Ceramic floor tiles - with love from Spain. 240+ (photo) for kitchen, bathroom, hallway


Spanish floor plates - one of the most successful, popular choices among buyers. They participate in the birth of bathrooms, kitchens, corridors of refined European style. What attracts designers and other people? Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Coverage Features
  • Ceramic hob
  • Spanish floor cooker
  • Mosaic
  • Color panel
  • Porcelain tile
  • Venatto
  • Pamesa
  • Emigres
  • Wood stove
  • Rocersa
  • Oset
  • Other popular Spanish plate makers
  • APE Ceramica
  • Absolut keramik
  • Aparici
  • Maritima ceramics
  • Saloni ceramica
  • Venus
  • Mainzu
  • Cicogres
  • VIDEO: Spanish tiles in the interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 240 photos)
  • Coverage Features
  • Ceramic hob
  • Spanish floor cooker
  • Porcelain tile
  • Wood stove
  • Other popular Spanish plate makers
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 240 photos)
  • Coverage Features

    Spanish ceramic coatings are loved by their:

    • Durability, strength - such characteristics of the material gives a special technology of firing clay tablets, which make ceramics.
    • Resistance to high or low temperatures, humidity - this is also a huge merit of exclusive firing technology.
    • Practical - its size, shape, create a new design in the bathrooms and kitchens at home.
    • Durability - due to good resistance to the effects of destructive factors from the external environment, Spanish ceramic floors do not collapse. They do not crack, do not darken, do not grow dull, and the drawing put on them looks like a new one for a long period of time.
    • Aesthetic appeal - Spanish ceramic coatings create a unique European style, and the store has a variety of shapes and colors. All of them are made in an elegant skillful manner of talented craftsmen.

    Resistance to different temperatures

    The main competitor of Spanish ceramics is Italian ceramics., but she cannot surpass her in quality and beauty. In their production, the most expert-rated material is taken, and new technologies create new solutions in the interior.

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    Ceramic hob

    Ceramic plates are lined with walls, ceilings, floors, so many different colors and shapes are sold on the market of building materials and repairs.

    Durable and durable material

    The most important are the following:

    • 15 * 15 square centimeters - small squares, mostly adorn the walls of bathrooms.
    • 20 * 20 square centimeters - larger squares, used primarily to decorate the floor, ceiling, less often used on the walls.
    • 20 * 50 square centimeters - rectangles that are just beginning to be used in bath design along with square samples, are often applied to walls.
    There are both monophonic Spanish ceramic samples, and drawing on them of various patterns, drawings. The skillful combination of these two types of tiles in the design of the bathroom will help to create its unusual and unique look.

    Spanish tile - timeless standard

    Ceramic tiles are also divided into:
    • Matte - samples that do not have additional coverage, therefore, do not reflect solar as well as artificial light. Of the minuses, a greater degree of reaction to adverse effects from outside is noted.
    • Enamel - have an additional enamel coating, which to a greater extent protects them from the effects of water, high temperatures. Among enamel ceramic tiles there are also specimens with a glossy shine, as well as without it.

    Matt coatings do not reflect light


    The method of making tiles also divides them according to classification criteria. Such ceramic samples have the following names:

    • Earthenware spanish ceramic plates - The basis of their manufacture is earthenware, porous material. Plates have the same structure, and glaze coloring gives them a range of color shades.
    • Majolica - this is a beautiful bright stove. It is covered with glossy enamel, a variety of colored paints.
    • Ceramic granite (porcelain stoneware) - belongs to the class of high-temperature ceramics. It ranks first among durable, shock-resistant, durable tiles. Because of its characteristics, it is made as a floor covering in bathrooms and kitchens with corridors.
    • Cotto - Another stove, which is characterized by the ability to withstand the unfavorable conditions of bathrooms, to remain in its original state. It has a porous base, as well as a matte surface.
    • Clinker - also often used for flooring. From characteristics differs in water tightness, fire resistance.

    The demand for it is growing every day.

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    Spanish floor cooker

    The kitchen is a place where food is cooked, which means there is a lot of pollution. The solution to this problem are the plates, which are easy to clean, wash. Which ones are better to choose? A variety of variations of pottery create a variety of interiors. Coverage options that are popular and valuable to customers are presented below.

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    Mosaic is not only a favorite children's game, but also the decoration of bathrooms. It is a set of small square tiles that allow you to focus on something, or divide the room into zones if necessary. The palette of shades of mosaic plates is diverse - from the lightest to the darkest shades. Its main advantage is that it allows you to design hard-to-reach, difficult-to-design places.. At the same time, it fits perfectly into a design created from ceramic tiles or other material.

    Focusing on mosaic

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    Color panel

    Color panel - bought by people who are looking for in the design of non-standard, new solutions. The panel is created from separate colored and monochromatic plates, which together create a separate picture - on the ceiling, walls, floor. From the plates you can create:

    • Still lifes.
    • Portraits of people, animals.
    • Landscapes.
    • Abstract drawings.

