decorative function. Other models are designed to accommodate live fish.

    Varied in shape and filling.

    Aquariums, which are designed for installation in apartments, are divided into the following groups:


    The design feature is a small width. This helps to secure the equipment on the wall. It must have transparent walls so that you can observe the underwater life of its inhabitants. The process of caring for fish and animals is somewhat more complicated than that of conventional desktop models. Therefore, for wall aquariums it is better not to start cichlids or goldfish. There are several forms in which wall mounting equipment is manufactured:

    • rectangular;
    • square;
    • semicircular.

    Wall option for use

    Before installing the equipment, you need to think over the cleaning system, lighting, and how to change the water in it.

    To make the process of caring for equipment quick and easy, you should think over and create a secret compartment in advance. At the same time it is better not to place the aquarium on the wall in which the communications take place.

    Think over the lighting system, cleaning


    The equipment must be large in size to use as furniture. The top cover should be made of durable glass, which is not afraid of loads. The model is equipped with transparent walls through which all the fish living in it will be well viewed. A big plus of the model is the performance of a decorative and practical function in the interior. If you do not want to bother yourself with the process of caring for live fish, you can choose a dry version of the aquarium in which no one lives.

    Aquarium built into the table


    This is one of the most expensive types of equipment. If desired, you can organize an aquarium from the floor of the room to its ceiling. The model, mounted in the finished column, look less effective. But they are much easier to arrange proper care.

    In the form of a column - fits into any interior


    This is a great option for zoning space. The aquarium will give the room a unique look. It looks stylish and elegant. The specimen may be dry or filled with water, in which different fish and plants will live. If you do not want to constantly care for the living body, then you can install a model that will perform only a decorative function.

    A great option for zoning space

    BoardIt is best to choose a rectangular equipment for the zoning of the room.

    For smaller rooms, you can choose corner specimens. They will not take up much space, but will breathe new life into an ordinary atmosphere. Equipment can be mounted on a wall or on a special stand. Its size depends on the area of ​​the room and the availability of free space in it.

    Unforgettable beauty in the bedroom

    People want to get an aquarium, but the constant care of live fish, enters them into a stupor, forcing to abandon this idea. Especially for them, the designers came up with dry aquariums. Inside, unique beautiful compositions are created from sand, stones, shells, castles and other interesting decors. Dry models do not require special organization or training. There is no need to carry out lighting or constantly change the water. This option is practical and convenient for any premises.

    In small rooms, where it is not possible to organize a dry or classic aquarium, you can make imitations of the tank you like.

    Small option for the living room

    To give the equipment an interesting look, mirrors, colored sand, as well as different lights are used. Such models are suitable for residential and offices. The main advantage of such structures is simple maintenance and quick installation. There is no need to carry out additional communications or lighting, as in the classical models.

    If there is too little space in the room, but you really want to get an aquarium with live fish or turtles, then you can buy a regular desktop model. They come in small sizes, but can be made in different forms. Capacity perfectly placed on the shelf, on the table, in a niche or a special stand.

    When there is no opportunity to put a big

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    Where in the apartment to locate the aquarium?

    Different models of aquariums will be able to complement the interior and become a key element in it. Each model of equipment will be able to attract the attention of all guests. It is very important to choose the capacity, based on the parameters of the room. Further, the main thing is to install it correctly. Before you install the installation you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

    • the form;
    • the size;
    • installation method;
    • availability of additional options;
    • type of construction. The aquarium can be classic, dry, or simulated;
    • connection of lighting or other functions for the normal operation of the equipment;
    • type of construction.

    Room accommodation options

    After all the main characteristics are taken into account, you can proceed to the choice of place for the aquarium.

    The equipment is installed based on the style and area of ​​the room.

    Select capacity based on room size

    You need to properly arrange the aquarium, as well as to prepare for this whole environment. The best look models such as:

    • partition;
    • a column;
    • models embedded in the wall.

