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Loft style in the interior is an industrial approach to design, which began as an organization of an effective working environment. But over time, it has grown to functional houses or individual rooms in a house in this characteristic industrial style.


When organizing an effective space in the house, it is the loft style that is often used for the kitchen, where you can place all the necessary equipment and use all the convenient placement possibilities offered by this style. Let's find out what opportunities it gives.

Loft-style kitchens are a pretty popular trend.

Loft style in the interior of kitchens

Loft-style kitchens are a fairly popular trend; they are rooted in the aesthetics of old warehouses where industrial materials or products were stored. In the kitchen, industrial creativity comes to the fore. His main points are:

  • rough laminate for compact durable designs;
  • the union of wood, metal and glass;
  • relaxed atmosphere with an aura of urban exclusivity.

For a loft style, any type of kitchen will not work; you need to have a certain layout so that it will eventually become airy. It does not have to be a huge room with high ceilings, but some design problems will prevent you from turning around in a small room with low ceilings.

This style in the interior is an industrial approach to design.

The main thing you want to achieve is convenience and versatility, which are suitable for both a large kitchen and a small city format. Since this is a rather spectacular, elegant and modern look, it is often used in urban apartments, where the furnishings are not always spacious.. Therefore, designers have developed many tricks that allow you to achieve the desired ergonomics.

BoardSimple handles and metal frames perfectly complement wooden cabinets. Small details in retro-style and fluorescent lamps give the character of the kitchen.

Combining wood, metal and glass

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This is a modern kitchen design, which finds its expression in the romance of urban plants, factories and other industrial enterprises. Stylish trends that he has absorbed, perfectly combined with new materials and elegant simplicity. The basis of the style is the openness of the rooms by the type of attic or attic, which confirms the meaning of the English word loft (loft) - the upper room, dovecote.

Next to modern design ideas, here you will find rustic materials, massive wood, concrete, oxidized metal and sophisticated glass, which create stunning contrasts, bringing energy with many large shelves and beautiful accents in an industrial style.

This style will not suit any type of kitchen.

Ideas for style may depend entirely or partially on taste, but general trends always have to be taken into account:

  • Open shelves. The attic space in the industrial guise looks good exactly with open shelves. Make a nice contrast with polished tiles on the floor and granite countertops.
  • Brickwork. Use it for your favorite part of your kitchen - in the cooking area, or dining table. Brick will give the room a classic look for style.
  • Textured walls. It can be not only a brick, but any other rough work, or its imitation - olive plaster, imitation of cobblestone, wooden boards, unusual tiles, burlap and hemp fabric - the choice is limited only by imagination.
  • Big windows - the most noticeable feature of this style. And they create a wonderful cooking space.
  • Sloping roof with hatches - the best feature.

The basis of style is the openness of the premises.

There is necessarily a tree in one form or another - if it is not in the basic furniture, then the presence should be compensated by the decoration of the walls, the ceiling and other surfaces. Often, designers use solid wood and other expensive materials - such as high-quality furniture with glass, metal. Metal and glass surfaces work to increase the visual space and urban novelty, play with the color scheme. While wood gives the interior a touch of country style, without which the design loses its zest.

In short, loft kitchen is a combination of innovative design developments and familiar, useful details. This interior will look simple, holistic, devoid of all unnecessary.BoardUse laminated wood and artificially aged texture to achieve an authentic loft. Bright color combinations will not spoil the interior, but make it more interesting, so do not be afraid to diversify the palette.

There is always a tree in one form or another.

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Tips for a small kitchen

When you have only a small space instead of "dovecot" or "attic", on which you need to fit all the equipment and get a spacious atmosphere, you can use some tricks.

On the one hand, it may seem that a loft is a space with high ceilings, large details and other conditions that require a lot of space. However, the urban approach with its ergonomics surprisingly transformed it, so you can safely try it on at home. Use hanging mechanisms for plates and other kitchen belongings.

The combination of design and familiar, useful parts

BoardSimplify your design with one trick - choose a suitable size for the elements. Square meters should be used to the maximum to avoid gaps in the corners. This will further relieve the space required for the style. Return to menu

Texture and contrast

Beat different textures using a large number of reflective surfaces. This will give the kitchen space. Use natural wood in places where there will be contact with hands to provide tactile comfort.

