Decorative floor vases with flowers: How do they change the interior? 130+ (Photos) tall, stylish, beautiful


For the first time, vases began to be used as decoration for rooms in ancient Greece. Graceful clay beauties were an attribute of prosperity and aristocracy. Masters made real masterpieces that were luxury and not all were available. Today, this fashion accessory is presented in all sorts of variations of shapes, materials and sizes. Consider how to add sophistication to the rooms with the help of this important detail.

Floor vase for interior style

Floor vases are called whose height exceeds 40 cm. Smaller vessels are not placed on the floor, they are lost against the background of other decorative details.BoardChoose a vase, do not buy the first one you like. It should be in harmony with the general style of the room, be combined in color with the rest of the decoration. It is also important to consider the place where it will stand, the size of the accessory depends on it.

Floor vases called vases with a height of more than 40 cm

Floor vase looks perfect when there is a lot of space around it. Therefore, do not put it in a small room where there is a lot of furniture. In this case, it just gets lost and does not become a bright bar in the interior. The best option is an empty and spacious corner, a place near the window, a fireplace.

To fit the vessel into the general tone of the room, select it taking into account the basic color range of the finish. A green, white or sand-colored vase fits well into the green interior. A beige vase will match a brown or similar shade. If the color of the room is dominated by black, choose a bright accessory in white or red.

Handmade vases for your design

Some styles imply strictly defined geometric forms of accessories. But even in such cases, you can find an accessory of the desired shape. Today, manufacturers are implementing the most unexpected creative ideas.

As a result, the range of these decorative items includes such intricate forms as:

  • cone;
  • a circle;
  • spiral;
  • bottle;
  • square;
  • triangle;
  • cylinder.

A variety of forms to choose from.

If necessary, a group of floor vessels of different sizes is used to combine or divide the space. They also fill empty corners, create bright accents in the room.

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What are they doing?

Vessels for home decoration are made from a variety of materials. The most common are the following vessels:


Varieties of ceramics - porcelain and faience - are often used to make large vases. These accessories are created in classical, antique or ethnic style. Porcelain bowls are usually more expensive than others. This is due to the large labor costs required in their manufacture: molding, painting, burning, glazing. Especially prized vases, painted by hand. Sometimes they are decorated with stucco or beautiful painting.

To decorative vase was not empty, it can be decorated with dry branches of interesting shape


This type is considered a more affordable option. The process of making glass vessels is simpler. But this does not make them less elegant as compared to others. They can be given any shape and give the desired shade, they are also decorated with rhinestones, drawings. Glass vases are suitable even for small spaces where only a small space remains free.

Mostly vases covered with ornaments and drawings


For their manufacture, copper or brass is used more often. As embellishment of such vessels, chasing, engraving, and monogram are used. For particularly demanding and wealthy clients, such vases are decorated with gold and silver. Metal vessels decorate, as a rule, a modern trendy interior.

Gold or silver jewelery

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Most often they are used to create an interior in ethnic style. The basis of taking wood, bamboo and vine. These floor decorations are preferred by lovers of minimalism in design.


Such vessels are carved out of marble or granite, sometimes onyx, malachite and other inexpensive gems are used to make them.

Stone models are heavy and uncomfortable to rearrange.


Inexpensive plaster vases are used only as decorative items. They can not be filled with anything, especially pour water into them.

Modern designers have gone further in their creative ideas. Floor vessels, sometimes made of the most unexpected materials, are increasingly common. They use coconut shells, wood bark, steel tubes. And although at first glance, these accessories do not look quite normal, do not be afraid to experiment with such details. Often just such an element of the decor gives the room style completeness and special charm and makes the interior unique.

A beautiful bouquet for a good mood

True connoisseurs decorate their home with beautiful antique vases. They give the room respectability and chic. However, they are not available to all because of the high cost.

The texture of your chosen vase must match the style already created in the room.

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Each room has its own

You can put a high original vase on the floor in any room. Most often it is decorated with the interior of the living room, but it is appropriate in the bedroom, in the nursery, and in the spacious hall. When choosing a decor in a particular room, consider the functionality of the accessory.

Choosing a vase, do not forget about the chosen style.

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The main functions of the bedroom in the house - rest and relaxation. Each object in its decoration, including a floor vase, must correspond to these goals. Here the drop-shaped or round shape of a vessel made of ceramic or glass will be appropriate..


