Loft-style apartment interior: 215+ Design photos of unlimited space for Self-expression


Often in the urban style trim penthouses of elite high-rise buildings with access to the roof. Also, abandoned buildings with ceilings from 4 meters, large windows and a spacious layout without partitions are suitable for this.

Loft in the interior

Designers turned uncomfortable buildings into comfortable studios. Where it is possible to receive guests, to carry out perfomensy, to equip convenient corners for creativity and rest.

In the origins of the appearance

The first loft apartment appeared in the 50s in the United States, during the crisis. It all started at a time when many entrepreneurs were forced to move their production out of the city due to high rent. Uninhabited, abandoned attics, printing houses and workshops of the production area began to be removed by people of creative professions. Large areas with six-meter ceilings were suitable for organizing showrooms or workshops.

The first loft apartment appeared in the 50s in the US

Artists, architects and other owners of such "apartments" did not pay attention to the interior. They just needed a place to work, hold exhibitions and events. Therefore, in the arrangement, they often left walls, floors, and ceilings without finishing.

Inside, only the necessary furniture was set. The lack of decor was filled with copyrighted works of art. Gray concrete, brick or planked walls served as the basis (exhibition stand) on which art objects looked good. And large windows together with high ceilings made the room quite bright and spacious.

Actual industrial design in the interior

Over time, these studios began to be used as residential apartments. For this they were equipped:

  • a bathroom. The only area that was closed by partitions or walls;
  • cooking zone. The kitchen often fit in one corner of the room. It consisted of a small corner set, a bar stand, therefore, took up minimal space;
  • a place to rest.

Lofts were in demand among Bohemians, as well as young people who appreciate minimalism in the interior.

For this style, buildings with ceilings from 4 meters, large windows and a spacious layout without partitions are suitable.

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What is the difference?

From English loft translates literally as: "dovecot", "attic". Now so called spacious rooms without partitions with a minimalist design in the style of industrial. Although this interior resembles the upper floor of an industrial building, it still attracts with its original ideas and comfort.

Minimalist industrial-style room without partitions

Now Lofts will learn thanks to features such as:

  • open space;
  • high ceilings with beams;
  • panoramic or simply large windows;
  • brick or concrete walls without plaster;
  • cement or wooden floor;
  • unclosed vent or water pipes;
  • the predominance of white in the finish;
  • designer functional furniture.

But still the main feature of modern loft is the originality of the idea, because Art is one of the main components of such interiors. Cope with this role:

  • artistic canvases;
  • author's sculptures from different materials;
  • pin-up posters;
  • vintage furniture.

As well as other objects of classical art, which go back to modernism, should be present in the interior.

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What should be the living room?

If you are lucky and you own apartments with high ceilings and open plan, you can easily create a comfortable loft. For this you need to spend a little time and effort. And all because the basis for the interior you are almost ready, and it is necessary only to supplement the furniture and decor. The living room should:

  • Combine different architectural solutions. The interior should combine elements of antiquity and innovative solutions. Old antique furniture and modern appliances. Exquisite decor and lack of finishing on surfaces, etc.
  • To be performed mainly in light shades.
  • Have mixed lighting. The lack of curtains on large windows and many different types of lighting make the living room quite bright.
  • Ceilings up to 6 meters high allow you to create two-level structures with stairs. On the second floor in the living room you can arrange a recreation area or a bed.
  • Have comfortable large furniture with a modern or classic design.
BoardThe walls and ceilings of the living room should appear rough and unworked. If you are going to paint them, then take light shades.

Many people make a mistake and level up the walls before painting, and then apply textured plasters and other materials. This makes them uneven. If the walls are brick or concrete, then they can simply be covered with white or gray paint.

The floor in the living room can have any coating. Wooden parquet or laminated, laminate, bulk or concrete.

Floor covered with carpet will be misplaced. Also in the lofts do not use large floor carpets. It is better to replace them with natural sheepskin or skins. Return to the menu ↑


Simple design and gigantic dimensions are the hallmarks of loft-style furniture. One of the central objects in the living room is a sofa. Unlike other furniture, it acts as a bright accent. Leather or textile upholstery should be uniform and rich. Black, red, white or gray - looks good in the interior of the loft.

Furniture acts as a bright accent.

