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Mosaic in the interior: Where is better to use? In the kitchen, bathroom or living room? (180+ Photos). Inspiring design with options (wood, mirror, glass)


Mosaic can be considered durable. Over time, the brightness and saturation of colors is not erased. It can be used in any interior. With the help of mosaic you can revive the old interior, or focus on something. Due to the variety of materials, it can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. You can know about its types, use, and features of the material in this article.

Content of this article:

  • Mosaic use
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom, living room
  • Kitchen
  • House
  • Mosaic type
  • Metallic
  • Moroccan
  • Smalt
  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Stone
  • Coconut
  • Ceramic
  • Wooden
  • Rare species
  • VIDEO: Successful examples of the use of mosaic
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • Mosaic use
  • Mosaic type
  • Rare species
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • Mosaic use

    This material has good characteristics for moisture, durability. It is most convenient for them to veneer an uneven, curved surface. Mosaic can be laid together with ceramic tiles, changing the width and length in the places of decoration, while not cutting the tile.

    Chocolate-colored mosaic in the interior of a modern kitchen

    With the help of mosaic you can give the room a luxury, originality, originality.

    You can make a colored wall in the house or use this material to decorate furniture, colon. Mosaic can be used for the decoration of tables, bar, arches, etc.

    On the wall, you can imitate animal coloring, this unusual solution will bring interest to the interior.

    Very bright design for your bathroom.

    Mosaic expensive, but effective choice. It is enough to select with its help several elements in the house to make an interesting touch.

    It can be used in combination with other materials. You can select areas in the room with its help or to focus on certain areas.

    With the help of mosaic you can focus on a particular area

    Mosaic can be used in any room:

    • in the bathroom;
    • in the living room;
    • in the bedroom;
    • on the kitchen;
    • in a private house.

    Mosaic can be decorated not only the kitchen

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    Mosaic tiles can be combined with tiles. With its help, you can lay out the panel. Decorate the walls in one color or make a smooth transition between shades.

    Create a luxury effect, gloss can be diluted mosaic mirror inserts. If at the same time in the bathroom will be the right lighting, then everything will sparkle.

    Create an effect with mirror inserts.

    This material is used not only for decoration of walls, but also for floors. Spread patterns, paintings, paths that bring vitality to the interior.

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    Bedroom, living room

    Mosaic will look good in the bedroom, living room, if they are decorated in vintage style, retro. To emphasize the peculiarity of the Moroccan or ethnic style make on the wall panels.

    Mosaic may also be present in modern styles. The main thing is to observe one rule - a combination of color.

    Most often, tiles cover a section of a wall or a single bedroom wall.

    The material is used for furniture design. So, you can update the old coffee table, making it a colored surface, window sill.

    Resistant to mechanical damage, moisture

    The creation of decorative text compositions due to the pixel structure of the mosaic will be a stylish trick. This can be any kind of catchwords, inspirational phrases, etc.

    Animate the interior of any room

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    In the kitchen, you can replace the usual mosaic tiles, it is suitable for any design. In the kitchen there will be bright colors and your mood.

    The apron in the kitchen can be made in one color. It looks interesting when bright blotches are scattered on the wall, while using several shades at once. This material can be with a concave or flat surface.

    The apron in the kitchen can be made in one color

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    If the house has a fireplace, the mosaic can be used to highlight and design this area. You can choose a mosaic tile of the same color with the rest of the room, or make a pattern in this area, multi-colored blotches.

    For the application of such tiles suitable garden, outdoor gazebo, veranda. In these places you can add interesting patterns, arrange a path on the site, update garden furniture. If there is a small fountain, well or pond in the courtyard, you can put a mosaic in places in these zones.

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    Mosaic type

    There are many types of mosaic tiles. They differ in material, color, service life, and other characteristics. The presence of a large selection allows you to use this material in any room (room, bathroom, kitchen or hallway).

    Due to the presence of many shades with the help of a mosaic you can create almost any patterns.

    Types of mosaic:

    • metal;
    • glass;
    • Moroccan;
    • smalt;
    • stone;
    • ceramic;
    • wooden;
    • mirror;
    • coconut

    Mosaic is a pretty old way of decorating

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    Relatively new type of tile. This tile is made of stainless steel. Its thickness is small, but has good strength, low weight. Damage to this tile is not terrible. It is resistant to corrosion, therefore, it can be used in places with high humidity, it is a kitchen and a bathroom.

