Chandelier and lamps in the nursery for the boy and for the girl: How to choose? (180 + Photo Ceiling, LED and Unusual)


The child should grow up in a comfortable bright room. The choice of the interior and all its elements must be approached especially carefully and carefully. One of the most important parts is the chandelier. It will fill the room with the right amount of light and heat. The main thing to pay attention to the size of the room, its style and taste of a small resident. Varieties of lamps, colors, shapes - the main selection criteria. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Features chandeliers for children
  • Varieties of children's lamps
  • Color solutions
  • Forms and models for girls and boys
  • Style selection
  • The main criteria for choosing a chandelier
  • VIDEO: Beautiful chandeliers for the children's room
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • Features chandeliers for children
  • Varieties of children's lamps
  • Color solutions
  • Style selection
  • The main criteria for choosing a chandelier
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • Features chandeliers for children

    Lighting room for a child’s room is always a bit more expensive than in other areas of an apartment or house. This is due to the fact that chandeliers pass more tests and tests at the design stage. They must comply with all safety regulations, must not release harmful and toxic fumes into the air during their work, and also consist of clean and environmentally friendly materials.

    Fabric chandeliers in the nursery

    Parents can choose chandeliers based on the age and sex of the child. But any of them should organically fit into the interior of the room, maintain the overall style and configuration of the room. Lighting design is selected according to the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.

    Chandeliers in the children's room have:
    • bright color;
    • unusual shape;
    • the image of your favorite fairy tale characters.

    It is difficult to imagine a ceiling lamp in the living room in the form of a blue plane or a ship of pirates. For a room designed for a little man, it is important to show imagination and not dwell on the usual and everyday options. Creative solutions will help to awaken creativity and potential in a child, make his imagination work.

    Parents can choose chandeliers based on the age and sex of the child.

    Parents when designing a child's room and choosing a chandelier should remember that each color can affect the crumbs of the nervous system in different ways. The brighter the light equipment, the more fun and active the child will be. That is why chandeliers are often made in bright and saturated colors. Chandeliers for the children's room should be made only from clean and environmentally friendly materials. Only they can guarantee the safety of the child.

    In classic style

    Special formulations are applied to the luminaires to protect them from large amounts of dust..

    This will help prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions in the child. Also, children's room models should be easy to clean. They are subjected to more thorough and frequent cleaning in contrast to lamps for adult premises.

    Chandelier must fully take into account the specifics of the room. For example, if a baby wants it to be framed as a pirate ship, then you do not need to buy a lamp with flowers applied to the surface. Here it is more appropriate to look scroll, a pirate ship or cannonballs, which supposedly hung in the air.

    BoardBefore installing the equipment, it is necessary to examine its electrician. For a child's room, it is better to choose models with additional fuses and high quality wiring to remove possible fire risks and increase the child’s safety level.

    Creative lighting for the nursery

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    Varieties of children's lamps

    In order to choose lighting equipment for children, it is necessary to take into account several basic parameters. Each feature will help make the choice in the right direction. Thanks to this, the child will feel comfortable and cozy in his room.

    The division depending on the method of mounting the lamp:
    • suspension. It will look great in a room with high ceilings. Fastening is presented in various options, for example, a cord or a bar. The lamp itself can also be made in different forms;
    • overhead. Parents are afraid to purchase a version of the tablet chandelier, as they fear that the interior will become monotonous or boring. But the designers began to depict different fairy-tale characters on the lampshades, beautiful thematic patterns or drawings of soaring clouds that would look good in a nursery. The light that passes through the images will create interesting projections;
    • built. They do not act as the main element for the lighting of the nursery. Such chandeliers are becoming ancillary parts of the suspended, as well as overhead models. This helps fill the space with the right amount of light. That parents at the same time did not pay huge money for the spent electric power, it is recommended to use LED illumination or energy saving bulbs.

    Separation of lighting equipment depending on the number of light bulbs:
    • one. Usually a chandelier with so many light bulbs is hung in the middle of the room. The main thing is to make sure that the space is fully lit. The child should not sit in the twilight. If necessary, spotlights are installed around the perimeter of the room;
    • more than one light bulb. In these models, the diameter is always larger, which helps them to fully illuminate every centimeter of the nursery.
    The ability to control the level of light in the room:
    • no. Indoors lighting is always maintained at the same level;
    • there is. Parents or the child himself can adjust the intensity and color of the light. That this process was carried out easily and quickly in a set there is a special remote control. Some models have a built-in dimmer that adjusts the light level and also acts as a switch.