The neighborhood of different textures and even materials will give an interesting look - they can be combined in one kitchen set, connecting, for example, the front of cabinets made of wood and concrete. Make a wooden set with a tin finish. Any metal parts give a graphically striking effect - where to use it, if not in the kitchen? For example, make open shelves with tin trim or lacquered aluminum frame and put tin bowls on them.

Beat different textures

Glass shelves, shelves or blocks with bronze accents will also be appropriate here. These elements are perfectly combined and are able to create a basis for a different look - either a rough industrial one, or a more refined elegant one. Return to the menu

Charismatic wallpaper on the walls

The appearance of your walls plays a key role. If you are not one of those lucky ones who remove plaster during home renovation to show the beauty of brickwork, which can either be left natural or painted white, there are many good solutions on the market - the same wallpaper. Currently, there are wallpapers that accurately mimic cement or masonry.

Add decor

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Authentic details

Details can make a difference for anything. In an industrial atmosphere, they may be more important. For example, pens should be reliable, but at the same time practical.Hood also plays a vital role. It is desirable that all parts contain metal - in the priority of tin, bronze, steel, chrome. For a small space, combine metal with white. This combination gives a stylish feeling and is suitable for a feeling of spaciousness.

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Combination of open shelves with a classic headset

Choosing an industrial style means using contrast between closed cabinets and open shelving. Small space and taste for unusual decorations determines the open type of storage. These can be forged panels, open racks and shelves for trays. Consider storing what should be hidden from the eyes, in inconspicuous areas.

Using contrast between closed cabinets and open shelving

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What needs to be considered when planning?

Dynamic, relaxed and enterprising design is great for the kitchen of the metropolis. Whether it is an apartment in the "Khrushchev" or a new high-rise - you can make yourself a loft kitchen anywhere. You will need to slightly change the layout, or perhaps make a studio apartment, where the living room and kitchen are combined into a single organic space.

You can’t go wrong if you select materials for the premises, emphasizing the combination of modern materials (glass, steel, chrome) with old materials and objects (brickwork, concrete walls, wooden floor).

Stainless steel enhances the concept and emphasizes the contrast between a smooth metal surface and textured walls, so many kitchens are equipped with commercial or professional appliances.

Dynamic, relaxed and enterprising design

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White kitchen

White walls - the most preferred design option and the optimal basis for the placement of advanced furniture. You can choose a plastered version, painted (including painted brick) or wallpaper. Against such a background, any objects appear in contrast, and this effect will especially appeal to lovers of unusual details in a loft-style.

As flooring here are used:

  • graphite tile;
  • wide laminate;
  • rough artificially aged wooden flooring;
  • as well as other materials with a patina effect.

Stainless steel enhances the concept and underlines the contrast.

In addition, you can throw a carpet that realistically imitates a "pedestrian zebra" or "classic".

The white kitchen in the attic style should look like the kitchen of the restaurant: high-tech, neat, with shiny steel and chrome. A very original and fresh idea - a combination of cold dark color in the lower part of the furniture and a contrasting bright and warm on top.BoardTo make your kitchen look more professional, you need to put an oven and a stainless steel refrigerator. You should also have modern consumer electronics: a glossy black or chrome oven and a ceramic hob without edging.

In the dining area looks good floor lamp on a high chrome leg.

The walls can be decorated with appropriate accessories: road signs, advertising posters, graffiti and other details that are everyday and ordinary for residents of large cities.

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Studio Loft Kitchen

Since the open plan of the apartment is becoming more common, there are a lot of projects in which the advantages of style are clearly visible - easy demarcation of the space, the absence of suspended ceilings, a minimum of floor mats. And if you add new colors, plants and large windows on the sunny side, you can get a very comfortable living space.

The first rule here is to decide on the color scheme of the room you are preparing. The color scheme should not be limiting or boring, but it is important that the items that you ultimately buy for your space complement each other somewhat - subtlely or frankly. Popular tunes today are neutral because they mean bright accents and relaxing, muted areas.