    Non-standard solutions in the form of color panels

    BoardIt is best to place the panel in the center of the floor or wall, or to decorate the whole wall with it. Attention is drawn to the fact that the colors of the panel and the rest of the tiles are combined. In order to create a beautiful bathroom interior, you must pay equal attention to both the wall and the floor covering. Manufacturers make special plates for the floor. They are characterized by high strength, impact resistance, durability.

    We make out in patchwork style

    Floor design options:

    • Samples with small roughness, combined in color with a wall covering.
    • Square different shades, different in range of shades from the wall covering.
    • Rectangular, which also have different colors, dissimilar to the wall.
    • The combination of square, rectangular elements of different colors and shades.
    • Color picture-panel made of ceramics of different colors, sizes.
    • Ceramic tiles, in color reminiscent of parquet flooring.

    A set of samples created by the tastes, wallets of each.

    There are a lot of design options.

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    Porcelain tile

    Porcelain stoneware - especially strong material of which floor coverings are made. Here on the market there are several companies that use high-temperature ceramics in production.

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    The company Venatto basically do only tile flooring. Technologists choose high-temperature ceramics - ceramic granite as raw materials. This type of pottery is made for floor tiles, as refers to materials with the highest density, impact resistance, resistance to destructive influences from the environment, durability.

    High impact, resistant, dense material

    In addition to the bathroom floors, steps of this manufacturer can be faced. The palette of shades of ceramic plates of the company - pastel soft colors: from beige to light brown. Interesting, bright and beautiful samples of the company of the following collections: "Beige Siena", "Texture", "Pulido", "Carirbe", as well as many others.

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    Despite the fact that the company's production is expanding, it still focuses on the manufacture of ceramic floor tiles. This means that they are predominantly made of porcelain stoneware. This material is one of the strongest known, it does not rub off over time..

    The most durable Pamesa - not erased for many years

    Pottery does not tarnish, does not crack, but retains its original appearance for a long time. Items are produced under:

    • tree;
    • tapestries;
    • marble;
    • silk;
    • tree.

    All raw materials are of high quality, the technology of applying paint has been improved since the day the company was founded. The materials are safe for both the environment and health.

    Gray is one of the predominant colors.

    Among the colors prevail:

    • Gray;
    • lactic;
    • coffee;
    • brown;
    • white.
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    Emigres produce floor and wall tiles for those who want to create a bright interior in the bathroom. In a versatile collection of shades appear as calm colors, for example, white, beige, gray, and bright colors:

    • red;
    • green;
    • blue;
    • purple

    Emigres - dominated by both bright and passive tones

    Samples are made of porcelain stoneware, durable, durable material, so they will serve for several decades. They are well resistant to heat, cold, dryness, humidity, which has been repeatedly tested by tests.

    Elements produced by the company allow you to create colorful, bright panels on the wall or floor. Emigres offers its products at an average price, not overstating it. Among unusual and beautiful designers pay attention to the samples "Madeira", "Olite", "Sineu", "Lucca", "Flandes".

    Well withstands both heat and cold

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    Wood stove

    The production of tiles wood and other natural materials are the following Spanish firms:

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    The company Rocersa from Spain supplies the market of finishing materials with a wide variety of ceramic tile collections. For nature lovers, specimens stylized as stone or wood are made.

    For those who like the classic, created a collection in pastel colors. For those who love modern design, Rocersa makes tiles from the collections of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, and those who love chic use antique and Victorian designs.

    For those who like the classic in pastel colors

    Unlike its competitors, the company sells its products at low cost.I. However, this does not affect the quality and durability of the material - they successfully withstand heat and humidity. Among the samples emit "Stucco", "Charisma", "Infinity", "Azahara", "Pandora", "Habitat".

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    Oset is another ceramic flooring company, similar to materials of natural origin. Oset occupies the first position in the market of finishing materials, thanks to a diverse range of colors and quality material.

    Oset - very high quality material for use.

    With it, you can create "ceramic parquet", "ceramic stone display" and "ceramic wooden floor" in the bathroom. The firm makes the impossible possible. Making its samples only from high-quality and proven raw materials, Oset occupies one of the leading positions among its sales competitors. The material also includes stones, both precious and semiprecious, crystal and glass. Unique items are included in the following collections: "Antares", "Cerler", "Granito", "Landes", "Olympia".

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    Other popular Spanish plate makers

    These Spanish manufacturers will help create unique designs in the bathrooms, kitchens and hallways of your home.

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    APE Ceramica

    The Spanish company APE Ceramica creates its products under the slogan "the best for you." Indeed, the ceramic coating of its production are of high quality, durability and colorful design. APE Ceramica create marine, Greek, vegetable collections, do not forget about the classical style.