    Standard white light

    Depending on the age and sex of the child:
    • for children up to 1 year. At this age, you still do not need to choose a lamp. He spends the child all the time with his mom and dad in their bedroom;
    • for preschoolers:
    • if it's a girl, then you can stop at the bright girl characters, as well as cute animals;
    • for a boy, you can also choose bright models. They should be boy colors and themes;
    • for schoolchildren:
    • girls will suit bright patterns and themed decorations;
    • boys are selected models from sports, cars, space or favorite fairy tale characters;

    Option for girls

    • for older girls it is better to choose neutral classic chandeliers of delicate shades;
    • in the room of the guy brutal metal or plastic lamps will be pertinently look.
    BoardParents, before choosing a chandelier for the nursery, should rely on the child's taste.

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    Color solutions

    To feed the child with the necessary energy, the surrounding space must be properly decorated. First of all, it concerns the colors and edemas in the room. The tone of the chandelier and soft light will fill the room with comfort. This combination will help the full development of the baby.

    Creative lighting solution

    For the children's room it is better to choose white lighting 4000K. Ceiling lamps will help the rays to refract correctly, the choice of which should also be approached carefully. The chandelier can be made in any color. The main thing is to take into account the gender, age and hobbies of a small resident, for whom equipment is selected.
    To make it easier for parents to navigate, you need to pay attention to the following recommendations:
    • Babies. The light does not need to be made too bright, as this may affect the quality of sleep. Children will become irritable and restless. Chandelier design must adhere to neutral shades. Good choices are beige, gray and white.
    • The boys. For future men fit dark green, blue, red chandeliers. They are performed in minimalism, but can be complemented by decorations. The main thing is not to overdo it with brutality. The lamp is selected in the nursery, and therefore, should be filled with fun and positive.
    • Girls. The gentle and romantic shades will suit the young ladies. Chandelier can be decorated in pink, yellow, lilac color. Girls will love the models decorated with fairy tale or cartoon characters, as well as different stars and hearts.
    • Teenagers. As the child grows up, fairy tales gradually begin to disappear from his life. Therefore, the interior of the room should also undergo some changes. Chandelier should be made in calm and muted shades. This will help the teenager to relax before bed after a hectic day.

    Suspended ceiling with lamps

    BoardIf for a children's room to choose a chandelier of several colors, then they should all be combined with each other and with the environment.

    When choosing a bright lighting equipment for parents will come to the aid of a special memo.

    It contains the most current color combinations that are suitable for a child's room.
    • light gray + aquamarine;
    • khaki + purple;
    • dark blue + crimson;
    • beige + pistachio;
    • light green + hot pink;
    • light blue + bright yellow;
    • dark brown + canary;
    • turquoise + gray-blue;
    • sea ​​wave + orange;
    • emerald + yellow.

    Children's room requires a lot of light

    When the chandelier is made of more than 2 colors, it is necessary to combine warm colors with warm ones, and cold ones with cold ones. But for a child's room it is better to stop your choice on warm colors.

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    Forms and models for girls and boys

    Today presented a large number of different options for children's room lamps. Parents can even get confused. To avoid this, it is recommended to stick to simple options. These include:

    The interior of the room for a little princess

    Children's room for a boy:
    • if he likes maritime themes, then the chandelier is better to choose in the spirit of piracy. For example, in the form of a chest, scroll or ship. It is possible to dwell on simpler versions of ceiling lamps, on which coins, clouds, a pirate flag or bright parrots are painted;
    • if the child comes to the delight of the aircraft and everything connected with aviation, he will definitely appreciate the chandelier in the shape of a cloud. It is made of solid materials or padded;
    • if the kid is interested in space and astrology, then the best option would be to make a ceiling or a planet from the ceiling lamp;
    • for sports guys fit the lamp in the form of sports equipment. For example, a soccer ball or puck;
    • a versatile option would be to hang a chandelier with the image of your favorite cartoon or fairy-tale characters. Recently, the cartoon "Cars" is very popular. The lamp can be decorated with the image of the machine itself or become one of them.