You can not imagine a living room area and without audio and video. A large TV set should be installed or mounted to the wall opposite the sofa. To do this, use the cabinet or brackets.

In the living room, which is combined with a dining area, place a large table. The design and size of the model should be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the room and other objects. Massive tabletop can be of different shapes. It can be a saw cut of a thick tree trunk or several knocked down boards, which are attached to metal supports.

In the living room there are open racks of wood and metal, bulky pedestals, dressers, chairs and shelves.

Interesting design using swing

Wooden furniture can have a beautiful design or, on the contrary, have a rough, slightly sloppy finish. There are also the author's items made from scrap materials. Models made of wood, leather, textiles, metal look more familiar, less often plastic, glass, etc. are used.

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Do not forget about the decor. Art objects are an indispensable part of living room design in the Loft style. Choose original items made from scrap materials or original works. The decor will serve:

  • big clock on the wall;
  • vases;
  • lamps of different shapes;
  • plaster or metal figurines;
  • paintings;
  • posters.

Art objects are an indispensable part of the Loft style living room design.

If you want to create a unique interior, then supplement it with designer or designer jewelry in the Loft style. They can be made or bought at flea markets for almost nothing. Return to the menu ↑

Bedroom interior

The bedroom is considered the most comfortable place in the house and the seating area in the spacious Lofts is no exception. It can be protected by sliding partitions, and if the height of the ceiling permits, then simply move to the second floor. In this case, order or build yourself a comfortable staircase made of wood, metal, stone or concrete.

The walls in the bedroom with modern loft interior should be uneven and covered with white paint. This will visually expand the space and make it brighter.

The bedroom is the most comfortable place in the house.

From the furniture in the bedroom install:

  • Large comfortable bed. Model choose, depending on the size of the room. Often establish high functional beds with capacious niches under a berth. This saves space and makes the interior ergonomic. The bed can be made from scrap materials or have a refined design.
  • Open shelving. Such storage systems put in place of bulky cabinets. They fit well into the interior and allow you to lay out decor, clothes, shoes and cosmetics on the shelves. At the same time, racks are used as objects for zoning a room. They are installed near a wall or in another convenient place.
  • Hinged shelves are found in different sizes, shapes and from different materials. On the shelves it is easy to lay out and store a home library, decorative figurines, vases, photo frames.
  • Curbstones. Such items have a very unusual shape and concise design. As bedside tables used chests, rare luggage, designs made of wood or metal in the shape of the letter "P" and others.
  • Chairs. If there is a lot of space, then install a comfortable and original armchair in the bedroom. The model can be made of different materials.

Choose a large comfortable bed

To make the interior look complete, take care of lighting and textiles. You can create a comfortable intimate atmosphere with the help of roller shutters, curtains, or Roman curtains made from monophonic coarse fabric. And in order to make the bedroom light and cozy, it is worthwhile to install chandeliers, lamps and lights.

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A fireplace will fill the bedroom with warmth and it will become more. Such a solution to appeal to all who do not like free planning. And it is not necessary to use a real fireplace. You can install a false fireplace or make it imitation. The main thing is that it fits well into the interior in shape, color and size.

Fireplaces also look good in a recreation area or living room. Return to the menu ↑

Bathroom and bathroom no frills

Although it is not customary to divide lofts into separate rooms, this “rule” does not apply to bathrooms and bathrooms. Often these rooms are closed with partitions of different materials. It is most convenient to arrange a bathroom and toilet near the bedroom or recreation area.

Bold bathroom solution

If the room has high ceilings, then in the bathrooms it is worthwhile to mount the panels and make the ceiling lower. It should be done so that the room does not look like a well. Gray concrete or loose brick will look organic. For the floor it is worth using a ceramic tile design, which resembles a mosaic, stone or board.

BoardIf there are windows in the room, then hang them with curtains or roller shutters. And to make it light, use at least two lamps or chandeliers.

Gray concrete or exposed brick will look organic

To make the style of the room more expressive and bright walls should be left uneven. But for this, use textured ceramic tiles that imitate brickwork or a concrete wall. Return to menu

Mobile furniture

To the interior did not seem empty, in the bathroom, install the original furniture. For example:

  • wooden bench;
  • low rare cabinet;
  • shelving, hinged locker.

Original sink top

Such wooden furniture makes the living in the bathroom habitable and comfortable.

