Bathroom Design with and without a Sink: Choosing furniture (165+ Photos). What is preferred?


At present, with the help of interior design, an unusual image of a bathroom can be reproduced, and a bathroom without a sink is a clear example. Such an unusual solution is suitable for a small bath, and for a large space. But in order for the interior to look beautiful and modern, it is necessary to take into account all the subtleties of the design, the location of the furniture, the ratio of colors. Find out about everything in more detail later in the article.

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  • Bathroom - description and purpose
  • Features
  • Bathroom cupboard without a sink
  • What is this furniture?
  • Equipment
  • Material
  • What are thumbs?
  • The original solution is a bathroom sink without a faucet hole.
  • Original shell shape
  • Where is the mixer?
  • Overflow system
  • Pros and cons
  • Chest of drawers in the bathroom without a sink
  • What can be made of?
  • Material
  • Chest Varieties
  • Dresser design features
  • How to choose a chest of drawers?
  • Bathroom furniture without sink
  • A variety of bathroom furniture
  • Practical advice
  • VIDEO: Sinks that change your interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 165 photos)
  • Bathroom - description and purpose
  • Bathroom cupboard without a sink
  • What are thumbs?
  • The original solution is a bathroom sink without a faucet hole.
  • Chest of drawers in the bathroom without a sink
  • How to choose a chest of drawers?
  • Furniture for the bath without a sink
  • Practical advice
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 165 photos)
  • Bathroom - description and purpose

    The time has already passed when the bathroom served as a room intended only for receiving a shower. Today this place can be defined as a room for relaxation not only of the body, but also of the soul. The overall background and atmosphere of the bathroom affects the mood. It is important that we are surrounded by beautiful things, pleasant colors, which will help not only to relax, but to recharge with positive energy for a long time.

    When developing interior design options for a bathroom, it is necessary to take into account all design directions. With the help of many modern details and elements, you can turn an ordinary room for a shower into a modern, stylish, cozy oasis, where it will be nice not only to spend time, but also to relax.

    Modern bathroom

    When planning the bathroom takes into account the necessary features of the location. If this is an apartment or a one-story house, then it is best to place it next to the bedroom. If this is a large building with several floors, then several bathrooms are possible where shower cabins can be located, and if space permits, one large bathroom with all the necessary furniture and accessories.

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    The rhythm of life is very tiring, and the desire to relax after a hard work is very important. Get peace and privacy, enjoy a warm bath with aroma oils is only possible in a modern bathroom. And the whole environment in this room gives a positive charge for a long time, creates a positive attitude for the whole day.

    The bathroom, both small and large, has certain complaints about the decor. The situation can be varied, and is chosen individually, depending on what you like best - a classic or a modern trend, what design you want to see.

    In the bathroom, you can get peace and privacy

    Most often in the bathroom can be observed:

    • bollard;
    • chest of drawers;
    • wall cabinet;
    • pencil case with a mirror;
    • various hinged or angular regiments.

    Modern bathroom interior can be equipped with modular furniture that will be individually designed for each room, depending on the size and design. And separately I want to say about the mirrors. First of all, mirrors visually increase the space of the room.

    If the bathroom is small, then hanging a large mirror on the wall, visually increase the size of the room.

    Recently, mirrors that do not sweat have become relevant. It is very convenient - you do not need to wipe it after taking a shower.

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    Bathroom cupboard without a sink

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    What is this furniture?

    Modern bathroom furniture has features - despite the fact that it takes up little space in its compactness, it performs all the necessary functions. One of the components of furniture can be called a cabinet.

    In their configuration, they can have a built-in washbasin, or be without it, which saves the space occupied, and there is enough space to store the necessary items.

    Bathroom stand does not have to hold the sink

    BoardWhen the bathroom space is large enough, it will be more rational and efficient to select models of pedestals without sinks.

    In the furniture market, manufacturers can offer any model.

    Curbstones can be:

    • ordinary classic;
    • corner;
    • suspended.

