House for a cat with their own hands: How to make a step by step? 150+ (photo) made of wood, cardboard, boxes, with a scraper


When a cat appears in the house, you need to allocate your place for it. Many owners do not do simple stove bench from the store. They want to make an original house with their own hands. This task may seem difficult. But if you understand all the details of production, the structure is made without difficulty! You can also build a house that matches the color of the interior style. And in ordinary stores it is difficult to find this. Everything in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • General recommendations
  • Houses for cats step by step: the main recipes
  • Popular options
  • Cottages with a scraper
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing process
  • Options kogtetochek
  • VIDEO: How to build a cat house with your own hands?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • General recommendations
  • Houses for cats step by step: the main recipes
  • Popular options
  • Cottages with a scraper
  • Options kogtetochek
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • General recommendations

    There are a number of rules that will help prepare for work on the arrangement of the hut for the cat.

    A small house for your pet

    To get started, learn the most basic:

    • Before you start building a house for the animal, think about what materials you will use. It is better to use natural fiber cloth and natural wood in such work. These materials are the safest for cats. But in any store they are expensive. And Chinese analogues, as a rule, consist of synthetic and plastic.
    • You need to clearly understand what kind of house you want to make. To do this, draw it in advance on a piece of paper. Such a sketch will help you not to forget anything. You will also properly plan the purchase of materials, prepare the means at hand.
    • This is an interesting activity for parents with children. After all, participation in the creative process always brings joy.

    Use only quality materials.

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    Houses for cats step by step: the main recipes

    Make a cat house with your own hands more fun with your children. Just give preference to safe materials. So, the simplest and cheapest option of arranging a hut is the following:

    • We need to take a large box of corrugated cardboard. It is better that the box had parameters not less than 35 by 50 cm in width and up to 50 cm in height.
    • Now you need to prepare the tools at hand: scissors, glue, stationery knife, fine sandpaper, tape, pencil, colored paper, upholstery and more.
    • Foam rubber can be used for interior framing (bedding on the floor). But if it is not available, fit an unnecessary blouse or a piece of an old rug. For the exterior of the house you can use colored paper. But it is more relevant to use a boucle fabric or fur.
    • Now we proceed to the preparation of the box itself. To do this, we remove the stickers from it, glue the places where there are cracks with adhesive tape, cut off the burrs, grind rough surfaces with an emery paper.

    The creative process brings joy not only to children

    • On the end of the box draw a hole. To do this, apply a saucer to it with a diameter of at least 20 cm and circle it around the edges. Then cut a hole with a stationery knife. Gently sand the edges with sandpaper.
    • Once again, glue all joints with scotch tape or glue. The house should get strong, so that the cat in it was comfortable and calm. Dry the product before starting the exterior finish.
    • Now we glue over the house with colored paper or textiles. For the second option, suitable silicone quick-drying glue. In this case, you can not use a furniture stapler, as the cat can get hurt about clips from the inside.
    • Under the size of the floor in the house sew a small pillow of foam rubber and upholstery fabric.

    Make it easy.

    Now the house is ready for operation. And in this cozy nest you can run a pet. It can be supplemented with glued toys, hanging threads, sequins.

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    Popular options

    The building for a cat can have a non-standard shape. You can make it from improvised means. Also, it may not be a claw at all. Consider several of these options:

    • Wigwam. The construction of metal rods is made in the form of a tent. Then it is covered on all sides (except for one) with a cloth. Foam and bedding are laid on the floor of such a house.

    Wigwam itself is quite an interesting object.

    • Ottoman. Standard square ottoman usually consists of wooden or MDF-design. Therefore, remove the fabric from the bottom of the pouf and jigsaw cut a hole. Then the wooden part can be covered with latex paint, and put a soft lining inside.
    • Hammock house. Any cat interested in new places. Making a hammock for her holiday is very simple. To do this, you can use: a small coffee table, armchair or chair. But these pieces of furniture should have 4 legs. Thus, at the level between the floor and the table top / seat, the canvas is tensioned. On his sides should be sewn on two fabric tapes to each. Then the cloth fastens to legs by means of ties. And voila!