Merges with another room

To make a real studio loft out of your kitchen, use industrial decor. One of the most important elements in it is open space. 

Here are the following elements:

  • brick walls;
  • rustic furniture;
  • vintage accessories;
  • ceiling pipes;
  • wooden beams.

Kitchen appliances with retro design are combined here with modern cabinets and walls of concrete.

Studio loft

Monochrome palette

If you evaluate the color content, there are shades of gray, brown and white everywhere. They form a complete neutral background, which is diluted with expressive red spots - upholstered sofas and chairs, the lacquered surface of the chairs, the inner surface of the hanging lamp, bright expressionistic paintings on the walls.Subdued colors help highlight and focus attention on bookshelves. In addition, the vases give unobtrusive patches of green and pink.

Zoning and Transformation

Indoors there are different zones that are easily transformed from one to another. Despite the fact that the space looks like one big room, there is a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and several seating areas.

Next to the shelves there is an area that is suitable for reading, relaxing and for work. Choose furniture that also can transform to serve different purposes. In the center there is a coffee table that can serve as a pouf or table for drinking coffee and tea.The coffee table, in front of which is a large TV set, is surrounded by a large gray sofa and armchairs.. Here you can receive guests. At night, the sofa can be turned into a bed.

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Corner kitchens

Corner kitchens are very common.. They are practical because they offer an ergonomic internal structure with a comfortable decor that is suitable for cooking, as well as for everything else. Regardless of whether you have a kitchen isolated, or a part of a studio apartment, such a kitchen layout has many advantages:

  • several working surfaces;
  • use of angular space;
  • convenient for placing the kitchen island.

Corner option

The corner kitchen can be decorated in modern aesthetics or classical design, which is combined with industrial notes.

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Brick finish

Designers offer the most stylish solutions from bricks. The open brick wall in the focal center of the room adds a stylish and rustic note to the overall look and feel of the space, which for the most part looks neat and luxurious.

But do not forget about the value of open steel surfaces and proper flooring, which take the kitchen to a whole new level.BoardChoose elegant and luxurious chandeliers, rhinestones, crystals, crystal and other luxurious materials will be appropriate here.

Large room with high ceiling in industrial style.

Wooden parquet in the form of a chevron or a Christmas tree made of dark wood will give your industrial kitchen a truly vintage look. Complete this thought with an apron made from subway-style tiles and add open shelves to your décor.

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How to choose furniture?

Properly composed industrial decor gives the impression that every thing in space is exactly where there should be nothing superfluous or awkward. We often experience this impression as something like: “How did they manage to connect everything so ergonomically?” or "How can I pick up all these details to get the same unique place?". Of course, the selection of all elements is a difficult task.

But besides the obvious, you need to give your kitchen a personality so that it reflects your own taste, which no one, even the highest quality, typical project can give.

Properly composed industrial decor

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Find your "golden section" between the brutal loft and more restrained decor, looking in the direction of contemporary style. These two areas in one way or another are present in any industrial decor, because they complement each other well. Raise or lower the level of industrial concentration over time, adding or removing some characteristic details.

Choose glossy cabinets and work surfaces, think up working, accent and general lighting to determine what impression your kitchen will have. Reflective surfaces and proper lighting play an important role in visual perception.

Reflective surfaces and proper lighting play an important role.

The most "own" color here is gray, which is present almost everywhere - from walls to technology. Invest in this color for the main equipment, headset, furniture. He does not get bored and will be a good base to change small accent details that can be chosen in a brighter color. This trick is designed to freshen up the décor, which can get annoying over time and it is fairly easy to change minor details, getting a visual and practical update.

If you do not want to start from scratch, then pick up some details for the existing kitchen - for example, select industrial-style chairs and gradually change the look of the kitchen with the help of new individual parts.

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Lighting is important.Try setting a kitchen island or turn on the dining table in the middle of the kitchen. Always remember to choose the correct length of pendant lights - they should not be too low.

Lighting is important

The theme of the kitchen should always be perfectly combined with other areas of loft design, even if the color of the rooms will be different.