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In the bathroom and toilet lofts are used in high-tech plumbing. Often there are also rare models with an unusual design.

Non-standard option

BoardAs a decor it is inappropriate to use trinkets in bathrooms and bathrooms. The exception is art objects. Return to menu

Loft-style kitchen

The Loft-style kitchen is distinguished by its rough wall decoration, ergonomic furniture, appliances, and layout. Often this is not a separate room, but one of the combined functional areas in a studio apartment. To distinguish this zone are used:

  • pieces of furniture;
  • backlight;
  • different types of wall decoration;
  • multi level floor.

Loft-style kitchen features a rough finish

The kitchen does not take up much space, but it is comfortable and ergonomic to use. This layout is suitable for active people. The ergonomic interior of the kitchen perfectly reflects this attitude and lifestyle.

The distinction of such a zone is a laconic design, the newest technology and ergonomic space. For the decoration of the walls of the room and the manufacture of furniture using different natural materials. This reduces the cost of repairs and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Usually this kitchen is combined with other rooms.

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There should be several sources of lighting in the kitchen. In addition to daylight, there should be:

  • spotlight fixtures;
  • LED backlight;
  • chandeliers;
  • pendant or ceiling lights;
  • sconces or spots.

To make the space open and bright, make sure that the light from the window gets into the room. It does not curtain curtains or curtains, sometimes closed with shutters or blinds. To preserve privacy, use Roman blinds.

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Textiles in kitchens with modern loft interior are rarely used. Tables are not covered with a tablecloth, but if this is uncomfortable for you, then it is better to choose models from natural fabric with coarse fibers. It may be:

  • sackcloth;
  • homespun cloth;
  • linen;
  • matting, etc.
The material should be well combined in color with other items. Return to the menu

Kitchen apron

The wall near the stove, sink and desktop always get dirty quickly, and its surface must be washed frequently. To make the process easy, you should use suitable materials for finishing. Kitchen apron can be in the form of:

  • masonry;
  • concrete;
  • wooden boards.

To make the process easy, you should use suitable materials for finishing.

In this case, the wall is protected by a panel of transparent tempered glass. It will protect the apron from contamination and is easy to clean. But it is more practical to use ceramic tiles made for concrete, brick or boards for decoration.

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Set and other furniture

Headsets for the kitchen, choose the corner and functional. They should be solid, stylish and ergonomic. Often set the bar, which is also used for zoning. Chairs and pendant lights are selected for it. These items are made of wood, metal and stone.

In other embodiments, the stand can be replaced with island pedestals, which are used both as a dining table and as a place to store dishes.

Such models from the massif are well combined with other pieces of furniture, namely:

  • with lockers;
  • stools or chairs;
  • shelves.
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For the design of the kitchen, many designers choose paintings or sculptures of modern authors, create graffiti on one of the walls or attach posters made in the style of pin up. Author's sculptures made of metal or wood, a frame with photos or products from a flea market look appropriate.

The technician should pick up made in a metal case or skillfully hide it behind metal, as well as wood panels. Refrigerator, dishwasher and other equipment skillfully masked slate self-adhesive.

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Hallway area

Equipping Loft, pay special attention to the hallway area. Since it is not marked with walls, take care to draw boundaries with functional furniture, multi-level floor walls or other stylistic elements.

Pay special attention to the hallway area.

The hallway should be done in light shades. The walls of the room are not aligned, but left textured. They can be painted if the surface is lined with bricks or tiled with tiles made for masonry or concrete. The floor in the hallway can be wooden, self-leveling or covered with laminate.

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The openness inherent in lofts does not allow to install bulky closets and dressers for clothes and shoes in the hallway. It is most appropriate to install open hangers and shelves for storage. Well in the hallway look open shelving.

As an exception in spacious rooms, install built-in wardrobes with mirrored doors.

To lay out things, in the hallway above they mount open shelves that resemble shelves in train cars. And already on them place capacious suitcases, boxes or baskets for storage.

The hallway should be done in light shades.

Below the open shelves use for storage of seasonal shoes. They are mounted under open clothes hangers. The same models are suitable for storing accessories and tools for the care of clothing and footwear.

Shelves are made of wooden planks and metal profiles, as well as thick metal mesh with a chrome-plated or painted surface. In the hallway must be a large mirror. The shape and size of the frame should fit into the interior.