    The curbstone without a shell is characterized by excellent mobility in movement, it has a lot of space inside, and the tabletop can be used as a stand for objects and for storage. In a large assortment of pedestals you can find a model that fits the style and design of the room, or you can make it yourself.

    First of all, it is necessary to choose the most convenient place where the thumbs will be located and to make the necessary measurements.

    BoardIf you decide that it will be suspended, suitable for this bearing walls. They are strong enough and will withstand the weight of the furniture, which cannot be said about plasterboard partitions.

    The cabinet must have a certain style of interior.

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    If there are drawers or opening doors in the cabinet, then for such models you need more space, the doors should open as much as possible in the right direction. If space in the bathroom is limited, you can stay on the cabinet with shelves, and replace the opening doors with sliding doors.

    BoardTumba in the bathroom must have a certain style of the interior of the whole room, match the color and shape, so you should take into account the overall color background and other characteristics of the bathroom itself.

    Fittings require a certain attention - tinted plastic is cheaper and looks decent, but after a while the paint can wipe off and the product will look sloppy against the general background of all furniture. Therefore, experts advise when buying or manufacturing cabinets to pay special attention to accessories. Chrome-plated parts will look spectacular, serve for a long time and will not lose their shine over time..

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    Stand models are very diverse and are designed for any wealth.

    The most primitive is the usual rectangular box with ordinary shelves and opening doors where you can place the most necessary.

    There are more advanced options - with several compartments and drawers, some models have a built-in laundry basket.

    As an addition to the models can be:

    • backlight;
    • mirror;
    • legs on wheels.

    In classic style

    These cabinets are mainly made of common materials - particle board and MDF, which are water resistant, and are covered with a special film on top. Such furniture has an original appearance, is characterized by practicality, is inexpensive.

    The MDF coating is used for the manufacture of front hulls; a laminated chipboard coating can be observed inside. Thanks to the PVC film, various color and texture options are possible. You can make a cabinet under the tree, under the metal, or it will be the same color, or have a picture.

    Inexpensive production options are products made from plastic.

    They are lightweight, do not take up much space, they are not at all afraid of moisture, and therefore will look harmoniously near the bathroom or shower cubicle. Even in the most sophisticated interior, you can purchase an inexpensive plastic bedside table that will harmoniously and effectively look in the bathroom.

    Made of natural wood, without fittings

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    Curbstones can be made of natural wood, but because of the cost, they are used only for elite sets. Wood is treated with special means that protect the product from moisture, and with proper care and proper use, the pedestal can serve for a long time.

    Many consider products that are combined. It can be such a cabinet - a wooden case, a stone tabletop, and plexiglass doors. For finishing use various chrome-plated materials that combine depending on the design.

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    What are thumbs?

    According to the type and structure of the table, it can be divided into certain types with characteristic parameters:

    • outdoor - the most common form. This is a modular type of furniture that can be easily put on the chosen place, and just as easily moved if necessary. They are on legs, on wheels, or simply put on the floor;
    • Suspended - more compact version, look much more stylish, but have a small capacity. It is necessary to fix them with the help of brackets only on the bearing walls, the plasterboard partitions can not withstand the weight;

    Compact version to save space

    • angular - with this option, the cabinets are on the floor below, or may be suspended in the corner. In this case, you can fill any empty corner in the room.

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    The original solution is a bathroom sink without a faucet hole.

    This sink can boast a modern designer plumbing that will make the bathroom original and unique. The sophisticated and luxurious design serves as an ornament to any bathroom, whether it is a classic version of the interior, or a modern direction. Many people do not like the faucets on the sinks, they look rude, and bring some inconvenience during cleaning.

    The mixer can be installed outside the sink - it can be in the wall or in the floor.

    Such a modification can create the impression of a stream of water that appears in the sink literally from a wall or ceiling. This variation requires a special design and a certain approach to the interior.

    Such a sink makes the bathroom original and unique.