    At the base of each tile is a white background, which is decorated with prints, paints, splashes, etc. Another major plus of the company is that the material from which the samples are made is completely natural and eco-friendly. So it does not harm people and does not emit harmful substances into the environment. Among the most popular collections are: "Black Jack", "Abbey", "Comfort", "Click", "Baltimore".

    APE Ceramica - natural and eco-friendly material

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    Absolut keramik

    Absolut Keramika presents expensive collections, the beauty and quality of which resonate with many hearts of customers. The Spanish company Absolut Keramika is constantly improving approaches to the manufacture of ceramic coatings. Therefore, since 1996 (the year of foundation of the company), they occupy a confident leading position in the field of finishing materials.

    Exclusive offers of the company - they make samples not only for decoration of apartment interiors, but also for facade decoration of houses.

    On the plates are depicted whole drawings - skillfully written teapots, flowers, landscapes, still lifes. The leading and interesting collections of the brand are "Olives Fluor", "Toledo", "Tea", "Masia", "Fulham", "Benfica", "Bourgogne".

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    Aparici for the production of ceramic tiles departed from the usual standards of the classics, presented a collection of tiles with a heterogeneous texture color structure. Such designs are suitable for those who want to create an unusual unique interior in the bathroom.

    Aparici has been on the market for more than 50 years, during which time it has earned the recognition of buyers all over the world. The raw materials used for the manufacture of ceramics, passes tests for quality, strength, environmental friendliness, durability.

    Aparici with a heterogeneous textural color structure

    The tiles are made by burning white clay, which is then given a rough shape. Aparici make ceramic tiles for facing both walls, floor, ceiling. Popular collections: "Imarble", "Kingdom", "Pashmina", "Insignia", "Moving", "Legacy".

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    Maritima ceramics

    The Spanish company Maritima Ceramics creates its collections especially for those who love the sea. The main colors used in the manufacture of tiles are deep blue hues, azure, pure white. All tiles are covered with a special enameled coating, which reflects the light, gives a glossy effect.

    By standard square plates, small rectangular or square plates are produced, which are elemental in creating a marine bathroom design. They are painted with shells of various shapes and sizes, waves, sea creatures, etc.

    The tiles are coated with a special enameled coating.

    All tiles are created and burned under strict control at enterprises, tested for strength, exposure to exposure to humidity, high temperatures.. Favorite collections of customers: "Maritima", "Robinson", "Rumbo Batalla", "Rain".

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    Saloni ceramica

    Saloni ceramica is a Spanish company that has been presenting its products on the market of finishing materials since 1971. Its distinctive characteristic is stylization of samples for natural finishing materials. Ceramic plates are made in the form of stones, wood, various fabrics, etc. Saloni ceramica produce wall, but also flooring.

    Styling samples for natural finishing materials

    The basic color palette consists of soothing tones — white, brown, gray, etc. Along with the fact that natural materials do not emit harmful substances into the environment, do not affect the health of animals and people, the materials of the company are also safe, non-toxic.

    They successfully pass all tests, lab tests. Popular collections: "Arquitect", "Atmosfera", "Madeir", "Bermeo", "Diplomatic".

    Materials do not affect human health.

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    No wonder the company "Venus" took the name in honor of the ancient Greek goddess of beauty. The designs of the tiles here are bohemian, unearthly. The palette of colors includes the most delicate light shades:

    • whites;
    • pale pink;
    • peach;
    • milk

    The tiles are enamelled, reflecting artificial as well as sunlight. "Venus" in addition to wall, flooring, produce and decorate additional elemental tiles. They make a variety of interior design.

    The palette of colors includes the most delicate light shades

    They are applied to additional drawings in the form of flowers, plants, abstractions, and the dimensions and shapes themselves differ from standard square plates. Despite the lightness, lightness of colors, the ceramics produced by the company are strong, durable, resistant to heat and moisture.

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    Mainzu is a well-known Spanish company, which is notable for its particular love for Eastern style. If you also, like them, are not indifferent to the beauty of the East, then their ceramic tiles will fit perfectly.

    Matte, glossy, embossed, smooth samples are presented in different colors - white, dairy, peach, gold. Each copy with a pattern is worked out in detail, drawn, this is the pride of the company Mainzu.

    Tile Mainzu with oriental notes

    High-quality material, durability, impact resistance allow you to feel inside such an interior as in the magic lamp of Aladdin. Mainzu pays great attention to environmental issues, so it carefully checks the raw materials from which tiles are made, as well as paints for the content of harmful substances.

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    The company realizes a significant part of its revenue for the needs of the development of production capabilities, so the tiles produced by Cicogres have reasonable prices.

    Cicogres - develops a sense of calm and comfort

    Beautiful collections are presented in beige, pastel colors with floral ornaments and drawings. The design of the bathroom or kitchen, made by these stoves, evokes a feeling of calm, spiritualization.

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    VIDEO: Spanish tiles in the interior