    Aquarium in the table - interesting and unusual

    The main thing is to combine the container with the surroundings.. To emphasize the design, you can use different techniques and methods of decoration. For example, decorate an aquarium built into a wall from the outside with a baguette or a special frame. This will make the construction more noticeable among the surrounding furniture.

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    How to choose the capacity for different rooms?

    Each room has its own characteristics. If it is decided to install an aquarium indoors, then first of all, its functionality should be taken into account. Based on this, the appropriate model, shape and configuration is selected. This will create an individual interior room with a comfortable atmosphere.

    Interior design with taste

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    Here you need to install medium or small models. They should have a simple style. The main task of the room is a quiet quiet rest after a busy day.. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to place bright and catchy containers with live fish.

    If it is not possible to care for underwater inhabitants, then you can install a dry aquarium or its imitation. Due to this, you will not need to regularly change the water and install special lighting.

    Calm rest after a hard day

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    Living room

    There are always guests in this room. Therefore, the aquarium can be placed on the wall or in a special niche.

    BoardTo impress people around you need to install only the classic model with a rich underwater world. Equipment can be mounted in a column, partition or used as a table.

    Aquarium in the living room - choose a comfortable place

    If the room has a small area, then it is appropriate to use the capacity as a partition that separates the workplace and the recreation area. This will save the area, as well as make an interesting solution for creating an interior.

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    It is important for this room to select the design of quality materials. It is best if it will have a small size. To cope with this task will be able to small desktop aquarium, which is equipped with child-friendly life support systems for fish.

    If the room for a child has a large area, then it can be placed in an aquarium built into the wall or column. The equipment is recommended to be installed in the child's teenager to eliminate any traumatic situations.

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    For the room is chosen any size and type of construction of the aquarium. It all depends on the area of ​​the room and its features. It looks very impressive built-in large capacity, which is equipped with interesting lighting and additional elements for underwater inhabitants.

    You can even install on the stairs - it looks no less beautiful

    For the hall, you can choose a classic model, a dry aquarium or imitation. It all depends on the preferences of the landlord.

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    Capacity with live fish will make the space comfortable and cozy for everyone. If the kitchen is combined with the dining room, then the equipment can probe the space.

    Making the kitchen more homely.

    An aquarium with live fish, turtles, or simply in the form of imitation can be installed in any room. This will help make the atmosphere more homely and cozy.

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    How to choose an aquarium to the style of the room?

    There are many different styles and options for interior design. Entering an aquarium in them is not difficult if you follow certain rules. This will help create a comfortable atmosphere in the room without disturbing the integrity of the space.

    Classic model on the cabinet

    Among the popular styles in which it is appropriate to place aquariums, stand out:

    • High tech. The aquarium in this style can be installed in the form of a column or as a partition. The equipment must comply with strict geometric shapes that will help to organically fit it into the interior.
    • Minimalism. The main thing to withstand all the internal elements of the aquarium in one color. It should be calm and not flashy, which will emphasize the overall style of the interior.
    • Pop Art. The bright element of the room in the form of an aquarium will quickly become a key figure in the interior. It is necessary to add bright elements to the container, as well as unusual decorations for its inhabitants. The more different colors, the better the equipment will be combined with the surrounding environment.
    • Classic. This style includes carved details, painting, as well as artsy elements and stucco. The aquarium can be placed inside the column or on the original stand in the form of a sculpture. If the design is placed on the wall, then it can be decorated with a baguette or original lighting.
    • Art Deco. To emphasize the chosen style in the interior you need to use different forms and lighting. To do this, you can use only one or a few shades. When installing a classic model of aquarium lighting should match the preferences of its inhabitants. If a dry model or an imitation is installed in the interior, color lights are allowed.

    We emphasize minimalism

    Any type and shape of the aquarium will look the main element of the room in each style. All attention will be riveted to it. Return to menu ↑

    VIDEO: Beautiful aquariums for your interior