    One of the main and necessary elements in the interior of the bathroom is considered a sink. Recently, with the modern approach to the design of the bathroom, more and more often they offer a modified view of the sink - without a hole for the faucet. It belongs to the design type of plumbing, which contains both the decorative appearance and performs the appointment.

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    Original shell shape

    At first glance, the sink for the bathroom without a hole for the faucet is quite simple, the most common form. However, this is not the case; on the contrary, it is a rather complicated device. Some samples have no holes at all, even the discharge of water is not visible.

    Rectangular model - stylish and original

    On some models there is a side, with the help of which it overlaps the junction of the connection of the sink and the tabletop. Sometimes the sink is fixed under the table top, which closes all the joints.

    But the most original and hygienically correct is considered the option of a solid glass sink.

    In this embodiment, there are no seams where dirt will accumulate, which will spoil the appearance and not meet the standards of hygiene. A large sink will not give the spray to scatter throughout the room.

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    Where is the mixer?

    When modern bathroom design preference is given to supernova new sink models without a hole for the faucet. For these structures, an elongated spout mixer is used that is embedded in the wall, in the worktop, in the floor.

    The whole mechanism for wall faucets is in the wall, where it is not noticeable at all. Only the valve is visible in order to turn on the water, and the pipe through which water will flow. When the faucet is installed in the table top, the main condition is considered to be that the mixer spout corresponds to the height of the sink side itself. In expensive models there are almost no holes, if necessary it is installed directly on the floor near the sink.

    The whole mechanism for wall mounted faucets is in the wall.

    Such sinks were immediately released by manufacturers of sanitary ware in Europe. Over time, our designers worked closely with European experts, which allows us to produce more advanced models of bathroom sinks.

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    Overflow system

    So that during the operation the water from the sink does not overflow, specialists and designers have developed certain solutions that will allow to avoid trouble. Today, there are several ideas of the system responsible for ensuring that there is no overflow of water:

    • In the first variant, when the water in the sink reaches a certain height of the surface, the drain opens automatically, preventing the water from flowing outside.
    • In the second case, a siphon will come to the rescue, which is built in, there it is already connected to the drain pipe. When the drain hole is closed, the water under pressure rises to the level of the siphon in the sink.
    • When it comes to a certain point on the surface, it will overflow through the built-in partition, thus falling into the sewer. In this version, the sink is equipped with a special drain valve - non-lockable. This valve at a specific water level is automatically activated, overflow will not happen.

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    Pros and cons

    Such an original and effective at first glance sink without a hole for the mixer, like any other plumbing, or furniture has both advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantage of this design is that water can not be poured under the mixer

    The lack of such structures is a certain inconvenience in installation. To lay the necessary materials, pipes, it is necessary to hollow the walls in the bathroom, therefore it is necessary initially, even before the start of the repair, to decide whether such a sink is necessary in the bathroom or not.

    But the advantage - during operation, water can not be poured under the mixer, and thus will not deteriorate, wear the gasket. Such sinks do not collect dirt in themselves, like ordinary sinks. Thanks to this unusual design, the bathroom will look stylish and sophisticated. In order for the sink to serve for a long time, it should only be branded, the installation should be handled by a specialist.

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    Chest of drawers in the bathroom without a sink

    Previously, dressers were the subject of bedroom sets, linen and bedding were stored in them. The typical bathroom was equipped with ordinary furniture with sanitary ware, nobody heard about the dressers. Currently, designers in the preparation of the project of the interior of the bathroom offered a chest of drawers as a separate element. It looks great with other furniture, has become indispensable to use, it contains all the necessary items.

    Looks great with other furniture

    Like other furniture, dressers are:

    • plastic;
    • wooden;
    • combined from different materials.

    And the modern bathroom now does not even appear without such a subject. Like a chest of drawers, it is necessary and useful as:

    • shower cabin;
    • bedside table;
    • mirror.
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    What can be made of?

    A chest of drawers in a bathroom, like other elements, can be made of various materials:

    • plastic;
    • wood;
    • MDF and chipboard.