    House hammock for cats

    • House triangle. This is the easiest type of hut for a pet. To make it you need 3 small pieces of an ozb slab. They can be cut from a thin board, 6 ml thick. Pieces must be of equal size and rectangular shape. Then put the 1st piece on the floor, and on top of it we make a dome of the other two. Fix the parts among themselves with nails or screws. Additionally, you can use metal triangles. Using a glue-gun or a furniture stapler we frame the house from the outside with a cloth. We put a soft lining inside.
    • House-shelf. From scrap materials (Osb plates, boards, laminate or chipboard) you can prepare shelves of various levels. But its main task will be to become a place for the rest of the cat. So, you will need to sheathe the item of furniture with a cloth and put it on the floor.

    Wall option in the form of a shelf

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    Cottages with a scraper

    Every cat needs to sharpen its claws. If the pet is home and it’s not possible to visit the street regularly, you will have to do it at home. Without the procedure of grinding the claws, they will have to be clipped to the owner.

    And if the house does not have a scraper, the pet will begin to sharpen claws about the furniture.

    Therefore, it is better to make a house for a cat with a scratching post that will fully perform the assigned function.

    Do not forget about the scraper

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    First, determine the place of construction. Then you need to measure the allotted “angle” in height and width. Now prepare the materials most suitable for turning the claws of the animal. It:

    • carpet;
    • tapestry;
    • jute rope;
    • fur;
    • tree.

    A good option with a claw stick

    Carpet - it is quite durable and soft material. It will be comfortable for the cat to sit on it and also to comfortably sharpen claws about it.

    In addition, you will need:

    • plywood sheets;
    • wooden bars;
    • plastic pipes as supporting posts;
    • self-tapping screws;
    • corners;
    • screwdriver;
    • jigsaw.

    Choose a variety not only to taste, but also for convenience

    But these tools may not be found in the house. Therefore, their availability is to take care in advance.

    What and where to buy?

    To build a hut with a claw for an animal, buy a whole plywood sheet at once - 1.5 by 1.5 cm. Then cut it into pieces: 0.50 by 0.75 cm.

    For support (pillar), you can use a regular timber, which will need to be divided into several parts. Timber choose a length of up to 2, 5 m.

    First make sketches before doing

    It is desirable to choose plywood sheets with a thickness of at least 10 mm. Since the cat will often jump on them in the future. And this material must be strong.

    BoardDo not buy the most expensive carpet. Prefer cheap option. You can also ask the seller to sell you a trim of this material.

    There is a jute rope in every hardware store or on the market. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is sold in bulk. You have to buy a whole skein or look for a store that sells rope by the meter. But the price of a detachable product is much higher. Take the rope at least 1 cm thick.

    Budget and comfortable

    Under the building buy safety fasteners: corners and triangles for better fixation of structures.

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    Manufacturing process

    When the design of the hut is completed, and all materials are at hand, you can get to work. The base frame can be one-, two- or even three-tier. The number of platforms also depends on the number of cats in the house. So, if two pets live in the apartment, then each of them should have its own seat.

    When a scraper replaces a house

    So, we proceed:

    • A wooden bar is attached to the plywood base.
    • You can put on it a plastic pipe that fits in size (so that the pipe fits snugly to the walls of the beam and does not twist).
    • If we make several platforms, then at some distance from each other on a single basis, we fix another 1-2 bars.
    • Each of them attaches its own platform (at different heights). Fix them on top with screws and metal corners on the sides.

    Make it easy to carry.

    • The first shelf should be fixed not only on its beam, but also to be connected to the second. Therefore in plywood in advance prepare an opening for the second bar. He will have to enter the board. The second shelf is attached to the third in the same way.
    • Now you can start framing plywood surfaces with carpet. Here you can use a stapler or use ordinary nails and a hammer. If you decorate the house with a regular cloth, then soon the structure will need to be replaced. Most likely the animal will want to sharpen its claws on the fabric too.
    • Tie all the pillars from beginning to end with a rope. Try to keep their rings snugly together.

    Now the structure-kogtetochka for your pet is ready! Additionally, you can decorate it with colored felt, threads with buttons, sparkles, foil.

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    Options kogtetochek

    In addition to the most common kogtetochek for cats can be made simple, but their original counterparts. So, it is permissible to make a scratching post in the form of a picture. To do this, you need a simple piece of plywood (rectangular shape) and carpet.

    When a lot of space, you can let the big house

    Carpet is fixed on the board with nails and a hammer. The corners of the fabric should be hidden on the back. That yes also fix a mini-hanger. Then the finished picture is hung on the wall in the hallway or room. It should hang at the level of growth of a pet. This refers to the growth of the cat at the withers, and not from the floor to the tips of his ears.

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    VIDEO: How to build a cat house with your own hands?