    This kind of corrosion resistant

    There is also a mosaic of aluminum. This material is softer, they can easily arrange round surfaces. It is also moisture resistant.

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    The style "Morocco" implies the use of a variety of patterns, both flat and bulk. And the mosaic can handle it easily. This style can be combined with any other, therefore, it is often used.

    Using a wide variety of patterns

    A bright play of colors can be created by using different colors and textures. The main shades mainly choose terracotta, brown, ocher. On their background, these colors look good:

    • blue;
    • yellow;
    • Orange;
    • turquoise;
    • emerald.

    You can use different colors and textures.

    It is better to collect panels from a small mosaic tile. You can use the traditional motifs of the style "Morocco" or choose other patterns, scenes.

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    It is considered one of the most expensive, because Its basis is natural glass. With good lighting, such a tile seems to glow, it has a bright and saturated color in itself. This material will look good in any interior.

    Smalt mosaic - heat resistance advantage

    Even a small area, decorated with small mosaic, will stand out in the design of the room. But, due to the high cost of the material, not everyone can afford to use it.

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    Such a mosaic has a relatively low cost, therefore it is in demand. It has various colors. There are such types of glass tiles:

    • transparent;
    • matte;
    • platinum;
    • silver;
    • golden.

    In demand due to its price.

    Such more original and various shades are obtained due to the use in the production of different layers of foil.

    Such material has good readings of strength, it is resistant to heat and frost. It can be used in any premises. Such tiles can be made out:

    • floors;
    • walls;
    • pieces of furniture.

    The main qualities of mosaic surfaces are aesthetics and practicality.

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    Mirror tile is considered one of the types of glass. It differs in that it can reflect the surrounding objects and light. This quality allows you to visually expand the space. It’s harder to work with, unlike the rest.

    Expanding space with mirror surfaces

    Mirror mosaic tiles are more fragile. Behind it must be a special care, you must carefully select and use detergents. But from the powder for cleaning is abandoned.

    This tile does not tolerate strong moisture. From dampness, turbidity appears on the surface. Therefore, it is better not to use it in the bathroom and kitchen. In the rooms, on the contrary, it will look good, and will serve for a long time, subject to the rules of operation.

    This kind of very afraid of moisture

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    Such mosaic tile has various options. This allows not only to decorate the room inside with taste, but also to improve the area around the house. At registration of walls both expensive material, and usual pebble can be used. Both options look good, the only difference is the price.

    Mosaic and panels from natural stone are most often made of marble, onyx, lapis lazuli

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    For the manufacture of such mosaic tiles taken natural material. It has the original look, good strength. Also, it is resistant to damage, the effects of fungus, moisture. Therefore, this tile can be used both in the rooms and in the bathroom, in the kitchen.

    For coconut mosaic tiles, you can use simple parquet glue. This material is easy to clean, it retains heat well and protects from extraneous noise. The coconut tile is resistant to burning.

    Resistant to burning

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    This mosaic tile resembles the appearance of ordinary ceramic tiles. They will differ only in shape and size. It can be square, rectangular.. Mosaic can be made using some effects. For example, irregularity, small cracks are simulated, there are patches of different bright colors, they resort to glazing. In unglazed tiles, the surface will be porous.

    The mosaic will fall even on an uneven surface.

    Ceramic mosaic can be used in the exterior of the house and interior.

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    Wooden mosaic will fit well in the style of techno, loft. Outwardly, it looks very unusual and original.

    Original fit in any style

    This mosaic is mainly a mixture of wood species and different shades. It may be an unusual shape, for example, in the form of a cross section of a tree trunk.

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    Rare species

    To rare and expensive species include diamond, gold, pearl mosaic. The tile from such material belongs, most likely, to a type of needlework. Working with her is very painstaking and requires a careful approach.

    Nacre is fragile, it cannot be laid on the floor, but it is waterproof and not afraid of high temperatures, moisture.

    Elite is considered to be a tile of jasper, lapis lazuli, onyx. Walls using such tiles will look luxurious. Onyx has a large selection of colors. Various patterns, which, due to the effect of the glow look in a special way. The color of such a tile is blue, yellow, orange, pink, amber, etc.

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    VIDEO: Successful examples of the use of mosaic