    These materials are used for a long time, every year the manufacturing technology is improved. But, like the rest of the materials, they have different reviews, characteristics - who respond positively, recommend, who find the negative sides.

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    Furniture made from a small-dispersion fraction, has strength, the basis of this material is a mixture of wood chips and improved polymers. But this mixture does not tolerate moisture, to give strength, experts cover the surface with a special paint, or glue with protective films with a decorative effect. For the manufacture of dressers MDF plates - this is a good option, they are rational in use, easily cut, it gives the product the necessary shape, the desired unevenness, configuration.

    The chest can be made of different materials.



    Wood chipboard furniture is highly sensitive to moisture. The production is based on larger chips. Due to the fact that the raw material is very absorbent of moisture, it is tried to cover it with a special water-repellent coating. Apply this material for the manufacture of dressers, but unfortunately, after a short period of time, moisture makes itself felt.

    Those parts of the dresser on which moisture is placed, mainly the legs of the dresser, may soften, the pressed chips will crumble along the edges, as a result, the material will rot. Products from such material are inexpensive, this is probably the only plus of such material.



    But plastic furniture is not afraid of moisture. Such dressers can be placed in any corner of the bathroom, without thinking that the legs of the dresser will be damaged. But, like any other material, plastic has significant drawbacks. Products from it are fragile, gentle. You can not put heavy things on them or put large items on them, over time they can crack, even if you lean on such a chest of drawers with force, it can not stand.

    Plastic furniture is not afraid of moisture at all

    There may be problems with design. Mostly they have a single color, to give a special bright color, they are pasted over with a special film, or they are painted. Under the influence of constant moisture over time, the film with paint can deteriorate.

    BoardEIf you choose between a plastic and MDF chest of drawers, then it is better to pay a little, a chest of drawers from the fine dispersion fraction will serve you for a long time.4


    Furniture made of wood is the most expensive option, superior to plastic, furniture made of chipboard and MDF. This property has a tree thanks to a special impregnation, which makes the product durable and not afraid of moisture. A chest of drawers made of natural wood is not harmful to health, it is not a chemical plastic. It is possible to achieve a decor by means of a covering of a product in various ways - from a varnish to polymeric paint or a film. Such a chest of drawers will really stand out from the rest of the furniture, and if necessary, and the selected texture in harmony with other positions.

    From natural wood

    Considering separately the advantages and disadvantages of all materials suitable for making a chest of drawers in the bathroom, we can conclude. One of the best materials is wood, but if its price seems high, you can consider MDF, which is well suited for making this furniture. Return to menu

    Chest Varieties

    Based on the designs, dressers for use in the bathroom are mainly of two types - straight and angular. Chests of any design in the bathroom look beautiful and stylish, it all depends on their placement, with what other furniture they will be in harmony. Before ordering a dresser, you need to make a decision - where is the best thing about will look - near the wall or in the corner:

    Straight dresser - This is a regular dresser, similar to the one that is in the bedroom. It is usually located along the wall and harmonizes well in the bathroom. The height, width and length of the product can be quite different, depending on the size of the bathroom itself, the wishes of the customer. Over time, these models will all be improved, manufacturers offer new options for a complete set, which saves space and increases the possibility of more storage of things in the dresser.

    Looks like a chest of drawers in the bedroom

    Corner chest of drawers - A more modern version of the dresser. Due to its original design, it can easily become in any corner of the bathroom, while occupying a minimum of space. This is very convenient if the place near the wall is occupied by other furniture, and the corners are empty. Such dressers can be both plastic and wooden. Return to the menu ↑

    Dresser design features

    Today, the dressers used in the bathroom do not at all resemble the furniture that used to be - big, bulky and cumbersome. Now this is the original model, a completely different design and project, made individually for each customer, from different materials.

    Modern option

    The main feature of the dresser, is that basically they have several large drawers in which you can store the most necessary things for the bathroom - from bathrobes to towels. Small boxes are mainly used for storing small items.

    At will here it is possible to place:

    • washing gels and powders;
    • personal hygiene items;
    • toothpastes; shaving products.