  • classic;
  • Provence;
  • vintage;
  • Scandinavian motifs.

Wealth bedroom will add elegant floor vase

Colors are better to use calm, not conspicuous.

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Living room

In the heart of the house, in the living room, vases are picked up in with with the overall design of the room. It is in this room that the whole family gathers in the evenings, guests are received here. Therefore, in the interior of the living room, a vase should create a special mood, like other design techniques.

You can choose a vessel of the same color as the wallpaper, it visually increases the space. You can create a bright accent with a single vase. In some cases, buying a whole group of vases in the same style is a good decision. If the living room is equipped with a fireplace, the best decoration would be two identical vases on both sides.

We fit flowers with a vase into the overall design.

BoardIf it is not possible to choose a vase that fits the overall design in a specific style, you can choose a universal glass vase or monochromatic ceramic. They will not stand out from the big picture.

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Even in the kitchen floor beauty will find its place. Here you can try to experiment with the decor. Depending on the design, the vessel is filled at will or left empty. In the vase in the kitchen, you can put artificial or natural flowers, and you can fill it with decorative bright fruits. Such decor will always tune in to the positive.

In the kitchen, a vase can be filled not only with flowers, but also with fruit.


For empty halls, where you can not put furniture, high floor vases are sometimes the only way out in the design of the room. They are appropriate and in open space, and under the stairs. Depending on the taste of the owners, they can be bright or calm in style and color. You can put tall live plants in them.

Remember that the decoration of the hallway sets the tone and mood of the whole house. You need to think about what exactly you want to say about yourself to guests with your interior. Bright vases of asymmetrical shape will give the originality and originality of the owners of the house. A classic contours and calm colors emphasize such qualities as restraint and tranquility.

Hallway sets the tone for the entire apartment from the threshold

Some designers recommend using vases on the floor as a stand for umbrellas.

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Vases that will stand in a child’s room must meet two main criteria: safety and environmental friendliness.

BoardDo not put in a metal room a metal vase, which a child can hit hard. You also can not put in the children's vessels, which can break.

Fit accessories made of wood or plaster, decorated with living indoor plants. Vases in Provence, Country or Classic style will fit into the girls' room. For boys, you can choose the decor in the style of avant-garde or high-tech.

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If the bathroom remains free space, there can be put a high vase. In the bathroom, vessels made of ceramic or pure stone are appropriate.

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What to fill?

Floor vases - an independent decor item, in itself decorating the room. They do not have to be filled with anything, but it can be done if desired.

When filling a vase it is important to respect the proportions. For example, the same filler is not suitable for narrow and wide vessels.

Vases can be decorated with any flowers

The method of filling depends on the shape of the vase, on the season, on home celebrations and on the mood of the owners themselves. Artificial and natural flowers, dry ears, wood compositions are put into the vessel. In winter, a bouquet of pine or spruce branches is used, and in summer, wild flowers with long stems are used. The most courageous and creative owners put inside an original abstract sculpture of wire.

Transparent glass vases fill depending on the flight of fancy. Multi-colored pebbles, glass beads, decorative sand and much more are widely used by design masters.

The method of filling depends on the shape of the vase itself.

To create a romantic atmosphere, candles are placed in glass vessels, but they must have heat-resistant walls.

The sea decor will be a reminder of the sea: a composition of beautiful shells. Dry fruits and berries can be the basis of the composition for decorating a vase in the dining room. High and narrowed vases complement the minimum details. They look good twig dried flowers or bamboo. Pearl threads hanging from a porcelain bowl look delicate.

These vases complement the minimum

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Vases and design style

Products made of porcelain look more relevant in the classical and antique style, as well as in the Baroque and Rococo styles. The color of decorative elements may be monochromatic, but paintings on the walls of vessels are also appropriate.

High-tech style refers to products made from a matte or sparkling metal. The space design will perfectly complement the low-profile metal vase.

High vases heavy care

There are no borders and frames when choosing accessories for the interior in the style of avant-garde or pop art. Any color mixing, defiant forms, bizarre outlines, abstract compositions will suit everything that makes the interior unusual.

For supporters of minimalism, one large vase painted in a single color will suffice.

Art Deco is known for its demanding of certain geometric shapes. In this style, appropriate square, cylindrical, triangular, round and other symmetrical figures.

Many models put on the cabinet

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