Do not install bulky furniture in the hallway.

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Loft style loft

Industrial aesthetics are particularly relevant in the decoration of the attic. The room under the roof of a multi-storey building made under the loft will appeal to young people and creative people.

Attic decoration uses the same stylistic techniques as for studios or small apartments. But you should take into account the feature of the room, namely the sloping ceiling. To properly use the space in this area, place a bed or furniture for storage there.

The presence of a large window allows you to organize a bright living room. Since the room should be bright, the curtains do not hang.On the window sills or racks near the window, place a lot of living plants. Green flowerpots and beautiful pots enliven the interior and serve as a bright accent.

In the attic living room area it is worthwhile to install a large corner sofa, and on the contrary to organize a video area with modern equipment.

The kitchen is better to install in the corner. To do this, they establish a corner set, modern technology and complement it with a bar or island pedestal. If the place allows, then next to it is to install a dining table.

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Industrial style chandeliers

Chandeliers for Lofts have an author's design and are made of the following materials:

  • metal;
  • tree;
  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic;
  • concrete, etc.

The design of models surprises with unusual forms. They are square, round, zigzag or resemble an irregular geometric shape.

Also there are chandeliers from water pipes, hangers, glass jars, etc.The rooms use several types of lighting to make them brighter.. Pick up the chandeliers so that they look good together.

Design of models surprises with unusual shapes.

Suspended chandeliers on metal chains with adjustable height are used as one of the main sources of light. They can be fixed to the ceiling or beams and adjust the height.

BoardChoose design models of the original form. Return to the menu ↑


Spacious and bright interiors saturated with the spirit of creativity and freedom can do without curtains and curtains. But in the bedroom or lounge there are classic curtains.

If there is a need to curtain the windows with curtains, then use curtains made from a single-color fabric with natural fibers. It can be linen, cotton or burlap-stitched models without patterns and patterns. As for the colors, they should be light and well combined with the style.

The most practical will be curtains of gray, white or beige shades.

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Decor and home decoration with their own hands

In lofts do not use unnecessary items. Every detail is selected based on its functionality. This rule applies to the decor. Often the interiors are decorated with original works. Such art objects are made from scrap materials.

No extra items in lofts

The style should demonstrate freedom and lack of any framework. Therefore, the interior may be objects with an unusual and bold design. Therefore, as the decor they use things created by themselves.

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Pallet furniture

Wooden pallets are used to make furniture. From them you can make:

1Luxury bed frame for bedroom

To make it need a few wood panels. If the bed is low, they should be placed on the floor in a single layer and fasten together. If you need a high bed, lay another one over the bottom layer and put them together. On top of the frame it is necessary to put a ready-made orthopedic mattress, pillows, bedding and a blanket or blanket.

Bed their pallet

2Corner sofa for the living room

The design of the pallet in the shape of the letter "G" and soft pillows are the basis of the sofa for the living room area. For the manufacture you will spend several wooden pallets, 4 meters of fabric, a roll of foam rubber and 3-4 hours of time. Pallets are easy to fix with screws, and in order for the frame to look attractive, it needs to be painted with light shades.

Corner sofa from the pallet

3Low coffee table in the recreation area

For production will be enough one pallet. It is necessary to attach the swivel castors of the support to it, and to mount the glass top from above. Glass should choose hardened and shock resistant.

Mobile Coffee Table

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We make the lamps ourselves

Not everyone can make lamps by themselves, but everyone who is engaged in a little creativity can cope with lamp shades. For this you can use the available materials:

  • water pipes;
  • hangers;
  • glass jars;
  • wooden or metal objects;
  • textile.

The lamp that you can do yourself

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Original decor

The decoration in the lofts are completely unusual objects for interiors. It:

  • bicycles that are stored indoors on wall or ceiling hangers;
  • open clothes hangers made of water pipes;
  • floor hangers for clothes from felled young trees, without bark. Where each branch is a hook.
  • floor lamps made of metal;
  • interesting photos or collages with wooden frames;
  • snags;
  • designer furniture;
  • animal skins;
  • supports from a metal profile for flowerpots;
  • bedspreads, handmade rugs.

Such designer things with an unusual design will make the housing very attractive and unique.

If the loft was created in a residential building, and its area is large at the same time, the cost of such housing is quite high.