    On the surface you can also place the necessary accessories. In some models, built-in sink instead of tabletop.

    I also want to say about the original version of the dresser, which has recently been in great demand. It is a pierum. Above, on the table top there may be a mirror, which makes it possible to use it as a makeup table. And the height of perfection in the design of the drawers can be called products in which both mirrors and sinks are combined at the same time.

    Classic, out of fashion

    Having such a construction, the bathroom is not cluttered up, there are no many hangings on the walls, everything you need for bath procedures is in one place. But such multifunctional dressers should be made of more durable materials than plastic, because it has a certain weight.

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    How to choose a chest of drawers?

    When buying a dresser for the bathroom, knowing what you want, what design, what material it should be made from, you need to follow tips that will help you make the right choice and enjoy your purchase:

    • Quality is one of the main parameters. Be sure to check the strength of the material itself, make sure that everything works flawlessly - the doors open fully, the drawers slide out to the end. The product should be without scratches and chips, the paint was completely and evenly applied, all fasteners were in place and worked. Do not forget that plastic chests are less durable than others;
    • dimensions are also an important factor. Before buying a chest of drawers, you need to know exactly where the chest of drawers will stand, whether there is enough space for it. If the bathroom is small, or vice versa has a large area, the best solution would be to order the furniture individually;

    Choose the right size and style.

    • accessories and its quality - one of the main indicators of quality furniture. Good fittings are expensive, and expensive and high-quality furniture will not deliver a cheap option. All handles, closers, legs, clasps must be of good quality;
    • execution style - the dresser should be in harmony with all the rest of the furniture. If you decide to order an additional product, when all the furniture is already in place, it is necessary to take its choice responsibly, otherwise, a chest of drawers that do not fit the color, size, structure of the rest of the furniture, will draw attention to themselves.

    Today, the furniture industry is at a high level, furniture is made for buyers with any income level.. Even the most capricious and discerning buyer will find a chest of drawers to his taste. It can be cheap or expensive, made of wood or plastic, be monophonic or with color. These issues are solved by the buyer who buys the dresser.

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    Furniture for the bath without a sink

    Just recently, the bathroom was a completely ordinary room where only the most necessary things:

    • shelves;
    • mirror;
    • the locker.

    Today, the variety of furniture for the bathroom is so great that any design decisions and your fantasies can be realized.

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    A variety of bathroom furniture

    Today, the bathroom is designed not only to take a daily shower, but also a place where you can completely relax, get relaxed. All necessary bath and cosmetic accessories for convenience should be located in convenient places, and be hidden from prying eyes. This will help a variety of furniture sets that can be bought from any manufacturer, or made to order on individual projects.

    The bathroom can be a real work of art.

    Typically, these headsets consist of the main components:

    • Wall cabinets are open or closed.
    • The cabinets are ordinary, or embedded under the sink.
    • Floor cabinets, there are cases and half-penals.
    • A variety of mirrors, including waterproof.
    • A variety of additional accessories - laundry baskets, hygiene kits, towel warmers.

    Use different elements of decor

    Basically, all the furniture in the bathroom is made from practical inexpensive materials - chipboard or MDF, or it is wooden. The main criterion for the choice of material is moisture resistance. Sheets made of MDF and chipboard are specially coated with a film of self-adhesive, lacquer or enamel coating.

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    Practical advice

    In order to choose a spectacular and stylish furniture in the bathroom, which will last a long time and will be all the same quality, you need to follow a number of practical tips.

    • The size of the furniture should be suitable for the room parameters. If the room is small and the furniture is bulky, there will be very little space left and there will be certain inconveniences.
    • You need to choose furniture that will be well combined with the finish.
    • When choosing furniture, you need to remember about the basic parameters of moisture resistance. Therefore, a bedside table for the bedroom in the bathroom does not fit.
    • Many prefer the corner and suspension models, they take up little space, compact, stylish and modern. But this choice can only be individual.

    Delightful bathroom option