    Loft-style room for a boy

    Children's room for girls:
    • little princesses should be surrounded only by cute and beautiful objects. Best of all this task will cope with different types of birds that will be painted on the chandelier. For example, owls, parrots or canaries. You can decorate the lamp with fictional bird species or use your favorite cartoons as an image;
    • to create a feeling of lightness and weightlessness in the room will help light-clouds. It is not necessary to adhere to the classic image of the ceiling in blue. Here you can use pink or yellow paint;
    • items from your favorite cartoons or fairy tales. The main thing to take into account the wishes of the young princess. For example, to execute a chandelier in the shape of an umbrella, if the favorite cartoon is "Winnie the Pooh";
    • The theme of space can also be reflected in the room for the girl. Only to depict the lamp better in the form of the sun or in the form of an asterisk;
    • Images of any cute creatures will fit here. For example, a bunny, cat, fish or even a bee. Looks better when the lamp is fully represented as a favorite animal;
    • Chandelier in the form of a rainbow. It can be supplemented by a cloud, figurines of fairies, animals or birds.

    Classic style for girls

    BoardFor rooms of boys and girls, you can use lamps in the form of balloons. This is true for chandeliers with lots of light bulbs. The design will look festive and solemn at any time.

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    Style selection

    For younger children, the most important is the safety of the model and the level of illumination it provides. But to maintain the interior in a certain style is required for a teenager's room. During this period, children begin to express themselves. Parents should help unlock the inner potential of the child.

    Design room in a modern style lofit

    Typically, styles are applied to the boy's room, such as:
    • loft;
    • high tech;
    • modern

    For young ladies, the choice falls on modern classics or Provence.

    In the nursery, style directions are rarely used in their pure form. Children, taking the path of growing up, add their own style, personal objects and cute things to the space. This emphasizes their individuality and character. The lamp also becomes part of the new interior. To convey all the uniqueness, you can experiment with its hue, shape, material from which it will be made.

    Hi-tech style

    If the children's room has low ceilings, then it is better to choose a ceiling or an overhead model of a chandelier. The diameter is selected based on the size of the room. Hanging lamp will interfere with walking, as well as emphasize the small height of the room. To complement the interior and place light accents in it, you can use a spotlight.BoardWhen a child wants to see a lamp in his room without plafonds or a lampshade, it is recommended to purchase matte light bulbs. Due to this, the light will be gently diffused, which will not cause any harm to children's eyesight.

    Art Nouveau

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    The main criteria for choosing a chandelier

    For all items that are in the nursery, initially increased demands. First of all, it concerns security. The lamp must pass a series of tests, which will prove its compliance with the following requirements:

    • do not ignite;
    • do not contain toxic and harmful components;
    • without fragile and small parts.

    Interesting lighting over the playing area

    If at least one of these conditions is not met, then in the future parents may face negative consequences.

    After the safe model of the chandelier is chosen, it is necessary to select the optimum level of light for the children's room. Preference is better to give a soft and diffused lighting. It does not harm children's vision. Today there are models that are initially equipped with a dimmer. Thanks to this modern function, parents themselves will be able to control the intensity of lighting in the nursery.

    BoardChandelier must be selected strictly in accordance with the area of ​​the room.

    For the nursery, it is important that every centimeter is normally consecrated. The child should not play or engage in the twilight, and also try to consider something in a dark corner. If the selected chandelier can not cope with this task, you can add it with spotlights, sconces or a floor lamp.

    Chandelier must be selected strictly in accordance with the area of ​​the room

    Special attention is paid to light bulbs. For children, it is better not to choose halogens. If they are damaged, toxic gas is released from them, which can harm children's health. It is recommended to use LED lighting. Often parents are discouraged by the high price. However, not everyone knows the strengths of the LEDs.

    Among them:
    • each bulb shines much brighter than a regular one;
    • power consumption is reduced when using LEDs;
    • durability. One light bulb can work for about 15 years.

    There is also such an indicator when choosing a chandelier in the nursery as a pulsation index. It should be at the level of no more than 10%, and preferably much less. Violation of the level of pulsation imperceptibly to the naked eye. This will affect the health and well-being of the child. The main symptoms are:

    • fatigue;
    • apathy;
    • low performance;
    • frequent pain in the head;
    • depression.

    For a developing children's organism, each of this item can lead to irreversible and negative consequences.

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